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  • 8 Reasons UCaaS Providers Should Modernize Their IP Device Portfolios

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    While claims of the "death" of the IP desktop phone are far from reality, devices deployed in the office do need an upgrade eventually. In this Frost & Sullivan research report, find out why modern IP devices continue to be important and how Avaya rises to the occasion by providing a broad array of communications endpoints options.

  • Desk Phones or Softphones? It Depends

    Sponsored by: AudioCodes

    In this white paper, learn about difference scenarios companies may deal with when selecting phones for employees, and which types of phones are the best choice for each scenario.

  • Moving to the Cloud: Why Your Phone System is a Great Place to Start

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    Download this white paper to find out the 4 reasons why starting your journey to the cloud via your business communications needs makes sense.

  • Jargon Buster Guide to Voice over IP (VoIP)

    Sponsored by:

    In this Jargon Buster, we'll explore some key definitions around Voice over IP, and look at how VoIP fits into the wider unified communications landscape.

  • The Unified Communications Buyer's Guide to Cutting Costs & Boosting Productivity

    Sponsored by: Fuze

    Learn why many organizations are ditching their legacy unified communications for cloud-based UC.

  • Guide to Finding a New Phone System For Small to Medium Businesses

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    This guide provides 7 steps that will help you find the right phone communications for your SMB.

  • Guide to Finding a New Phone System For Large Enterprises

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    This guide provides 7 steps that will help you find the right phone communications for your large business.

  • Communications Services and the Hospitality Industry

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    When you're a company as large and globally spread out as Hyatt, picking the right communications partner can be a tricky task. Access this brief video to learn how Hyatt chose Mitel as its communications partner based on cost efficiency, ease of use, and ease of mobility.

  • The Hidden Costs of Neglecting Your SMB Phone System

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    Today's business phone systems are designed to eliminate the financial and operational challenges posed by older systems. Access this e-book to uncover the hidden costs of neglecting your phone system and what you should be looking for in a modern phone enterprise phone system.

  • Special Report on Cisco

    Sponsored by:

    This special nine-page report from Computer Weekly, updated for 2014, analyses the challenges facing Cisco, its financial performance, the services it offers, its place in the IT market and its future strategy.

  • Ringing Endorsement: Which IP Phone Fits Your Needs?

    Sponsored by:

    Despite the rise of smartphones and tablets, many organizations still depend on the IP telephone, because of its reliability and functionality.But with hundreds of models on the market and a plethora of available features, how do you choose the right one for your business? This issue of Network Evolution dials in on that question and more.

  • Total Economic Impact SMARTnet Calculator

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    This assessment tool shows you how you can save on your network spending by calculating your total economic impact.

  • Business Phone Systems - Virtual PBX

    Sponsored by: RingCentral

    View this webcast to explore a cloud-enabled phone system that offers greater call, fax, and text message flexibility so that employees aren't confined to on-premise hardware to conduct business.

  • Ensuring you Get the Best Call Quality Available

    Sponsored by: RingCentral

    This white paper highlights the 5 major factors that affects call quality, and offers a solution for these issues to ensure a top quality call experience.

  • Buyer's Guide: What Every Business Needs to Know When Selecting a Phone System

    Sponsored by: RingCentral

    This step-by-step guide helps you choose the right phone system based on your overall business goals.

  • 7 Secrets of Successful Small Business Communications

    Sponsored by: RingCentral

    This white paper reveals 7 critical tips to help SMBs maximize their use of business phone systems.

  • Polycom Solutions for Microsoft UC Environments

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    Read how Polycom empowers Microsoft Unified Communications with a full suite of HD voice, video, telepresence and infrastructure solutions; Allowing organizations to increase productivity, reduce costs and unify dispersed teams.

  • Plantronics UC Toolkit Planning Guidelines for Success

    Sponsored by: Plantronics

    Communications in today’s enterprise are undergoing dramatic changes as a result of the convergence of computer and voice technologies. As an IT manager, you know that introducing UC audio devices such as headsets and speaker phones into your environment changes the way users communicate and work.

  • Plantronics UC Toolkit Adoption Guidelines for Success

    Sponsored by: Plantronics

    Now that you have successfully completed the deployment of the UC audio devices in your organization, it is time to focus on the moment of truth — the first positive user interaction with the new technology.

  • Plantronics UC Toolkit Adoption FAQ

    Sponsored by: Plantronics

    The Plantronics UC Toolkit, Adoption FAQ addresses the top questions IT organizations raise to help achieve maximum employee adoption of UC audio devices.  Included are responses to vital questions such as “How can I accelerate ongoing and increased adoption rates? How do I measure adoption success? What can I do to show success to management?”

  • Plantronics UC Toolkit Deployment FAQ

    Sponsored by: Plantronics

    The Plantronics UC Toolkit, Deployment FAQ provides insight to typical questions IT organizations must consider regarding the physical deployment of UC audio devices. “What are key things I should consider during deployment? What and how should I communicate to users? How do I best prepare my IT organization?” are key topics covered in this FAQ.

  • Plantronics UC Toolkit Planning FAQ

    Sponsored by: Plantronics

    The Plantronics UC Toolkit, Planning FAQ addresses the most common questions IT organizations raise when planning UC audio device deployments.  

  • Plantronics UC Toolkit Trial FAQ

    Sponsored by: Plantronics

    The Plantronics UC Toolkit, Trial FAQ provides responses and direction to the typical questions IT organizations raise during the trial and evaluation of UC audio devices.  

  • Case Study: Voorhees College

    Sponsored by: NEC Corporation

    Voorhees College was paying a high price and receiving minimal value before it replaced its traditional telephone system and Centrex system with UNIVERGE Sphericall IP solution from NEC Sphere Communications, Inc. Download this case study to see how Voorhees College partnered with NEC.

  • Mobile Virtualization and Remote Access on Windows Mobile Smartphones

    Sponsored by: Celio Corp / REDFLY Mobile Companion

    Remote access and virtualization on the smartphone is a secure and efficient way to provide the mobile workforce access to robust applications and desktop features.

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