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Data Warehouse Architectures White Papers

  • Is a Cloud Data Warehouse Right for You?

    Sponsored by: SnapLogic

    Use this Eckerson Group research to learn more about the benefits and challenges of a cloud data warehouse, and assess your business' readiness for a move on factors including agility, security and networking.

  • The Data Lake Data Integration Challenge

    Sponsored by: SnapLogic

    This white paper explores how to update data integration to meet the unique challenges of big data and data lakes. With insights backed by Linthicum Research, learn how to meet the core data integration, governance, and security needs of data lakes.

  • Your New Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Managing and analyzing data in the cloud is the path of the future, if not the present for many leading enterprises. Introduce yourself to the features and benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

  • Self-Driving Data Warehouse

    Sponsored by: Oracle Cloud

    Businesses today are relying on data-driven insights and analysis to give them a competitive advantage, meaning that data is being collected and utilized in greater volumes than ever before. Discover how an autonomous warehousing solution can increase your data warehousing efficiencies to keep up, and the unique features it provides.

  • Benefits of Cloud Data Warehousing

    Sponsored by: Informatica

    Businesses can bypass the traditional on-premises approach by building their data warehouse in the cloud, which can cost less to get off the ground and maintain. Download this 66-page workbook that explains how you can get started with a cloud data warehouse and what some of your options are.

  • The New Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Learn about an autonomous data warehouse, built on the power of Oracle and designed to help you increase automation, support cloud compatibility, and maintain data security.

  • Are You Ready to Move to Self-Service Analytics Democratization?

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Learn about the growing impact of self-service apps on modern analytics activities. Plus, explore the influence an autonomous data warehouse in helping business users and IT work together to produce faster insights.

  • Jump-Start Your Cloud Data Warehouse

    Sponsored by: SnapLogic

    Download this resource for the benefits and challenges of cloud data warehousing, and receive a 5-step guide to migrating to a cloud data warehouse.

  • Successfully Managing Data in a Cloud Data Warehouse

    Sponsored by: Informatica

    Moving data to the cloud is inevitable for many businesses, especially those that want to scale up and get insights out of their data. Use these best practices to successfully manage your data in a cloud data warehouse.

  • Data Warehouse Approaches to Meet Today's Analytics Demands

    Sponsored by: IBM

    It's time to consider if a traditional data warehouse is up to the challenge of modern analytics requirements. Explore how a new kind of data warehouse can help with unstructured and streaming data.

  • The Hybrid Data Warehouse: Fluid, Flexible, and Formidable

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The challenge for companies today, particularly those beholden to legacy systems and IT bureaucracy, is that this growing demand for analytics often outstrips their ability to service it. Explore how a hybrid data warehouse can help.

  • Data Warehouse Appliances and the New World Order of Analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    A single data warehouse might not be able to handle all of your analytics needs anymore. Explore the capabilities of an extended data warehouse architecture and discover how it differs from a traditional structure.

  • Highly Elastic Cloud Data Warehouse Supports a Hybrid Architecture

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Explore how a fully managed and highly elastic cloud data warehouse supports a hybrid architecture and enables efficient data movement between an on-premises location, a public cloud and a private cloud.

  • The Hybrid Data Warehouse: Fluid, Flexible, and Formidable

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Explore how a hybrid data warehouse can help you maximize modern technologies and deployment styles for both on-premises and cloud deployments.

  • Successful Data Warehouse Approaches to Meet Today's Analytics Demands

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Find out how to support increasingly demanding transactional and analytic workloads so that you can enable more intelligence-driven decision-making by creating a hybrid data warehouse architecture.

  • Bridging to the Cloud: The Right Database can Make the Difference

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Learn about 7 factors that you should consider when making a strategic commitment to a database platform that acts as a bridge between legacy environments and the cloud.

  • The Enterprise Data Warehouse Lives on the Beating Heart of the Data Lake

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    Your enterprise might think it has to choose a data lake or a date warehouse, but there is a way to have both. Discover how the 2 technologies can be complementary and still cost-effective.

  • Benefits of a Data Warehouse in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    A physical data warehouse might not be equipped to handle data's explosive growth. Learn why customers are moving their data warehouses to the cloud.

  • Run Critical Databases in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    This white paper explores the question of whether or not a public cloud is suitable place to house your key databases. Learn about the Oracle Database Cloud, and find out how you can leverage a secure database as a service (DBaaS) platform.

  • Unleash Intelligent Disruption with a Modern Data Warehouse

    Sponsored by: INFORMATICA

    Find out how to accelerate data warehouse modernization with advanced data management for Microsoft Azure. Learn how to provide greater access to data for faster decision-making powered by machine-learning.

  • Hybrid Cloud Data Management for Dummies

    Sponsored by: INFORMATICA

    In this "For Dummies" e-book, explore a variety of techniques, architectures, and toolsets organizations can use to turn the challenge of hybrid cloud data management into a competitive advantage.

  • The Modern Approach to Business Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Tableau Software

    Whether you're working with data in spreadsheets, warehouses, or across disparate data sets, this white paper explores how to improve analytics and access to real-time insights. Uncover the 7 key attributes that are shaping the modern approach to business intelligence.

  • Microsoft Cosmos DB: The New Flagship Internet Database of Azure

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This Ovum research report examines Microsoft's Cosmos DB, the newest incarnation of its existing cloud-based Azure DocumentDB NoSQL database. Learn about the ongoing evolution of cloud-native database capabilities and find out how you can increase the flexibility and scalability of your database.

  • Cloud-Based BI and Analytics Systems Start Taking a Firmer Shape

    Sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics

    In this expert handbook, explore the current state of cloud BI and analytics adoption and examine how companies like Lenovo are migrating big data and predictive analytics to the AWS cloud.

  • Big Data Poses Weighty Challenges for Data Integration Best Practices

    Sponsored by: SearchDataManagement

    Organizations that deploy big data platforms are finding that they also need an upgraded data integration framework to meet rising demands. In this expert handbook, uncover advice on how to navigate the demands of big data architectures, high volume data warehousing, and data lakes by updating your data integration strategy.

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