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  • Converting Data Problems into Business Opportunities

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Companies like to boldly declare that they will use data as a strategic asset that will be critical to their long-term success – but many can't follow through on that promise. Delve into Aberdeen Research's study to see the differences between high-performing data organizations and data laggards.

  • Maximizing Systems of Insight in Analytics

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Embracing data analytics and insights could be the key to getting ahead in today's marketplace. Explore these 5 commonalities in the technologies you'll need to succeed with data analysis in the future.

  • A New Breed of Self-Service BI

    Sponsored by: SAS

    This white paper explores how traditional approaches to business intelligence may no longer be ideal and why it may be worthwhile to consider more interactive data exploration tools – dynamic reports, visualizations, user-friendly design.

  • The Power of Collaboration

    Sponsored by: SAS

    This white paper explores the benefits of a collaborative work environment and how integrating analytical software with your Microsoft Office tools can better facilitate teamwork.

  • Use Self-Service Analytics to Build Strong Data Teams Across Your Business

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Compare the merits and drawbacks of both a full-service and self-service model and start figuring out which one makes the most sense for your company.

  • Data Preparation

    Sponsored by: SAS

    If your business can't access consistent and trusted data quickly, you can't answer time-sensitive business questions and you might not able to respond quickly to market and customer requirements. Learn how business users can quickly prepare data without coding or help from IT.

  • Visual Investigator

    Sponsored by: SAS

    With more data at a business' fingertips than ever before, there's the opportunity to proactively investigate issues rather than be reactive and wait for an issue to emerge. Discover how a visual investigator can help proactively identify areas that need further investigation.

  • Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Sophisticated data mining and machine learning software can help organizations solve important issues, and can be used by both citizen data scientists and business analysts if they have the right tools. Explore how a single data visualization tool can help both parties regardless of their data expertise.

  • 5 Ways to Tame Apache Kafka

    Sponsored by: StreamSets

    Discover 5 ways you can overcome common challenges of using Apache Kafka and more easily build real-time data pipelines or streaming apps.

  • AWS & Cloud Adoption in Australia/NZ: Highlights from AWS Summit Sydney 2018

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, read about the key highlights from this year's AWS Summit Sydney, including AWS's take on machine learning and what Australia needs to do to find its innovation mojo.

  • Data Mining for Advanced Analytical Solutions

    Sponsored by: SAS

    In this white paper, receive a detailed overview of SAS Enterprise Miner and how it can help your business break through increasing volumes of data, find useful insights and act confidently to make fact-based decisions.

  • Connected Intelligence Can Break Down Your Data Siloes

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Businesses generate an enormous amount of data each day, but many companies only analyze a small subset of that data. Explore how you can get 'connected intelligence' with streaming analytics that can process a huge amount of continuously generated data from various sources and generate actionable insights.

  • JetBlue Soars with Connected Intelligence

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    When passengers needed to rebook canceled flights quickly, JetBlue realized they had a problem when analysts couldn't access the data they needed. Discover how the airline created a platform to display real-time data in 1 place.

  • Data Secrets Revealed - A Collection of Customer Stories

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Tap into this resource to see how analysts, IT directors and CISOs at forward-thinking organizations such as Vodafone, Ubisoft and Domino's Pizza are approaching big data analytics and security.

  • Greater Reporting, Planning and Performance Management Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Board International

    As a leading research-based pharmaceutical company, Eisai needed to improve its visibility of KPIs to help it compete globally. Download this resource to see why Eisai chose Board International, and how over a 10-year partnership Eisai has received a more unified approach to data analysis and simulation.

  • Essential Guide to Machine Data

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    There can be roadblocks to turning your big data into actionable insights. Tap into this 130-page guide for advice and examples of how real companies use 3 principles to maximize their big data.

  • A CFO's Guide to Decision Making Platforms

    Sponsored by: Board International

    Provided in this whitepaper is a list of 8 features of a robust decision-making platform. Plus, learn about data and decision making, the importance of data governance, and the future of decision-making tools.

  • Making Customer Recommendations Based on Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    Tap into this resource for ways that you can make customer recommendations using models based on machine learning and predictive analytics.

  • AI-Powered Research Assistance

    Sponsored by: Cognitive Scale

    A global 500 bank was missing out on revenue opportunities when their research analysts overlooked key internal information or significant external events. Explore how the bank turned to an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that efficiently synthesized internal and external data and shepherded personalized insights to the research analysts.

  • 5 Ways to Boost Adoption of BI and Analytics

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    In this white paper, discover 5 ways to promote the adoption of BI and analytics across your organization. Plus, learn about some of the potential benefits of doing so.

  • Dirty Data, Broken Trust: Restoring Faith in Your Decisions with Data Quality Management

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Find out how to ensure data quality so that you can establish a trusted source of information for your LOB users and key decision-makers.

  • Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study Summary

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Embedded business intelligence (BI) tools are sharply on the rise, according to Dresner Advisory Services, to the point where you might be falling behind if you're not utilizing them. Download this resource for more embedded BI findings from the Dresner study.

  • Data Monetization Strategies with Analytics

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    This white paper provides a 4-step data monetization outline, explores 3 common challenges of monetizing data, and explains why you need integration, data quality, and self-service analytics capabilities to support your efforts.

  • How Credit Unions Achieve Profitable Growth With Data and Analytics

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Analytics can be a path for your business to compete with bigger competitors that have more resources. But what if those competitors are using analytics too? Explore how businesses can embrace advanced analytics technologies that fit their business needs and help level the playing field.

  • 5 Steps to Harness Data for Business Value

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Seeing the value in your data can be like looking through a foggy windshield. Creating a value generation cycle can help you derive genuine value from your data. Download this resource for 5 steps to create a value generation cycle for your business

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