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  • Competing Smarter with Advanced Data Analytics

    More and more enterprises are prioritizing advanced data analytics to gain a competitive advantage, but many struggle to efficiently integrate internal and external data. This resource explores the major challenges that enterprises have to overcome to make their advanced data analytics project a success.

  • Research Report: Digital Transformation in Australia and New Zealand

    Many organizations are implementing new digital technologies to transform business models and processes, but this won't result in greater productivity unless the workforce is prepared. Learn the biggest challenges that enterprises in Australia and New Zealand have faced on their digital transformation journeys.

  • Analytics in the Cloud: An Enterprise Management Associates Research Summary Report

    Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) embarked on an end-user study to look at the current state of cloud-based analytics. Learn insights from business stakeholders on cloud-based analytics and BI strategies, as well as implementation practices.

  • Critical HR Features to Adopt

    In this expert e-guide, learn the top 5 best practices for implementing an HR analytics program and how to determine if it's time to move on from a legacy system and answer the question "move on to what?"

  • Boost HR Systems to The Next Level

    This solution spotlight highlights which HCM market trends you should be paying attention to. Inside, find expert tips on how to choose your next HR IT system, as well as key insight on the increasing popularity of including talent analytics to improve HR decision-making.

  • Cloud HR Software: Time To Rip Out That Legacy System?

    In this e-guide, readers will learn best practices for making the switch to cloud HR systems as well as find out what benefits the cloud can offer HR departments.

  • How to Avoid the Common Cloud Pitfalls of Human Capital Management

    Is it possible to remove the walls between the silos of finance, HR, and IT, and migrate all into one service center? In this expert e-guide, uncover the common pitfalls your company may face when moving your human capital management (HCM) systems to the cloud, and initiate your HR transformation today.

  • How to Go Mobile with the Right Development Platform

    In this brief resource, take a quick look at 7 features of a mobile application development platform worth considering.

  • Reimagining HR Practices with Next Generation Applications

    This brief white paper highlights how SAP HANA Cloud Platform can meet the growing needs of your HR and IT teams. Discover how you can support new HR initiatives, reduce risks, and spark HR innovation while building faster apps that can connect to the cloud or on premise.

  • Build Value-Added Extensible HR Capabilities with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

    This white paper discusses how enterprises can build, extend, and run unique processes on top of applications using a SAP HANA cloud platform, allowing them to keep their differentiating processes within a simplified environment. Read on to discover how SAP HANA can position your enterprise to enable innovation and add value to your HR processes.

  • Reimagining Enterprise Apps: Designing a Mobile User Experience

    This white paper outlines how you can design an optimal mobile user experience for your enterprise apps in order to attract and retain millennial candidates, take complexity out of business processes, and more. You'll discover case studies, potential ROI, and quick assessment questions to get started.

  • Going Mobile with SAP Fiori Apps

    This technical brief provides an inside look at a cloud platform that can help you easily optimize SAP Fiori apps for best mobile performance and experience.

  • In an Open Source World, Why Invest in a Mobile Platform?

    This white paper on mobile app development weighs the pros and cons of using a platform vs. open source technologies. You'll discover estimated cost and time commitment for both strategies so you can determine the right method for your mobile projects.

  • Top Three App Development Trends

    In this white paper, explore three ways app design and development is transforming, including: shift from tool-centric to user centric, democratization of development, and 1 more. Additionally, discover the features of the various technologies that are enabling these paradigm shifts to occur.

  • Scaling UX in Enterprise Apps to Satisfy Customers

    In this white paper, discover how to prevent expensive user experience errors and learn key UX considerations you should have at each stage of app development.

  • 4 SMEs Discuss Their ERP System Experiences

    This expert ERP e-guide discusses the experiences of four small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to highlight the challenges that SMEs face in simplifying and consolidating their systems. Read on to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of ERP applications.

  • Enable your Digital Value Chain and Run Simple with SAP S/4 HANA

    This white paper discusses how to create innovative business models, optimize business processes, and improve agility to avoid missing sales and profits in the digital era. By learning how to simplify these strategies, you can run your business in real-time.

  • Reimagine: IT in a Digital and Networked Economy

    The cloud, mobile, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are major catalysts for IT growth. Access this infographic and learn how to leverage these technologies by reimagining IT.

  • An Exclusive Guide to Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for SME's

    Whether you're a developer looking to understand where a cloud ERP product will need adjustments or how it will fit in your SOA, a CIO or CFO looking for bottom line benefits and advanced support for business functions, or an ERP manager grappling with the latest cloud developments, this e-guide has a lot of answers.

  • ERP for Midmarket Companies: What to Know Before Buying

    In this e-guide, experts reveal what you need to look for when considering an ERP system. From training to scalability and performance of the vendor, you'll discover how to address your company's needs.

  • Cloud-Based ERP for the Midmarket

    Access the following e-guide to gain a quick look at midmarket ERP vendors. According to our experts, the cloud could be the right approach for companies needing midmarket ERP. Read on now to find out more.

  • Is your Company Suited to ERP Cloud Services

    If you're a startup with simple data and don't require tons of customization, the cloud could be a perfect fit. In this e-guide, learn about the qualities of the most cloud-compatible companies and ultimately decide id cloud-based ERP is a right fit for your business.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit: Flexibly Scaling your Business

    Scaling may sound like a buzzword, but it can really help enterprises manage and increase their resources in a rapidly changing market. Explore this and other insights from ERP experts in the following report.

  • Cardinal Health Installs Business ByDesign SMB ERP in 5 Months

    This expert guide highlights how organizations can overcome common ERP obstacles with ease using the right mix of partners and planning. Using Cardinal Health, a healthcare services company, as an example, you'll uncover expert advice on ways to implement a comprehensive ERP strategy (by leveraging the cloud) in a pinch.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Reports and Videos

    Access this resource portal to find a rich collection of Internet of Things (IoT) reports and videos revealing the technological, economic, and social impacts of the hyper-connected economy.

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