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  • Top 10 Purchasing Considerations for a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    In this infographic, you will ensure you get the most of your hyper-converged infrastructure by discovering these top 10 purchasing considerations. Read on to evaluate potential vendors based on their ability to support mixed architectures, cover device outages, and more.

  • Top 10 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Hyper-converged Infrastructure

    This white paper illustrates how to rein in IT complexity and promote increased flexibility and agility in your organization with hyper-converged infrastructure. Read on to be introduced to the 10 most crucial factors to consider when contemplating hyper-convergence to remove resource silos and improve IT.

  • Five Things to Know About Hyper-Convergence

    This datasheet details five things to know about hyper-convergence before deployment, including what factors to evaluate in a hyper-converged system, its most popular use cases, benefits, and more.

  • The Next Wave of Virtualisation: Can Hyper-Convergence Help IT?

    In this paper, you will discover the benefits of hyper-convergence for your virtualized data center. Read on to key into several hyper-converged use cases for remote locations and midsize businesses, and see how others took advantage of linear scalability to accommodate unpredictable growth.

  • SCC: Helping customers on their cloud journey

    In the following video case study, learn how by partnering with HPE Helion, SSC was able to meet their customers' demands regarding IT tool sets and provided services. Access now and discover what a partnership with HPE Helion can do for your business as well.

  • Tiscali: Providing an end-to-end Cloud Solution

    In this brief, video case study, learn how by partnering with HPE Helion, Tiscali was able to provide a complete portfolio of enterprise-grade cloud solutions, products, and services to their customers. View now to learn more including what HPE Helion can do for your business.

  • Easynet: Securing Customer Data Globally

    In the following brief, video case study, learn how through the help of HPE Helion, Easynet was able to successfully deliver the flexibility and security needed by their customers worldwide.

  • IT Assist: Gaining efficiencies for Northern Ireland

    In the following video case study, explore how the public sector in Northern Ireland was able to meet the growing complexity of computing needs by partnering with HPE Helion. Inside, see how they are now able to effectively scale their computing power needs, enable data efficient data access to everyone, and save big on infrastructure costs.

  • Luton & Dunstable Hospital NHS: The Power of Collaboration

    The following video case study examines how by deploying a complete portfolio of cloud solutions through HPE Helion, Luton & Dunstable was able to fully transform their old operations model into a cost effective, efficient, IT-based machine that delivers greater, specialized care to their patients.

  • Converge Your IT to Contain Costs and Be Cloud-Ready

    In this brief resource, take a quick look at how consolidating your IT using a hyper-converged system can increase overall efficiencies, contain costs, and ready your enterprise for the hybrid cloud.

  • Powering a Simulation Cloud for Engineers

    This case study explores how CADFEM leveraged next-gen servers to deliver a reliable, scalable high-performance computing environment to engineering customers for simulation via the cloud.

  • Case Study: Leeds Building Society Implements a Platform to Build a Future

    This case study highlights one financial services organization's implementation of a cloud solution with flexible infrastructure that grows as their business grows. Watch now and learn how this software can enable your enterprise to be agile, integrate products to meet customer needs, and change with the future.

  • How to Achieve Faster Cloud App Development

    This white paper explores a new way for developers to deliver cloud applications without coding. Learn how this no-code strategy can deliver apps 6x faster than with traditional programming languages.

  • Leveraging Private Cloud Agility in a Rapidly Evolving Industry

    This case study explores how a healthcare insurance company refreshed their IT infrastructure to a private cloud model in order to quickly adapt their offers to customer demand while meeting regulatory compliance.

  • Private Cloud Migration Enables Service Growth

    This case study explores how IT Assist migrated to a private cloud model that let them scale up resources on demand to serve a growing customer base. Learn how this switch also reduced IT costs by 30%, freed IT staff from lower value tasks, and more.

  • CloudSystem 9 Upgrades Customers Into OpenStack

    This report explores a major upgrade for CloudSystem, a cloud infrastructure that now ships with OpenStack. Dig into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of this upgrade, and learn what it means for existing users.

  • Private Cloud Lessons from OpenStack Users and Vendors

    This report by Forrester provides private cloud lessons from OpenStack users and vendors to help you succeed with your own deployment. Uncover best practices for adoption, common pitfalls to avoid, and more considerations to set you on the right path to success.

  • Multi-Cloud Strategies Gain Momentum

    This research report examines how adoption of multi-cloud strategies is picking up momentum across enterprises. Learn key statistics and insights.

  • Hybrid Cloud Revitalises the Role of the IT Organisation

    This research report explores how the hybrid cloud can revitalize the role of the IT organization in supporting business goals and eliminating shadow IT. Learn how, by switching to an internal service provider approach, you can also achieve benefits like reducing TCO, improving business agility, and more.

  • Case Study: Hybrid Cloud Modernises a Global IT Environment

    This case study explores how a global bank moved from traditional, on-premises IT to a mix of private and public clouds in order to achieve agility and cost savings. Take a closer look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of this new hybrid cloud strategy.

  • Flash + Data Protection: What You Need to Know

    In this brief webcast, hear from LayerX Group CEO, Bruce Tevarthen, about the flexibility and performance his organization gained with a flash storage option. Additionally, hear from two other customers about the benefits of this option including availability, ease of migration, and more.

  • Infographic: The IT Capacity Dilemma

    In this infographic, ask these 4 quick questions to determine if you're facing an IT capacity dilemma. Plus, read on to learn about a cloud strategy that can ensure you never run out of capacity, only pay for capacity you use, and more.

  • A Guide to Scalable On-Premise Datacentre Platforms and the Public Cloud

    This tech analysis explores the trends affecting enterprise data centers today, and in it you will learn how the public cloud figures in scaling on-premise data centers with third-party service providers.

  • A Guide to Easing the Data Centre Management Burden

    In this white paper, explore the capabilities of flexible capacity data centers, which scale and are priced like the cloud, but consist of on-premise infrastructure.

  • How to Enable an Analytics-Driven Approach to Backup and Recovery

    This white paper discusses an analytics-driven solution that supports mission-critical data backup. Read on to see how this approach can address the dynamic nature of today's data center, handle the diversity of data that must be protected, and provide a far greater level of business resiliency than yesterday's backup and recovery solution.

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