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  • Customer Experience Management (CXM) by Adobe

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    CXM means orchestrating and delivering the end-to-end customer experience across every touch point, at any time, at scale. Hear from the digital leaders that are taking a CXM mindset to their content creation, marketing, advertising, analytics, commerce and more on this Adobe webpage.

  • Adobe Experience Platform

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    Download this white paper to explore a simpler way to deliver the service your customers expect with Adobe’s Experience Platform.

  • Bank of New Zealand pioneers a pathway to transformation with Marketo

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    As they grew, financial institution, Bank of New Zealand, realized they would need to upgrade their marketing technology to meet customers’ evolving expectations. Read this brief case study to see why Bank of N.Z. chose to implement Marketo and how it helped them meet strategic goals.

  • The Pathway To Contact Center Modernization

    Sponsored by: DXC

    This whitepaper provides best practices for achieving contact center modernization using a step-by-step approach. Data points referred to in this paper provide an Asia Pacific-centered perspective, based on findings from the global Ecosystm CX Study.

  • Empathy in Customer Service

    Sponsored by: Genesys

    Recently, MyCustomer and Genesys commissioned Smart Survey to gather customers’ opinions on how well they think companies are responding to the need for empathy in interactions. Download this eBook to explore their results.

  • You’ve Uncovered the Weak Spots in Your Omnichannel Approach: Now What?

    Sponsored by: Comcast Business

    Download this white paper to explore insights and strategies that can help you pivot to digital business, navigate new work environments, and manage changing customer expectations amid uncertainty.

  • Creating A New Customer Engagement Model for Retail

    Sponsored by: TATA Communications

    Read this white paper to learn about Tata Communications Store at Home and how it can help you provide a digital experience that retains the best features of shopping in person while ensuring the health and safety of your customer and employees.

  • Driving Home A New Auto Purchase Experience

    Sponsored by: TATA Communications

    The value of an automotive retailer is to help customers make informed choices when they are purchasing a vehicle. However, the world of social distancing has made it this very difficult. In this brief, learn how you can address this challenge with Tata Communications’ Store at Home offering which can help deliver video-based interactions.

  • AI isn’t Artificial in the Contact Center

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    Contrary to its name, AI is anything but artificial; the technology enables contact centers to deliver more authentic and meaningful experiences than ever before. In one recent webinar, Avaya discussed the benefits of using AI before, during and after a customer interaction takes place. Explore the key takeaways in this blog post.

  • The Essential Role of a Modern Contact Center

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    The coronavirus pandemic has had lasting effects on the contact center. It’s motivated many vendors to shift focus and consider new areas of innovation. Explore Avaya’s take on how the contact center has—and will continue to—change as a result of digitization and business uncertainty in this blog post.

  • Evolving your customer journeys to the next normal

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Download this eBook to discover how to reinvent your customer journey for a new era of service expectations.

  • How AI enabled this Fortune 500 company to improve its customer care interactions and operational performance up to 20%

    Sponsored by: Fractal

    Read this brief case study to see how using Fractal's AI-powered tool, dCrypt, helped one Fortune 500 retailer improve their overall customer care operations framework, and customer experience—while improving operational performance by 20%.

  • Not All Chatbots are Created Equal: The Intelligence Question

    Sponsored by: [24]

    Download this eBook for an in-depth look at the different types of chatbots available and their features.

  • So You Think You Want a Chatbot?

    Sponsored by: [24]

    While the pressure to implement chatbots is intense, the fastest route to failure is to push out a request for proposals (RFP) when you haven’t fully researched the topic. Explore some of the key questions to ask about chatbots during the RFP process in this eBook.

  • What Consumers Expect From the Customer Experience...and How You Can Deliver

    Sponsored by: Kustomer

    Access this white paper for the highlights of a survey across 550 US-based consumers to understand what they expect from the customer experience, where organizations are falling short, and how expectations are shifting across generations.

  • Customer Experience, the New Challenge of Smart Monitoring

    Sponsored by: Centreon Software Systems

    The list of essential processes that rely on IT structures and support to run is nearly endless. Read this white paper to know how innovative businesses are now positioning the customer experience as the main goal of IT; and see how monitoring plays into this shift of IT priorities.

  • Six Ways to Use AI for Intelligent Customer Service

    Sponsored by: Kustomer

    Check out this white paper from Kustomer to learn 6 ways to leverage AI to deliver effortless and effective customer service and discover the future of the industry.

  • Conversational Commerce

    Sponsored by: [24]

    [24] defines Conversational Commerce as a tool that aims to replicate and automate a deep level of communication between company and customer found in traditional, face-to-face interactions. Get the basics about the “customer experience of the future” in this 35-page introductory guide.

  • Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solution, 2020–21

    Sponsored by: [24]

    In this report, Ovum names the 9 market leaders—as well as 2 market challengers—that are making the most out of AI with their virtual assistants. Explore the key findings here.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Digital-First Customer Service Solutions, Q2 2020

    Sponsored by: [24]

    In this exclusive Forrester Research report, Forrester evaluates the top 13 providers in the digital-first customer service market, which has seen tremendous growth this year. Download the report to learn about the 3 key takeaways to keep in mind for a successful customer service approach—and see if your vendor makes the list.

  • Your Next Move to the Future

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    For a large portion of companies, digital transformation takes shape in improving customer service and enhancing employee efficiency. Read this blog post to evaluate whether or not the contact center subscription model is the right approach for your business as you seek to embrace AI, cloud computing, and other rapidly evolving technologies.

  • The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Contact Centers, 2020

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    The contact center market is one that is in flux thanks to high demand for cloud contact centers in enterprises both large and small. In addition, AI powered contact centers and omnichannel models are becoming significantly more popular. Access this Aragon Research report to evaluate the performance of 15 major provides in this market for yourself.

  • Pearson Refurbishes Their Customer Service and Boosts Email Support with Freshdesk

    Sponsored by: Freshworks

    Publishing company, Pearson Netherlands, had predominantly been using email to respond to customer queries. But as they grew, they realized they needed to implement a new support solution, like Freshdesk by Freshworks. Learn about their experience using Freshdesk in this case study.

  • Prepping for the Holidays

    Sponsored by: Kustomer

    While the holiday season is a happy time for businesses and consumers alike, it can be stressful when customer service inquiries are spiking by almost 120%, like they did in 2019. Read this white paper to learn why omnichannel support is necessary for innovative businesses, how to best provide customers with the self-service they crave, and more.

  • What to Look for in a Customer Service Software Solution

    Sponsored by: Kustomer

    Surveys show that 66% of customers aged 25 to 44 believe the customer is always right. With customers demand more than ever, how can you deliver on these lofty expectations? Find out in this white paper.

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