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  • Safeguarding Your Endpoints: How Can Holistic Data Protection Help You?

    In this series of brief videos, you will learn how to transform your data into a powerful strategic asset with a holistic data protection platform—enabling you to access all of your data safely from any endpoint. Tune in to ensure your data is accessible, compliant, and ready to share across all lines of your business.

  • Holistic Data Protection Center: Compliance & E-discovery

    In this article, you will discover a holistic and automated approach to retaining and accessing the right information across your network.

  • Holistic Data Protection Center: Virtual Server Protection

    This interactive resource features tips and tricks for transitioning to a virtual server environment. Click through now for articles and videos about how to best protect the data on virtual servers and much more.

  • Optimize Your Backup and Data Recovery

    In this interactive resource, discover tactics for modernizing backup and recovery strategies to ensure your systems keep pace as data explosion continues into the coming years. You will also gain access to checklists, e-books, videos and more that can enable your enterprise to better protect, manage, and gain business value from your data.

  • Healthcare Data Management: The Facts

    Access this brief infographic to see essential statistics for the healthcare industry when it comes to data management, and see what you can do to handle your data properly.

  • 3 Signs Your Virtualization Strategy is Stuck in Neutral

    In this white paper, you will highlight three major indicators that your virtualization may be stuck in the mud. Read on now to improve your business operations and holistic data protection, as well as to identify the biggest inhibitors to successful storage virtualization.

  • 5 Virtues of Virtualization in Healthcare IT

    Access this whitepaper to see the 5 virtues of virtualization in healthcare IT, and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

  • The Hidden Costs of Virtual Server Protection

    This white paper outlines 5 key points to be aware of when choosing a virtual backup system, as well as common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Read on to learn about how to lower costs while keeping workloads portable for maximum efficiency.

  • Why Laptop Security Cannot Wait

    This white paper details the 6 critical functions that your mobile security strategy needs to efficiently secure endpoint data.

  • Case Study: Richardson International

    This case study explores Richardson International's, an agribusiness, decision to implement a software solution that could better manage and protect their virtualized corporate information. Read on to see how this software can increase your ROI by cost-efficiently protecting your data and streamlining administration.

  • Case Study: UberGlobal

    Access this webcast to discover how UberGlobal implemented a scalable cloud storage platform with data deduplication capabilities that allowed them to overcome their data management challenges. Watch to see how this storage solution can provide your enterprise with cost and efficiency improvements.

  • What's Wrong with Disaster Recovery

    This white paper discusses the top 7 things wrong with traditional Disaster Recovery strategies and offers tips on how to solve these problems. Access now to learn what can be done to modernize your DR approach.

  • Case Study: TSG Redefines Cloud Backup

    This case study exhibits one managed service provider's quest to implementing a backup and recovery system that would seamlessly fit into their technology and pricing model. Read on to see how an efficient platform can accommodate your data protection needs.

  • Four Essential Fundamentals to Increasing Agility in the Cloud

    Access this white paper to learn about the 4 key elements that should be implemented to help your enterprise efficiently manage data protection and recovery operations. Read on to see how you can achieve a single point of control for both your on-premise and cloud-based data and improve your overall data protection.

  • 5 Steps to Migrate Your Applications to the Cloud Stress Free

    In this white paper, you'll find a five-step process for securely migrating your applications to the cloud and keeping them secure once they're there.

  • Ensure Business Continuity with a Modern Disaster Recovery Approach

    This essential white paper discusses the need for a modern, cloud approach to disaster recovery that consists of multiple facets united on a common platform. Read on to learn how cloud can help your enterprise unify, centralize and simplify your DR operations.

  • Top 5 Cloud Data Protection Challenges. Solved

    This white paper serves as guide with which you can realize the full potential of your next cloud project. Read on to see how the following 5 challenges may impact your cloud integration strategy.

  • The Benefits of Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

    Access this informative document to learn about the benefits that cloud computing provides when employing a disaster recovery solution. Read on to see how implementing a DR plan can reduce your enterprise's costs without sacrificing service.

  • Managing Cloud Infrastructure for Test/Dev Teams: 5 Cloud Operation Tips

    In this white paper, learn 5 cloud operations tips, and how a production-level test/dev environment in the cloud can accelerate data cloud recovery and migration.

  • Is Your Archiving Too Complex? Make The Move Now To Automation

    This white paper explores why continuing manual archiving processes is the fastest path to compliance failure and higher costs. Access this exclusive resource now to learn the 11 must-have features in an automated archiving approach and more.

  • 5 reasons your storage snapshots aren't working

    Access this white paper to discover five reasons why your storage snapshots aren't working and learn how you can overcome each of these issues with a backup tool.

  • Your Checklist: Virtual Server Protection

    This buyer's checklist outlines the key features to look for in a virtual server protection tool. Access now to learn how to find a tool that can protect your valuable corporate data, regardless of the infrastructure it resides in.

  • Get Your Cloud Design Right First Time

    Access this white paper to examine the internal challenges when selecting a cloud – including ITs biggest concerns about private cloud services and customer challenges when designing cloud services. Also, discover a five-stage process for cloud services design that aligns business requirements, customer needs, and technology.

  • The Democratization of IT Disaster Recovery

    This white paper presents the new trends and developments that have made DR widely available and discusses how you can best implement DR in your environment.

  • Urgency Grows for Automated Archiving Capabilities

    This white paper outlines the importance for automated archiving, and how it can help reduce the resources used to manage data. Read on to learn about what options organizations are considering for archiving, and why archiving should be incorporated into a comprehensive, enterprise-wide information management framework.

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