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  • Engage with Customers in an Ultra-Connected Era

    Sponsored by: Genesys

    Find out how to use an integrated cloud-based contact center management system to orchestrate sound omni-channel strategies and deliver differentiated customer experiences. Learn how to make your contact center mobile and social media friendly and increase customer engagement.

  • Contact Center Economics and the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Genesys

    Weigh the benefits of moving important contact center apps, systems, and data to the cloud. Find out how to strike the balance between cloud and on-premise deployment for your contact center by assessing key factors like the size and geographic location of your company.

  • Is It Time to Break Up With Your Back Up?

    Sponsored by: Codero

    Discover 9 signs it may be time to reconfigure your current hybrid cloud backup approach. Read on to ensure you choose a solution that will allow you to untether cloud storage from the appliance, have LAN access to your most important data in terms of latency and bandwidth, and more.

  • Why You Need to Include the Cloud in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

    Sponsored by: StorageCraft Technology Corporation

    Oftentimes, onsite backups aren't enough to restore data loss. In this resource, you'll learn the role cloud backups should play in your DR plan. Access now to see how replicating to purpose-built cloud DR will allow you to flip a switch and failover to a secondary network running in the cloud in just minutes.

  • Cloud Failover at the Flick of a Switch

    Sponsored by: StorageCraft Technology Corporation

    Download this resource to discover an on- and offsite cloud backup and DR platform that includes enterprise failover in the cloud, and can restore customers remotely in minutes.

  • Maximizing Benefits and Controlling Risk in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Codero

    As more organizations shift to the cloud, how can you maximize the return on your investment? What kinds of risks are you going to have to manage? Access this white paper to learn about the concepts and principles underlying success in the cloud through effective resource management.

  • Hosting: The Strategic Decision SMBs Should Take More Seriously

    Sponsored by: Codero

    You need to invest in a hosting service to keep your SMB up and running, but which kind of service do you utilize? This white paper breaks down the process of making a hosting choice and discusses why you need to approach this as a strategic decision.

  • Why Taking a Unified Approach is Essential to Hybrid Cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.

    Access this complimentary white paper to gain a greater understanding of how you can craft a strategy to keep your hybrid cloud secure.

  • How to Make Money in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: ConnectWise

    Access this e-book to set your business up to profit on cloud services, and maximize revenue gained, by approaching forward-thinking clients about new services, creating recurring service bundles to overcome slim profit margins on cloud licenses, and more.

  • Continuous Security on AWS

    Sponsored by: Stelligent

    If you are planning to deploy resources with AWS, or if you have already started and are looking to improve the security of your DevOps environments on AWS, then watch this webinar. You will learn how to infuse security validation in your development and deployment processes for continuous security on AWS.

  • Maximize the Effectiveness of Postmodern ERP Initiatives: 5 Key Aspects

    Sponsored by: Coupa

    In this Gartner report, uncover the key challenges of ERP as well as recommendations for optimizing your ERP strategy. Learn about Gartner's TRUST model for postmodern ERP by exploring 5 aspects that CIOs need to focus on to help their ERP teams succeed in an increasingly digital workplace.

  • Navigating The Complexity Of Big Data Transformation

    Sponsored by: Rackspace - Intel XEON

    This Forrester Research report explores the state of big data adoption, its current challenges, and how businesses are deriving value from it. Learn about the impact of cloud adoption and the modernization of legacy systems on big data management and analytics.

  • A Comprehensive Overview of the Hybrid Cloud

    Sponsored by: Codero

    You know how hybrid cloud works in theory, but do you know what to look for or what to do when you implement it? Access this hybrid cloud planning guide to learn what to look for in a hybrid cloud platform, what makes a cloud adoption successful, and the benefits of the strategy.

  • Streamline Your Business Operations Processes

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Obsolete ERP systems are causing many businesses to lose the competitive edge. What is fueling this change, and what can be done to remedy the situation? Learn 4 of today's biggest manufacturing challenges, and the technologies that can help combat them.

  • 5 Steps to Cloud Service Provider Success

    Sponsored by: ConnectWise

    Use the 5 steps outlined in this white paper to help give you a leg up when realizing your cloud services profitability. Find out why you need to build awareness among your customers, evaluate your sales agreements, and more now.

  • High-growth Best Practices Guide

    Sponsored by: Spectrum Enterprise

    What does high growth mean to you? Ultimately, you will need high-performance network connectivity and a future-proof technology strategy. This guide explores the steps to building a foundation for sustainable growth and strategies for planning for new technologies.

  • Converged vs Hyper-converged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Dell

    You need to choose a side in the debate between converged infrastructure (CI) and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). This e-guide covers the primary points you will need to make the decision that will shape the future of your data center.

  • Advance Multicloud Management with Orchestration and Cost Optimization Tools Reviewed

    Sponsored by: BMC

    In this expert guide, you'll learn how to build up your multicloud orchestration skills with several tools suggested by Paul Korzeniowski, writer for SearchCloudComputing. Read on now to reduce system resource allocation time with the right multicloud orchestration technique.

  • Leveraging the Cloud Environment to Improve Operational Efficiency and the Customer Experience

    Sponsored by: NICE Systems, Inc

    One company was having data issues due to the many disparate systems for operational reporting it had in place, leaving senior management with no visibility into operational performance. Access this case study to see how they were able to optimize their data management system with the cloud.

  • IDC Webcast: Advanced SD-WAN Powering the Cloud-Connected Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    Learn about the need for WAN transformation to support cloud-connected enterprises and digital transformation initiatives. Get the facts from IDC about the current state of SD-WAN, its potential benefits, and use cases. Plus, hear about one of the leading SD-WAN edge tools.

  • Growing Faster with Cloud ERP Deployment

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    In this infographic, learn why many companies who took part in a recent survey have chosen cloud as-a-service ERP over other options.

  • 2 Reasons to Buy (Not Build) Your Financial Operations Technology

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    When it comes to finance and operations technology stacks, the "build vs. buy" debate is an ongoing struggle. Learn 2 reasons to buy, not build, and how BetterCloud, a software vendor, built out their operations with cloud applications to support their growth.

  • The CIO's Guide To Competing In A Real-time, Always-on World

    Sponsored by: Stratoscale

    Mission-critical data is being generated every day. You need to create a fast-moving, data-centric business culture. This white paper explores how cloud-based virtual data centers provide the scalability and agility that businesses need to compete successfully in the new real-time, always-on market.

  • The Innovator's Guide to Modern Note Taking

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    Discover how to create a more intuitive and creative method for taking notes that helps you remember more than with typing alone by using cloud-capable technologies like Microsoft's Surface and the Livescribe 3 smart pen.

  • The Innovator's Guide to Modern Note Taking

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    Discover how to create a more intuitive and creative method for taking notes that helps you remember more than with typing alone by using cloud-capable technologies like Microsoft's Surface and the Livescribe 3 smart pen.

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