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  • Big Data Fabric Vendors of 2018/19

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Here in Forrester's Wave report, Forrester identifies the 15 most significant big data fabric vendors. Download now to get an analysis of 26 criteria for each vendor, including IBM, Cloudera, TIBCO Software, and more.

  • How Much is Your Company's Data Really Worth?

    Sponsored by: Data Republic

    Your data is your most valuable asset. That is the mantra every company holds dear. However, many businesses struggle to turn that data into value for their company. Whether you're a CIO, CMO, executive leader or IT guru, find out how to start assigning value to your data by downloading this resource.

  • A Multi-Node Sandbox Environment for AI Initiatives

    Sponsored by: BlueData Software, Inc.

    Many organizations lack the skills to deploy and configure AI tools in a multi-node distributed environment. In this white paper, explore a tool that can help address 3 common AI, machine learning, and deep learning obstacles.

  • IBM Watson™ Explorer: An Overview

    Sponsored by: IBM

    IBM Watson offers of a full range of machine learning capabilities. Explore these unique offerings, including connectivity, security, scalability, advanced content analytics, and much more.

  • Case Study: Honda Deploys Machine Learning with IBM Watson

    Sponsored by: IBM

    IDC estimates that unstructured data is growing by 40% per year. This IDC case study explores how Honda used machine learning and text analytics to respond faster to the unstructured data from customer feedback.

  • Five Benefits of Decoupling Compute and Storage for Big Data Deployments

    Sponsored by: BlueData Software, Inc.

    Read this IDC report to learn the 5 tangible benefits of decoupling compute and storage for big data deployments, including independent scalability, the need for only a single copy of data, and more.

  • Modernizing Unstructured Data Protection and Management

    Sponsored by: Aparavi

    In this Storage Switzerland white paper, explore the issues that plague modern unstructured data protection, as well as 10 must-haves for a truly modern and scalable backup tool.

  • The Unstructured Data Nightmare

    Sponsored by: Aparavi

    When it comes to data protection, legacy systems often resort to image backups; however, their performance is falling short of the retention and management needs of today's data growth. Watch this webcast to learn about an archiving tool that leverages a web-based SaaS platform designed to solve this problem.

  • How (And Why) To Harness Real-Time Insights With A Streaming Platform

    Sponsored by: Confluent

    With real-time decision making on everyone's agenda, now is the time to put a streaming platform at the center of your business. Learn 3 reasons why many companies arrive at their need for a streaming platform, how to harness real-time data with a streaming platform, and more.

  • Analyze Customer Feedback In Minutes, Not Months

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    Global B2C organizations are buried in an avalanche of constant customer feedback. Prepare for this AWS-hosted webinar to learn how machine learning can analyze customer data within minutes, common analysis obstacles can be overcome, like domain-specific jargon or misspellings, and analysis can be extended across languages and locales.

  • Moving Beyond Data Lakes to Real-Time Analytics for Operational Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Guavus

    Front-line operations teams often want actionable insights in seconds or minutes, not hours or days. This can pose a problem when data is stored in data lakes and cannot be analyzed in real-time. This resource explores the current roles of data repositories and big data analytics for real-time operational intelligence.

  • Data Virtualization in the Time of Big Data

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Until now data virtualization servers have focused on making big data processing easy. But now data virtualization is extending its architecture to take on the massively parallel architecture of ultra-fast big data processing. Discover TIBCO's data virtualization architecture, its capabilities and various use cases.

  • Big Data Software Market Guide

    Sponsored by: Cornerstone

    Subtle differences can make a large impact when it comes to picking big data software. This expert guide is designed to help you distinguish between the offerings from top vendors in the big data market, including IBM, Oracle, SAP and Alteryx.

  • How to Modernize your Storage Infrastructure for IoT Data

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Click inside to learn why modernizing your storage infrastructure to provide comprehensive data management for the oncoming wave of IoT data, as well as where to start. Explore the benefits of automation, how software-defined-storage can help, and more.

  • BI on the Data Lake Checklist

    Sponsored by: AtScale

    Download this webinar to explore how the data architecture has changed from the full-serve era to self-serve and now data-as-a-service, and receive a comparison of offerings from modern data platform vendors.

  • Make Next-Gen Storage your Secret Weapon in Unstructured Data Protection

    Sponsored by: StorageCraft Technology Corporation

    In this white paper, learn how you can use scale-out storage based in a combination of on-prem hardware, and the public cloud to grant you continuous data protection, inline-deduplication, and more to help you better secure your unstructured data.

  • The Modern Way to Store and Defend Your Unstructured Data

    Sponsored by: Nasuni

    Click inside to learn the key challenges of unstructured data storage, then explore a new way to store and defend this information, and some recommendations to putting it into place in your organization.

  • Luminoso Overview

    Sponsored by: Luminoso

    This infographic gives an overview of the benefits of Luminoso's machine learning offering.

  • Machine Learning with Apache Spark

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This in-depth webcast explores how the high memory bandwidth and high-compute capabilities of GPUs make them ideal for accelerating I/O intensive Spark workloads. Click inside now to learn the 3 approaches to Spark acceleration, as well as some of pros and the cons of this process.

  • Cloud Storage for Retail and Consumer Goods

    Sponsored by: Nasuni

    In this white paper, learn why Nasuni's hybrid-cloud architecture could be the right fit for your unstructured data storage. Find out what it has to offer like unlimited capacity and secure file storage for unstructured data, as well as unified archiving, data protection, and more.

  • How to Secure Your Data and Protect Your Bottom Line

    Sponsored by: IBM

    New technology trends, including cloud, mobile and big data, create opportunities for your enterprise to exploit analytic insights. But the same things that enable these opportunities can skyrocket your risks if proper data security and governance controls aren't in place. Learn how you can protect your data to avoid risk.

  • How to Use Redis DB for Real-Time Analytics

    Sponsored by: Redis Labs

    Uncover the real-time analytics capabilities of Redis database, which is fit for a variety of real-time scenarios.

  • 7 Tips for More Effective Data Visualizations

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Effective data visualization takes skill and storytelling, an eye for detail, and an understanding of your audience. Learn the 7 secrets that can make the difference between great visualizations and just another set of charts.

  • Best Practices: Working With and Using Splunk Cloud

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    How does Splunk cloud architecture compare on-premise deployments? Join Erix Six and Shaun Bland of SPlunk as they explain best practices of using Splunk cloud for architecture schemes, user management, forwarders, and more.

  • The Cloud-Based Approach to Achieving Business Value From Big Data

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    What are the 5 key ways the cloud delivers for big data users? In this report by 451 Research, uncover the answer in an overview of the available offerings and adoption trends of cloud for big data, barriers you'll face, and learn how cloud service providers can help meet objectives.

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