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  • Infographic: Comparing data protection vs. data security vs. data privacy

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    An organization's data is one of its most valuable assets and must be protected accordingly. Because there are so many ways data can potentially be compromised, organizations must take a multifaceted approach to ensure the well-being of their data. This means focusing on three key areas: data protection, data security and data privacy.

  • Computer Weekly - 11 January 2022: How Pepsi is taking digital to the max

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to PepsiCo's digital director about delivering innovation in customer experience. Our first buyer's guide of 2022 examines hybrid cloud storage. And we find out how Arkwright and Granville from the BBC sitcom Open All Hours are inspiring retailers 40 years on. Read the issue now.

  • MicroScope – January 2022: Squaring up to ransomware

    Sponsored by: MicroScope

    In this issue, discover how to best fend off the ever-increasing threat of ransomware, learn what the next stage of the data warehouse could be, and find out what leading channel experts believe awaits the industry in the year ahead

  • CIO Perspectives: Data and Making it Useful

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Learn how leading CIOs are catalyzing data culture and leading their businesses to success. Get your complimentary copy of this white paper today.

  • The Alation State of Data Culture Report

    Sponsored by: Alation

    This latest report examines the link between data culture and revenue and the impact that data and analytics have on risk navigation.

  • CW APAC, December 2021: Expert guide to cloud migration

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    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at the key considerations and strategies that enterprises can take when moving their workloads to public cloud

  • The Evolution of Data 3.0

    Sponsored by: Modern Data Company

    Organizations have modernized their data capabilities past simple ETL and data warehouse-based systems to ELT-based cloud native data platforms—but the shifts in data processing and its value aren’t over. Access this white paper to learn how automation, governance, and observability are connecting unseen dots to drive value past analytics.

  • Infographic: 10-step guide for testing backups

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    Creating and adopting a data backup plan is only the first step to protect enterprises against the possibility of a system failure. To achieve complete data protection, it is also necessary to establish a backup testing strategy. Here are ten recommendations to ensure that your organization's data will always be safe, secure and rapidly available.

  • A Guide to Graph Analytics from Databases to Uses

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Graph analytics and databases have been on the rise across enterprises for decades. Explore graph analytics use cases, what makes a graph database unique and the advantages of adoption.

  • Magseis Fairfield Uses A Sea Of Data To Support Environmentally Responsible Energy Exploration

    Sponsored by: Panasas, Inc.

    Dive into this case study to learn how Panasas ActiveStor helped one organization deliver precision seismic data services to clients around the world and discover how it can benefit your organization.

  • Store data more efficiently and increase I/O performance with lower latency with a Dell EMC PowerMax 8000 array

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    Access this white paper to learn about the Dell EMC PowerMax 8000 storage array which can store large amounts of data while helping enterprise grade organizations limit data center sprawl, meet transactional database performance milestones, and satisfy user demands.

  • Cio’s Guide To Data & Application Modernization

    Sponsored by: HPE and Intel®

    Today’s enterprise needs insights on demand, at any scale, and at any location, which means that data must be processed and analyzed from edge environments to multiple clouds. Read on to learn how you can meet these ambitious data goals in a safe and secure way.

  • Computer Weekly - 16 November 2021: How cosmetics retailer Lush authenticates with ease

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how Lush has modernised authentication, governed by a desire to care for customer data. We talk to Nasa's CDO about data as a strategic asset. And we foreground a call for the government and the Post Office to compensate Horizon victims without delay. Read the issue now.

  • Modernize Hadoop Data Sets For Ai/Ml

    Sponsored by: HPE and Intel®

    This solution brief describes how the HPE Ezmeral software platform links Hadoop data to modern analytics, supporting a wide variety of use cases. Access it to learn how you can address issues including data delivery to containerized AI/ML workloads, sped up self-service container deployments, integrate data siloes, and much more.

  • Computer Weekly - 9 November 2021: How a cloud-first strategy helped save animals in the pandemic

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the RSPCA about how its cloud-first strategy helped to save animals throughout the pandemic. Data warehouses have been part of the IT landscape for 30 years – but are they now old technology, and what's next? And we assess how Brexit has affected risk and resilience in the datacentre. Read the issue now.

  • Modern BI for All Field Guide – Part 2: Data Agility

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Access this Domo white paper to learn best practices for cloud data agility and discover how you can leverage established tools like data warehouses to improve your analytics and integration success.

  • The Business Value of Dell Technologies APEX as-a-Service Solutions

    Sponsored by: Dell

    IDC interviewed organizations that have deployed significant workloads on Dell Technologies APEX as-a-service hyperconverged, storage, and data protection solutions that are powered by Intel hardware (Dell Technologies APEX) about their experiences. Check it out this white paper to see what they discovered.Learn more about Dell Technologies.

  • Redefining Modern Enterprise Storage for Mission-critical Workloads

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    Explore this ESG white paper to learn how modern digital enterprises are redefining storage, explore the requirements of today’s mission-critical infrastructure, and see how Dell EMC’s PowerMax is poised to meet these requirements.

  • Data Innovators Guide: Taking Data To The Next Stage

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Capitalizing on your data is more complicated than it seems. Access this CIO’s e-book from HPE to determine your position on the Data Innovator Scale – and discover how to bring your data innovation to the next level.

  • Accelerating Data Insight For A Better Work Life

    Sponsored by: HPE and Intel®

    Access this case study to learn how the business intelligence team at NEW WORK SE runs a data analytics platform, powered by HPE’s Ezmeral Data Fabric, that accelerates insights and time to market for services connecting job seekers and employers.

  • The Impact of Accelerating Storage and Data Protection Environments

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    ESG recently surveyed IT decision makers to understand how comprehensive technology transformations are delivering competitive advantages. To see the results of the research, including why storage and data protection acceleration matter and how Dell, Intel, and VMware can help, check out this research summary.


    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    Data teams are suffering from huge demand for data products and limited team resources, with 96% of data teams reporting they are operating at or over capacity according to the 2021 DataAware Pulse Survey. Read on to learn how data teams can tackle some of their most difficult headaches via automation, replatforming, and other approaches.

  • Global Data Protection Index 2021

    Sponsored by: FCN

    Explore this Dell Global Data Protection Index to learn 6 key finds about the data protection market in 2021 and beyond.

  • Mining your Data lake for analytics insights

    Sponsored by: Databricks, Inc.

    In this e-book, you’ll discover how to use Delta Lake and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to prepare and deliver data lake data directly to drive valuable analytics insights. Access it today to see how you can enable a unified data platform for analytics by ensuring reliability, security and performance for your data lake.

  • Data Protection in a Time of Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: FCN

    Even though the consequences of disruptive events like ransomware and cyber-attacks are devastating, organizations can minimize their risk by regularly evaluating their data protection readiness. Explore this infographic to learn how.

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