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Application Performance Management White Papers

  • Two Fortune 500 Financial Institutions

    Sponsored by: Prosimo

    Two large Fortune 500 financial institutions in the US and UK had local branches connected using VPLS/MPLS trunks links. With staff working remotely, they looked for alternative options to reduce the cost of transport and reliably deliver low-latency secure access. View this case study to learn how Prosimo was able to help.

  • 6 Business Iq Use Cases That Drive Application And Business Performance

    Sponsored by: AppDynamics

    Business iQ is a single, flexible platform that ingests, correlates and visualizes real-time business and application performance data streaming from end-user devices, applications and infrastructure. Looking for a more modern approach to APM? View this e-book to learn 6 Business iQ use cases for driving application and business performance.

  • Acceleration Through Alignment: How To Drive It And Business Outcomes With Performance Monitoring

    Sponsored by: AppDynamics

    It’s never been easier to spin up new application infrastructure – the challenge is in managing the resulting complexity. Businesses must find ways to save time and resources while protecting the customer experience. View this e-book of case studies to learn how AppDynamics APM has helped organizations solve this and similar issues.

  • Delivering Delight: Better Customer Experiences Through Performance

    Sponsored by: AppDynamics

    Today, customer experience and digital application performance go hand in hand. This is because seamless customer experiences rely on the harmony of engaging front-end journeys and the flawless functioning of backend systems. So how can you strike this same chord? Look at this e-book to discover the 4 core elements of performance-driven CX.

  • Acceleration Through Alignment: How to Drive IT and Business Outcomes with Performance Monitoring

    Sponsored by: AppDynamics

    While it’s never been easier to spin up new application infrastructure, it’s harder than ever to wrangle the complexity associated with doing so. That’s why companies need to make performance monitoring a key focus. In this e-book, learn how several organizations were able to improve their application performance with the help of AppDynamics.

  • 7 Steps to Maximizing the Value of AppDynamics APM

    Sponsored by: AppDynamics

    Application performance management (APM) is an essential for alleviating the complexity of application development and operations. Download this guide to understand why APM is critical to the success of your business — and learn how you can maximize AppDynamics APM to successfully improve business performance and customer experience.

  • Getting Started with Apache Kafka

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Apache Kafka’s strength as a messaging platform comes from its log-based architectural approach, creating a fast and lightweight way to store data without losing messaging efficacy. Read this short white paper to discover some of the pros and cons of Kafka and learn more about the Kafka Connect toolkit.

  • Managing Microsoft Teams

    Sponsored by: AppNeta

    In this white paper, learn how to help support the end-user experience of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, which are critical to enterprise success as businesses move to a hybrid office, work-from-anywhere future.

  • Optimizing Remote Worker Connectivity To Cloud Applications Using Sd-Wan Gateways

    Sponsored by: VMware Intel

    Implementing a secure, high-performing WAN that allows for efficient remote access to cloud-based apps can be costly and complex. But SD-WAN can automate network selection and put traffic steering control in the hands of network administrators. Leverage this Frost & Sullivan white paper to see how SD-WAN enables cloud connectivity.

  • The Business Value of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer: A Study of Enterprises Using Next-Generation Application Delivery

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Existing application delivery infrastructure was designed for the client/server era, not the cloud era. As such, there is a need for application delivery to become more agile, more elastic, more distributed and more orchestrated. Download this IDC report to see firsthand the potential value of VMware’s NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

  • Partnering to Deliver an Automated Secure Access Service Edge

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    Cloud migration is changing traffic patterns and driving the need to transform WAN and security architectures. SASE is changing how companies build their networks, and when combined with SD-WAN, applications perform highly and threats are averted. Access this data sheet to learn about Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN with automated SASE.

  • Meet Business Challenges Head-On With A New Approach To Network Operations

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Businesses can no longer afford costly downtime from both an operational perspective and a reputational perspective. They now require constant uptime and new business demands for remote employees. Access this IDC white paper to get a better sense of modern network challenges and how Cisco CX strives to help NetOps overcome them.

  • Microsoft and Oracle: Strategic Partners

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    Oracle and Microsoft, two of the industry’s largest cloud and SaaS providers, are collaborating to simplify the adoption of cloud technologies and SaaS applications for their mutual customers. Examine this brief to get the full details about Oracle’s SBC, Direct Routing for Teams, SD-WAN, and more.

  • High-Performance Application Delivery: Global CDN Meets A Powerful Edge Toolkit

    Sponsored by: Lumen

    Whether you are delivering video streams, popular games, online storefronts, or next generation applications, the broad capabilities of the Lumen content delivery platform can help businesses stand out from the crowd with unique user experiences. Download this infographic to learn more.

  • Increasing SaaS and IaaS Performance

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    In this white paper, uncover a number of challenges that organizations are presented with when optimizing SaaS and IaaS performance and learn how Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect can help.

  • Leverage Office 365 Monitoring Practices to Improve Availability and Eliminate Performance Challenges

    Sponsored by: ThousandEyes

    A shift to Office 365 drives digital workplace maturity, but legacy tools can cause unforeseen performance challenges. To support new ways of work, infrastructure and operations leaders must work with app leaders to improve visibility before, during and after the move to a collaborative cloud suite. See this Gartner white paper for details.

  • Silver Peak Application Performance Torture Test

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    A key benefit delivered by SD-WAN is the ability to actively utilize low-cost broadband services. However, even business-grade broadband connections often perform poorly due to packet loss when congestion occurs. Engage this white paper to see how Silver Peak’s Application Performance ‘Torture’ Test examines this issue.

  • How To Build Engaging Apps And Connected Experiences With Heroku

    Sponsored by: Salesforce

    Heroku is a fully managed container-based cloud platform, with integrated data services and a powerful ecosystem, for deploying and running modern apps. It enables teams to easily build apps that share data with your Salesforce deployments at scale. Explore key use cases and potential benefits in this data sheet.

  • An Introduction to Experience Monitoring

    Sponsored by: NetMotion

    Have increases in remote work and the spike public cloud, SaaS and internet application usage made it more difficult for you to manage and troubleshoot devices on your network? Access this report for an in-depth overview of experience monitoring, a tool that gives IT greater visibility over devices for an improved employee experience.

  • Experience Hub

    Sponsored by: NetMotion

    Most organizations today enjoy a wealth of visibility into device usage, provided that each device remains inside the corporate network. But very few of these organizations have the same level of visibility into their remote workforce. This is where experience monitoring comes in. Check out this landing page to learn more.

  • OneLink & AppNeta: Flexible and Scalable Contact Center Agent Monitoring

    Sponsored by: AppNeta

    As the global pandemic forced enterprises across the globe to shutdown shared offices and explore WFH options, OneLink, a specialized contact center provider, found themselves making the shift. Fortunately, OneLink’s existing partnership with AppNeta proved critical just when things were starting to seem daunting. Learn more in this case study.

  • Yelp & AppNeta: Tracking Milestones for Yelp’s Most Business-Critical SaaS

    Sponsored by: AppNeta

    At Yelp the corporate engineering team leverages AppNeta Performance Manager to help track the performance milestones of their most business-critical connections and applications. In this case study, learn more about how Yelp is able to leverage AppNeta to monitor more than 30 apps across the entire organizations.

  • Analyst Report: WAN Edge Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    Silver Peak 3x a Leader and HPE (Aruba) a Visionary in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure Report.

  • Quality Networking for Oracle Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    In this white paper, learn how Oracle SD-WAN Cloud solutions can help your business gain the control and connection oversight needed to trust business-critical applications in OCI.

  • Network Performance Issues are IT Pain Point Amid COVID-19

    Sponsored by: NetAlly

    Reliable home network performance is a top issue IT teams have dealt with amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With almost entire workforces working from disparate locations, remote networks are nearly impossible to monitor and manage. In this e-guide, learn how home network performance issues can relate to other IT problems.

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