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  • Automated Application Deployment for Mobile Devices

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    Access this page to sample mobile software that enables you to automate the deployment of application changes from your mobile device.

  • Move Your Enterprise Java Development to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this brief video, discover how cloud-based application development platforms provide tools for building, deploying, and testing applications without investing in costly new resources.

  • The Road to BYOD: Developing Apps Faster

    Sponsored by: Kony

    In this e-guide, you'll learn how to create a strong MBaaS strategy as BYOD becomes increasingly prevalent in the workplace. Additionally, unveil 8 critical steps to take before instilling BYOD policies in your business.

  • How to Increase Deployment Speed, Quality, and Simplicity

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    Access this page now to sample software that can enable your business to deliver high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner.

  • Field Service Management in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    In today's digital world, cloud applications are used to run many mission-critical tasks for enterprises. Read this white paper to learn how cloud applications allow you to constantly improve your systems, ensuring operational efficiency and excellent customer service.

  • How to Enable Mobile Productivity with Limited IT Resources

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    Access this webcast now to learn how you can enjoy affordable mobile device management capable of providing easy app deployment, shared network storage, and security you can trust.

  • Case Study: Taking a Bite Out of Onboarding Costs

    Sponsored by: Nexmo

    Explore this case study to discover how one food delivery app solved its authentication issues, and dramatically decreased onboarding costs. Read on to learn how you can keep your users happy and eliminate fraud vulnerabilities.

  • Commerce APIs: Realizing the Strategic Opportunity

    Sponsored by: Mashery

    In this webcast, Peter Sheldon, a principal analyst with Forrester Research, explains how eCommerce professionals can build compelling cases for Commerce APIs in their own organizations.

  • Increase Your Conversion Rate with Better Verification

    Sponsored by: Nexmo

    In this resource, discover how you can use a single API to streamline your user verification and increase conversion.

  • Reinventing the Yellow Pages Directory: How YellowAPI Became an Engine for Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Mashery

    This webcast tells the story of how Yellow Pages found digital success by using the right API.

  • How to Test Mobile Apps on Wearables

    Sponsored by: Perfecto Mobile

    Access this webinar to hear from experts about what you need to consider if you have wearables in your mobile development testing projects.

  • You name it, Citrix leads it.

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    This informative resource highlights four key areas where Citrix is a market leader. Find out how each of its technologies empowers your business with complete mobile workspaces by securely delivering apps, desktops, and data to any device your end-users use.

  • Develop and Deploy Modern Enterprise Applications on a Unified Hybrid Cloud Foundation

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this resource, you'll discover an innovative PaaS platform for modern enterprise applications that features mobile push notifications, powerful app integration capabilities, and business process management.

  • Managing Data with Cloud Integration

    Sponsored by: Talend

    Access this video to learn how using a cloud integration platform can give data management companies the ability to harness this data and gain a competitive edge. Tune in to find out how to design jobs that can be easily scaled and monitored without hardware, enable analytics in the cloud, and more.

  • Remote access to Windows apps

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    This guide outlines a comprehensive technology that delivers Windows-based applications to both remote users using different types of endpoints and physical workspaces. Explore the five-layer solution architecture and how each of these layers work together to provide a secure environment for delivering applications.

  • Reviewer's guide: XenDesktop 7.6

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    This guide takes you through a step-by-step process of installing and configuring the XenDesktop 7.6 for a trial evaluation and guides you through a deployment scenario to help you better understand how the application and desktop delivery capabilities work.

  • Modern Mobility E-Zine – April 2015

    Sponsored by:

    Learn how the role of DevOps is changing as enterprise mobility matures. Fusing mobile app development and management can change the way IT delivers mobile information to users.

  • CeedoDesktop Layering

    Sponsored by: Ceedo Technologies

    Inside this informative datasheet, learn about a desktop layering solution that delivers separately stored persistent user environments and pooled IT-deployed applications that converge at runtime with shared PCs, cloud PCs and stateless VDI platforms.

  • Case Study: Achieve Greater Agility, Improved Performance and Enhanced Security in Release Process

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    Inside this brief case study, learn how one organization implemented a software platform in order to manage the release life-cycle post development handover.

  • Automate Application Deployments with 3 Minutes

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    Access this brief video to discover a release automation tool that helps to replace the manual deployment steps and provide a scalable automation solution designed to handle any application deployments across servers and data centers. Download now to see a demonstration of this tool.

  • Serena Release Manager 2-Minute Overview

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    Access this brief video to learn about an organization that has solved the complexities of release management. Learn how they allow companies to streamline and control their release processes, integrate and coordinate release teams, and automate application deployments.

  • What is DevOps? Serena Software Takes a Serious Look

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    This brief video highlights the importance of development and IT operations teams working together throughout the planning to release process. Learn about an organization that provides the release management solutions that enable these two teams to work seamlessly together to deliver great applications.

  • CeedoDesktop for Pooled Desktops

    Sponsored by: Ceedo Technologies

    This white paper outlines a technology designed to reduce management overhead and eliminate image sprawl by consolidating application and user virtualization with runtime-layering. Find out how this enables a user-persistent environment across non-persistent architectures.

  • Winning Customers with World-Class Application Performance

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited

    This resource explores the myriad challenges facing all manner of enterprise applications and reveals how to cover all your bases with one provider.

  • Continuous Delivery: Automating the Deployment Pipeline

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    Inside this white paper, discover a deployment automation technology that can integrate, manage, and automate your entire deployment pipeline all from an application centric perspective.

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