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  • Cloud-enable your HR

    Sponsored by: NGA Human Resources

    This white paper discusses transforming your HR by merging outsourced service delivery with cloud technology.

  • UK Tour Operator Leverages the Cloud for Peak Booking Periods

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this case study, explore how the United Kingdom's largest tour operator mapped out a new IT system strategy using cloud resources for improved performance during its twice-annual business peaks.

  • Product overview of Citrix solutions

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Access this informative product overview to explore the technologies available from Citrix that empower people to work anywhere by securely delivering apps, desktop files, and services seamlessly to any user, on any device, over any network

  • SDN 102: Tune into Application Delivery Network Services

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    IT organizations need to respond rapidly to the ever-changing needs of their users for resources to support their business applications. This white paper will describe some of the models for SDNs, identify some of the associated use cases and describe methods to successfully integrate application delivery network services.

  • How IaaS Can Enhance your Enterprise Transformation

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this quick product sheet, discover an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution designed to support business growth, helping organizations facilitate mergers and acquisitions, reach new global markets, and deploy applications faster.

  • How to Choose Between DAAS and VDI

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    Access this expert e-guide to discover when to use DaaS or VDI within your organization. You'll also explore the management differences of each and who maintains what – the customer or provider – in VDI and DaaS environments.

  • IBM_Deploying supply chain management software hinges on breadth, depth, integration

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This e-guide provides readers with expert insight into what you should consider when deploying SCM software. Read now to discover how deploying supply chain management software hinges on breadth, depth, and integration.

  • Enterprise Mobility Strategies: Steps to Success

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    With the expansion of your mobile enterprise, it is ever-important to have mobility management solutions that support flexible work practices and enhance user experience. This webcast provides a framework for developing and implementing a successful enterprise mobility strategy.

  • How Data Agility Underpins Success for Financial Institutions in the New Digital Economy

    Sponsored by: Axway

    Access this white paper to learn how greater data agility impacts productivity and regulatory compliance in financial services, and discover effective ways to use API technology to open new channels.

  • Cloud Storage Research

    Sponsored by:

    Some organisations may not want to deal with housing, running and maintaining an in-house cloud storage infrastructure. If this is the case, they can contract with a cloud storage service provider for the equipment used to support cloud operations. Take our short survey and share your thoughts.

  • Business Analytics in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper explores the role of cloud computing in driving the benefits that analytics can provide. Discover how multiple industries are gaining advantages from cloud-based analytics from both an IT and a business perspective.

  • Five customers deliver virtual desktops and apps to empower a modern workforce

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Access this white paper to explore a comprehensive app and desktop virtualization solution that depending on their key business priorities, will deliver the right kind of virtual desktop experience to each user. Discover use cases that help to address important business priorities.

  • Debunking Myths About MSP Automation

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds N-able

    This white paper addresses common concerns about automation in managed services. Read on to find out four counterpoints to arguments against automation for MSPs, and how automation could actually benefit your clients.

  • Cloud Application Integration and Deployment Made Simple

    Sponsored by: Axway

    In this e-guide, you'll learn how cloud integration tools can relieve some of the latest deployment challenges. In addition, read on to discover the 5 most common mistakes in cloud application deployment that you need to avoid.

  • Selling Cloud Services to the Right Customers

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds N-able

    This white paper addresses questions about moving customers to a cloud based service, which customers you should focus on, and how you should price your cloud service.

  • New Revenue and Profit Opportunities for Service Providers

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds N-able

    This white paper details how service providers can easily transition to managed services in order to stay successful.

  • Modern-Day Mobile Email Gets a Facelift

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    You can get all of the scale, functionality and management control required without holding users back from their devices, applications or productivity. This white paper examines a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that enables complete and secure mobile device freedom.

  • Making Cloud Migration Easier with VSPEX

    Sponsored by: EMC

    View the following infographic to learn how to make migrating to the cloud easier than ever when you utilize the right proven infrastructure. Inside uncover how to overcome IT budget challenges, cope with data growth, and much more.

  • Evaluate the Contact Center Cloud like a Pro

    Sponsored by: Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

    This white paper discusses the benefits of putting your contact center in the cloud and helps you evaluate the best way of doing so.

  • Comparative Evaluation of Cloud Network Speed

    Sponsored by: Interoute

    This research report evaluates the top cloud services competitors, comparing the cloud network latency that occurs between geographically isolated locations for each provider. Access now to see the results of the cloud latency test and make an informed decision on the best provider for your enterprise.

  • Decision Guide: Hosted vs. Premises-based Unified Communications Solutions

    Sponsored by: XO Communications

    Access this white paper to learn the ins and outs of premises-based UC vs. UC as a service so you can make a decision that is best suited for your business needs.

  • Putting the Kibosh on Shadow IT: Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud Management

    Sponsored by: XO Communications

    This resource discusses the best ways to implement a hybrid cloud in such a way as to prevent departments from going behind the IT department's back to implement cloud services.

  • Harvard Business Review: Analytic Services Cloud Finance Study

    Sponsored by: Workday

    This white paper highlights emerging technologies - such as cloud and in-memory computing - that deliver information, insights, and consolidated financial statements in real time. Discover how to modernize your BI strategy and remake products, services, and operations quickly and easily.

  • Solving Consolidation Challenges with VSPEX

    Sponsored by: EMC

    Check out the following video to learn how EMC's VSPEX system can help businesses consolidate mission critical storage and applications to help improve efficiency and can reduce complexity as well as cost. Access now and learn how else this technology can help your business.

  • Invenio Solutions Success Story - Elevating the Science of Sales

    Sponsored by: Five9

    Access this brief case study to learn how Invenio implemented a cloud contact center platform to overcome the issues with their current legacy call systems infrastructure.

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