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  • Introducing the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform

    In this webcast, hear from Patrick Lightbody of Delphix, about the need to rethink the approach to data management and access to data, which will require significant changes among people and processes.

  • The Power of DataOps and Digital Transformation

    Data consumers have increased demand for organizations to migrate to the cloud. Companies are looking to manage, control, and deliver data in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Uncover the new approach of DataOps for cloud and digital transformation, according to Eric Schrock of Delphix.

  • CIOs Discuss Digital Transformation

    This webcast outlines the top challenges CIOs face to meet their technology and business needs. Learn more about what CIOs from top companies discovered about their businesses and their hesitations with digital transformation.

  • Step Up Your Security and Privacy with Data Masking

    With data breaches occurring regularly, organizations are forced to better protect sensitive data across the enterprise. However, doing so and staying compliant is no longer an easy task with mandates like the new GDPR or HIPAA. Companies must focus on proactively protecting the sensitive information - that's where data masking comes in.

  • Data Is the Oxygen. It's What Moves the World.

    Discover how to enable fast, frictionless data migrations, even in the face of growing data volumes that nearly overwhelm most data management strategies.

  • A Declaration of Data Independence

    Explore how your business must dissolve the barrier that lock-in your data and arrive at a data-driven interconnectedness, allowing consumers friction-free access to their secure data.

  • Demo: Replicating Data Between Clouds

    This webcast demonstrates how to replicate data from AWS into Microsoft Azure and vice versa. Discover how to enable frictionless data migration and learn about 5 facets of DataOps practices that support data management in cloud environments.

  • How to Transition to a DataOps Approach

    In this resource, uncover how your organization can seamlessly adopt the DataOps approach for rapid, secure and automated access to data.

  • The DBA and DevOps: The Last Frontier

    In this e-book, gain a stronger understanding of the relationship between DBAs and DevOps. Then, uncover how to overcome the challenges of integrating DevOps practices into an IT organization.

  • The Power of DataOps

    The digital economy has created an unquenchable thirst for data across all aspects of business – can your company keep up? Learn how DataOps can improve outcomes by bringing together those that need data with those that provide it, eliminating friction throughout the data lifecycle.

  • Step Up Your Security and Privacy with Data Masking

    For many organizations, the most confidential information exists in some of the least-secure environments. Learn why data masking is an effective approach to protecting sensitive environments from a variety of threats. Discover challenges and best practices for implementing data-masking tools, and more.

  • Expert tips and considerations for database appliances

    This e-guide from takes a look at one organization's quest to find the right database appliance that suited their needs. Read now for an in-depth analysis of current database appliance offerings, as well as relevant considerations for database security.

  • Will Your IT Budget Scale? Realizing Massive ROI through Data Virtualilzation

    This resource provides insight into data virtualization software that has the ability to scale with your budget in order to maximize ROI and efficiency.

  • Controlling Data Growth and Managing Complexity in Oracle Environments with Virtual Databases

    IDC claims that "development and test databases remain an area of astonishing waste in terms of both storage and staffing costs at many organizations." Delphix provides a simple and effective way to overcome these obstacles.

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