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  • Top Reasons to Consider a Colocation Data Center

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    The following white paper explores a colocation data center vendor that can easily support a mobile, always-on data center environment. Access now and learn what sets this colocation vendor apart from the competition and additionally, learn how their system can greatly improve efficiency, sustainability, reduce risk, and much more.

  • Virtualization: Optimized Power, Cooling, and Management Maximizes Benefits

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    In the following white paper, learn about the various issues that can arise from data center virtualization and uncover what can be done about the power and cooling-based challenges associated. Access now and learn how to address you infrastructure to handle virtualization the right way.

  • How to Save Over 60% on Cooling Energy Needed by a Data Center?

    Sponsored by: Emerson

    This resource explores how data center cooling efficiencies can be enhanced by replacing currently installed cooling units with advanced technology units. Continue on to find an in-depth roadmap for traditional to optimized cooling.

  • Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-density Server Deployment

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    This white paper can help you optimize your data center cooling systems with ten tips for better cooling efficiency.

  • Guidance on What to Do with an Older UPS

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access this exclusive white paper to learn how to choose the best of three options you have when answering the question, "when should an older UPS be replaced with a new one?"

  • It's Not a Game, It's the Future of IT: Data Center 2.0

    Sponsored by: Intel

    Check out this informative infographic to learn how you should tune your efforts to make sure your data center is as ready for the future as possible. Access now and learn how to take your data center up from the 1.0 standard to next 2.0 revolution.

  • Cambridge University Makes the Grade with the Trellis Platform

    Sponsored by: Emerson

    Cambridge University was challenged to achieve higher efficiencies by virtualizing platforms and refreshing equipment. Consolidating server rooms into a centralized data center with DCIM is allowing the university to simplify management, improve availability and cut energy costs. Find out how.

  • Three Key Guidelines to Help Increase Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

    Sponsored by: Emerson

    Struggling with how to attack the data center efficiency challenge? Find out the 3 things you need to do to gain visibility and control over the data center power chain. It presents each step in concise, non-technical language, including specific recommendations on what you what you need to succeed.

  • Eaton Provides Secure Power for Cinemas' IT System in Spain and Portugal

    Sponsored by: Eaton Corporation

    The following case study examines how by deploying Eaton 5PX UPSs with VMware integration and remote management, CINESA was able to provide reliable power for back-office systems in cinemas across Spain and Portugal, which ultimately allowed them to meet their IT upgrade goals.

  • If Your UPS Isn't Virtualization-Ready, It Isn't Future-Proof

    Sponsored by: Eaton Corporation

    This white paper explains why virtualization-ready UPS systems are so important to the success of future virtualization initiatives. Access now and learn about a UPS system that not only supports high-end virtualization projects, but can ensure the highest possible business continuity. Read on to find out more.

  • Power management with ePDUs delivers lower costs and higher reliability

    Sponsored by: Eaton Corporation

    To achieve maximum power efficiency and availability in today's dynamic world, having a power distribution unit that can deliver lower costs and higher reliability is crucial. Check out this white paper to find out more, including the top reasons you should consider using ePDUs.

  • Boost IT Efficiency with Integrated Power Management

    Sponsored by: Eaton Corporation

    This infographic will explore whether you're doing enough to ensure uptime for virtual applications, integrity of business data, and overall business continuity in case of power outage. Access now and make sure that Windows Server 2003 EOS becomes an opportunity and not a burden.

  • The Aging Data Centre Fight or Flight: Improving Efficiency without Driving up Costs

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    The following white paper outlines how to assess, plan, and execute improvements white taking a more detailed look at the bigger data center picture. Access now and learn how to start making noticeable improvements to your infrastructure without having to incur the pains of a full overhaul.

  • 12 Simple Steps to Improving Power Usage Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    Consult this white paper to uncover the top 12 ways to improve your data center power planning. Access now and learn about several important areas you must consider when planning such as: air flow regulation, aligning similar temperature isles, checking flooring, and more.

  • Next-Generation Data-Centres for Dummies

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    The following informative e-book explores how organizations must address their data center in order to keep pace with the current market. Access now and learn about the worst assumptions that keep data centers from flourishing, tips and strategies you should consider, and much more.

  • Top 5 data centre pain points and remedies for overcoming them

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    Consult the following white paper to uncover the top 5 data center pain points and most importantly, the remedies for overcoming them. Access now and learn how to cater to both on-premise and cloud-based data center infrastructure, keep up with the pace of technology, and more.

  • Turn your data centre into a business response center

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    View this short video to learn how the data center has progressed over the years but still demonstrates its fair share of difficulties in terms of efficiency and outdated processes. Access now and learn how managed services for data centers may offer the solution to automation and efficacy many IT managers still hunt for.

  • The Next Generation of Wide Area Networking

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    This white paper helps to identify some of the challenges that are associated with ensuring the acceptable delivery of applications and services acquired from either a SaaS or an IaaS provider.

  • How to Achieve Better Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access the following e-guide to learn how smart PDUs and DCIM are ideal for short-term data center energy management, but a strong energy strategy will help a data center perennially. Additionally, get a closer look at self-aware data center equipment.

  • 100% Uptime with Vocus Communications

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Check out the following brief video to learn about a colocation data center vendor that can deliver 100% uptime. View now and discovery how it's done and how this vendor can benefit your business as well.

  • Bringing More Visibility to the Data Center with the Right Data Center Manager

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Most data center operations are divided between facility management and IT, with little visibility between these two sides. When these sides are split, it becomes difficult to keep pace with the data demands needed to be competitive. View the following video to learn how Schneider Electric can bring these two parts together.

  • Prefabricated Data Centers; ‘Blueprint to Reality’

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    View the following video to learn how prefabricated data centers from Schneider Electric can provide a custom built solution for any size body of business. Access now and learn how these prefabricated solutions can deliver the utmost efficiency and support the scalability for large future growth.

  • The Various Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers Defined and Compared

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    This following white paper proposes standard terminology for categorizing the types of prefabricated modular data centers, defines and compares their key attributes, and provides a framework for choosing the best approach based on business requirements. Access now and get started on the right path to a prefabricated data center solution.

  • Rapid Deployment of T-Systems’ Strategic Modular Data Center

    Sponsored by: Emerson

    The following case study explores how T-Systems was able to expand their operations comfortably while maintaining the delivery of availability, reliability, security, efficiency, and sustainability to its customers with help from Emerson Network Power. Access now and learn how the technology they used can help your business as well.

  • A Day in the Life of a Prefabricated Data Center

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access the following interactive resource to uncover what a day in the life of a prefabricated data center is really like. Click though to learn about the values and benefits brought forth, solutions to consider, and more.

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