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  • Protect Your Business with Full Mobile Security

    When it comes to mobile security, unfortunately not everything is so cut and dry. So when it comes down to it, what does it take to enable a full mobile security solution without the headaches? Consult the following white paper to find out now.

  • Build a Smart Mobile Strategy for Today’s Unwired World

    Unfortunately, building a smart mobile strategy for today's unwired world takes a lot more than just a little knowhow. So what does it take to develop a successful and smart mobile strategy? Check out the following resource to find out now.

  • SAP Data Management Solutions: End-to-End Data Management For Real-Time Business

    Access the following vendor resource to discover how SAP data management can efficiently gather all the data you desire, effectively analyze it, securely store it, and seamlessly deliver it for end-to-end insight action.

  • Technology and Innovation – Enterprise Mobility

    Mobile solutions can transform an entire business. This requires a comprehensive strategy and mobile solutions to meet the breadth of an organization's needs. Most companies make data mobile in response to specific problems, while leaders leverage enterprise mobility to fundamentally change the way they do business—find out why in this report.

  • Take Your Company Mobile – Quickly and at Low Risk

    Check out the following inforgraphic to learn how to successfully deploy a mobile strategy within your enterprise and at the same time, reduce security risks. View now to learn more.

  • Data Management Overview

    There are more devices, more applications and more content than ever. Tune into the following video to find out how SAP Data Management solutions can help you to manage the full spectrum of data across your entire business environment in real-time and harness the growth of data.

  • SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 - A New Way to Build Apps

    Check out this brief video to learn how SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 for developers can aid in building user-centric apps for employees, partners, and consumers. Watch now to learn how your business can benefit from using this technology.

  • Evaluating a Single-Vendor Versus Multivendor Approach to Modern Data Management

    When it comes to deciding on a vendor solution for data management, you're going to end up asking the question: is a single-vendor or a multivendor solution the best option? Well, is it? Consult the following white paper to uncover the pros and cons of each choice and learn how to choose the appropriate solution for your business.

  • Executive Summary: The Next Era Of Data Architecture Developing A Smart Data Management Strategy

    The following white paper explores the biggest issues most companies face when it comes to technology stacks when trying to manage data. Learn what causes businesses to lose performance with stacks, what you can do to avoid stacking, and ultimately, how to develop a smart data management strategy.

  • SAP Mobile Documents

    Watch the following video to see how SAP Mobile Documents can equip users with secure mobile access to both personal business documents and corporate content via an intuitive mobile app. Learn how you can give your business users the tools they need to securely view, present and collaborate anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device

  • Find Direction for your Enterprise Mobile Journey with SAP

    Check out the following interactive experience to learn how to find your direction for enterprise mobility success. Learn how to take your systems into the mobile world, what decisions you need to plan for, and more.

  • SAP Data Management for Enterprise Architecture and Big Data Views

    Tune into the following brief video to learn about the most common data problem facing businesses and how with the right data management system, you can untangle the complexity of your business environment; vastly improve operational efficiency, data value, and more.

  • Navigating the New Mobile World With SAP

    Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, outlines three crucial stops companies evolve through during their mobility journey: Extend, Accelerate, and Transform. In this video, learn how SAP customers have embraced Maribel Lopez's three phases in order to help their enterprises run better, and ultimately do business in a whole new way with mobile.

  • SAP Data Management for Big Data and the Internet of Things

    Now that initial big data systems are well defined, forward-thinking IT leaders are actively looking towards the next generation of applications to provide deeper, faster insights into their data. The following video explores the technology to help get you there.

  • Re-envisioning the Data Management Landscape: Road Map to the Real-Time Business

    In order to become a truly real-time business you need a unified framework capable of managing your applications and business data seamlessly and more efficiently. Read the following white paper to learn how you can attain these benefits by implementing the right data management framework.

  • SAP Data Management for Real Time Insight

    When it comes to enterprise data, there's both good news and bad news. The good news is that there's more data available for the reaping, but then on the other side of the spectrum, all this data can be impossible to do anything with when you don't have the right technology. Check out this video to see how SAP Data Management can help.

  • Real-Time Insights to Forge Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

    Uncover the key features of the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence application, so you can form valuable relationships with your customers.

  • Get Rapid Insights From Your Marketing Data

    Many marketing teams struggle with the inability to access the data they need quickly and easily. Watch this video to learn about a data visualization software that can help you gather, analyze, and present marketing data to solve your most pressing business questions.

  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: How the Pioneers Plan to meet Reporting and Compliance Mandates

    The ARRA was enacted to jumpstart the US economy and drive it out of the recession. One of the requirements of the recovery act is that organizations that receive funds for projects must report on the outcomes of those projects. Read on to learn what these executives and managers plan to do to meet the reporting and compliance mandates.

  • Automating Stimulus Fund Reporting: How New Technologies Simplify Federal Reporting

    This paper explores the reporting challenges faced by organizations and examines the many benefits of automated U.S. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) reporting systems.

  • Expanding BI's role by including Predictive Analytics

    In today's economic downturn, organizations are looking for ways to improve the way they do business, to keep ahead of the competition, and to grow revenue. With reduced funding for new initiatives, it can be difficult to meet these objectives. Read on to learn how expanding your business intelligence with predictive analysis can help.

  • Making Business Relevant Information Instantly Available to More Users

    Executives, managers, and business users need the ability to quickly discover, collect, analyze, and share relevant information and they need to be able to answer their own questions as they have them. Read this quick report to learn more about a solution that addresses just these needs.

  • Sole Technology Skates Past Reporting Obstacles with Business Objects

    Read this case study and see why Sole Technology purchased BI from Business Objects. Sole Technology was struggling with getting data into the hands of people that needed it, when they needed it, to make better business decisions. Business Objects supplied them with the means to retrieve their data and disperse it to the right people.

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