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  • Unix to Linux Migration Implementation Tips

    Sponsored by:

    Access this essential e-guide from our editors to discover how migrating from Unix to Linux platform can increase flexibility while reducing overall licensing costs. Also, get implementation tips for porting, upgrading and testing applications for optimal stability and performance.

  • Oracle's SPARC Server Portfolio

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Watch this webcast to learn about Oracle's refresh of their SPARC Server portfolio, and how you can benefit from this refresh with operational gains such as increased performance, seamless scalability, and more.

  • Oracle Solaris: Providing A Server Solution with the Cloud in Mind

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Explore this informative resource to learn about a server hardware and operating system paring from Oracle that can provide you the instant benefits of improved application performance, availability, increased eco-efficiency, and more.

  • With Enhanced POWER7 Systems, IBM Raises the Ceiling, Again

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper identifies the three major players in the UNIX landscape and points out the strengths and limitations of each.

  • Success Story: Peerless Clothing

    Sponsored by: SUSE

    Peerless Clothing deployed its SAP* environment on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, saving at least $700,000 compared to the cost of a UNIX-based solution. Learn how.

  • Unix-to-Linux Migration

    Sponsored by: Red Hat & IBM

    This essential guide from covers everything you need to know about a Linux migration.

  • Presentation Transcript: Mission-critical Unix Considerations

    Sponsored by: HP & Intel®

    Unix remains an important platform for critical enterprise applications. This resource explores the staying power of this venerable operating system and details many of the emerging factors that are affecting its use in the data center.

  • Unix to Linux Migration Tips: Overcome Common Challenges

    Sponsored by: Red Hat & IBM

    Access this expert resource to discover how to overcome common migration challenges, with respect to hardware and availability issues. Also learn how the New York Stock Exchange benefitted from a Unix-to-Linux migration to keep up with demanding business transactions with minimal downtime.

  • CBS E-Book: The Next Generation of Mission-Critical Computing

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    View this E-Book to discover why Oracle's SPARC T3 servers represent the next wave of innovation for mission-critical computing and are a logical next step for dealing with today’s most critical data center challenges.

  • Presentation Transcript: New economies of Unix mission critical computing

    Sponsored by: HP & Intel®

    In this presentation transcript learn why moving to Unix can help address concerns of uptime, flexibility and improved service levels when managing mission critical systems.

  • Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers Systems and Resource Management

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise servers are designed specifically as general-purpose application, database, data warehousing, and consolidation servers. They are especially suited to address the needs of enterprise datacenters, with a goal of increasing performance and flexibility while consolidating systems to reduce datacenter costs and complexity.

  • Expert migration tips: Moving from Unix to Linux

    Sponsored by: DLT Solutions.

    In this expert e-guide from, discover what makes migrating from Unix to Linux attractive, including increased platform flexibility. And learn why it is essential to have a testing environment for gauging stability and performance of your applications.

  • Expert Advice for Making the Move From Unix to Linux

    Sponsored by: Red Hat - HPE

    Once you know how to make a business case for migration, learn how to train your Unix staff to manage Linux environments. Find out about key differences between the two operating systems and provide your team with tactics for optimal backup and performance monitoring.

  • Expert Migration Tips: Moving from Unix to Linux

    Sponsored by: Red Hat - HPE

    In this expert e-guide from, discover what makes migrating from Unix to Linux attractive, including increased platform flexibility. And learn why it is essential to have a testing environment for gauging stability and performance of your applications.

  • Presentation Transcript: Solaris to Linux - Six-Step Migration Guide

    Sponsored by: Mainline Information Systems

    If you are considering a migration from Sun Solaris to Linux-based systems, we would like to help you understand how a migration would impact your environment.  In six steps, Ryan Hagen, Solutions Architect for Mainline Information Systems™, will show you how a successful migration is achieved.

  • IBM Takes Command of the UNIX Data Center - POWER7 Enables Growth, Lower Costs

    Sponsored by: IBM

    IBM continues to provide the scale-up UNIX data center with a plan, and a predictable drumbeat, for the future. To learn more about IBM’s forthcoming POWER7 and AIX7, please read on.

  • Migrate From Unix To Linux In Six Steps

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and JBoss

    CIOs are increasingly aware that the Linux® platform offers a low-risk, robust, and value-for-money alternative to traditional UNIX® platforms. This whitepaper will list and describe a simple, six-step process for migrating from UNIX to Linux.

  • Moving From Solaris To Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Sponsored by: Red Hat - HPE

    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is a standards-based UNIX®-like operating system that provides a development environment similar to SunTM SolarisTM. This paper looks to highlight some of the major differences between Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to help application developers port their code.

  • Intrado Builds Smarter, Stronger 9-1-1 Infrastructure with HP Integrity Servers

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Read this case study and learn how Intrado introduced a dynamic, Internet Protocol, based 9-1-1 environment that can be upgraded through software downloads to meet these challenges.

  • Implementation Study: Dell IT Scales Supply Chain Management with Oracle Database 10g and Real Application Clusters

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    Learn how Dell IT made the transition from proprietary Unix-based servers to running mission critical supply chain management applications on standards-based servers to avoid significant expenditures, increase server uptime, and improve scalability.

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