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  • How to Build a Modern, Cloud-Enabled Sales Experience

    Explore how you can build a modern sales experience using innovative cloud and mobile tools. Plus, learn how you can drive efficiency, gain insights, and make better decisions across financial services, communication, high tech and manufacturing, and consumer goods.

  • Database as a Service – Why Now?

    Take an in-depth look into why more organizations are adopting database as a service (DBaaS) for their growing cloud environment. Uncover a breakdown of cloud database options, and explore use case scenarios.

  • Delivering Enterprise-Class Communications with WebRTC

    Explore potential WebRTC applications, review WebRTC deployment considerations, and discover how WebRTC service enablers help enterprises reap all the benefits of browser-based communications. All of this without compromising security, reliability, or service quality.

  • Establishing a Robust VoIP Infrastructure: Five Best Practices

    This expert e-guide highlights the five most important practices for establishing a robust VoIP infrastructure. Read on now to discover the amount of VoIP bandwidth you'll need to avoid latency for SIP trunk services.

  • How to Improve Voice Traffic and Call Quality with a VoIP Router

    In this e-guide, you will learn about common VoIP challenges and improving VoIP quality. Access this guide now to learn how a VoIP router can improve your voice traffic.

  • Will WebRTC Bring in the UC Revolution?

    In this expert e-guide, learn how Web real-time communications (WebRTC) technology is positioned to transform enterprise video. Get an inside look at key topics, including the inner workings of WebRTC technology, WebRTC technology brings new collaboration to large and small organizaitons, and more.

  • Social Software and UC Create Collaborative Communications

    This expert guide discusses how Collaborative Communications will change how enterprises do business, both inside the organization, and with your partners.

  • Evolving Enterprise and Contact Centers with WebRTC

    Discover the state of the WebRTC marketplace and delve into various use cases and frameworks for assessing ROI. All for the purpose of helping you make the best communications adoptions for your enterprise.

  • Business Value Analysis of an Enterprise Operations Monitor

    Examine the financial benefits of one third-party management and monitoring tool in order to improve you communication and collaboration capacity.

  • CERN: Powering Experiments with Oracle Database 12c

    In this video, learn why CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, considers Oracle Database 12c to be crucial for running their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments. Hear what their database architect has to say about features like application continuity, pluggable database, and far sync.

  • Communications Security: Key Issues and How to Succeed

    Review the common unified communications security issues and how you can counteract those issues and help your businesses safeguard IT assets, mitigate financial loss or legal exposure, and maintain high service levels when deploying real-time communications.

  • Make the Sales Transformation to Engage with Customers Earlier

    Digital disruption has changed how customers research, select, and buy products and services. Learn how aligning your selling behaviors with what customers expect can help you meet today's sales challenges.

  • A Day in The Life of a Modern Sales Organisation

    What does a day in the life of a modern sales organization look like? Watch this video to discover how having modern, cloud-based sales tools in hand can help reps gain a 360-degree view of accounts, collaborate and give feedback in real-time, and more.

  • Using Modern Technology to Reinforce Classic Sales Disciplines

    It's harder to engage with customers now that they have access to your products and services upfront. How can your sales team re-engage with informed, empowered customers? Learn how modern technology and tactics can help you improve sales productivity, drive stronger revenues, and more.

  • Construct a Smarter Sales Organization with CPQ

    Learn how adopting modern CPQ can help you construct a smarter sales organization. Uncover 5 key ways this strategy can help your business.

  • Moving Data at the Speed of Business

    Explore survey results that show how organizations are using new strategies and approaches to improve the speed of data delivery and integration. Gain ideas on how deal with poor performance, siloed data, and slow response times.

  • The Science Behind Sales Performance

    Examine how using detailed, real-time insight into sales performance can help you hit and exceed revenue targets in fiercely competitive markets. Learn how this analytical approach can help you get the right coverage for the right territories, align individual targets with top-level strategy, and more.

  • Five Drivers Animation

    Check out this quick video and discover how enhanced technologies can help drive sales. Watch now and access links to solutions that will allow you to leverage mobile to run sales from anywhere at any time, turn data into actionable insight with proven analytics tools, and more.

  • Data Standardization Leads to Cohesive Sales Teams

    Unified sales teams adhering to one set of practices in order to gain valuable insight into sales opportunities are fundamental to success. Just ask book publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. In this expert guide, read about their success in consolidating their sales teams, digitizing sales processes, and gaining more visibility into customer data.

  • Boosting E-Commerce Revenue with a Website Leveraging a Technology Stack

    Agilent, a market leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemicals switched to an entirely new platform when its dated e-commerce website no longer functioned properly. This white paper describes the benefits of the platform Agilent chose, including 99.9% uptime.

  • Sales Management Strategies: Leading from the Trenches

    Russ Hearl, VP of Global Sales at DoubleDutch, leads his sales team by example—and has the results to prove that it works. Learn how Hearl built his sales team, increased each reps' efficiency, and enabled DoubleDutch to grow 200% year over year after implementing more efficient sales practices.

  • Engineered Systems: An Expert Perspective on Whether to Build vs. Buy

    Watch this video, as Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg outlines the benefits of buying versus building your own engineered systems. Tune in now to discover the particular benefits buying these systems guarantee—such as maintenance upgrades coordinated across all components of the system.

  • The 5 Drivers of the Successful Modern Sales Force

    Unveil the 5 drivers of a successful modern sales force, and discover how these drivers can help you sell more and sell better in the new age of customer service.

  • Reduce Costs and Simplify IT with a Converged Infrastructure for Rapid Cloud Deployments

    View this resource to learn about a converged infrastructure system that has been designed to reduce costs and simplify IT through the use of high-speed, cloud-based deployment and unsurpassed integration capabilities—offering the much-needed operational ease IT pros are longing for.

  • Why Organizations Are Adopting Converged Infrastructure

    Today's IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex. At the same time, IT leaders face more pressure to innovate, to simplify the customer experience, and to reduce downtime. Discover how you can easily meet the complex needs of these IT demands by adopting a highly converged infrastructure, and learn why more organizations are adopting HCI.

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