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  • Contractor Cyber Risk Continues to Grow

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    Access this resource to learn 3 strategies to mitigate risk when hiring an outside contractor for your networking needs.

  • Testing Endpoint Security: An Introductory Guide

    Sponsored by: Sophos

    In this 25-page white paper, explore how to successfully test endpoint security software. Find out how testing a wide range of features in multiple scenarios is the best way to have clarity on how effective an endpoint security product can be against the advances that attackers have made in recent years.

  • Infosec culture: A former helicopter pilot's perspective

    Sponsored by:

    In this article in our Royal Holloway security series, former helicopter pilot Ashley Bye explains how the UK Military Aviation Authority's model for an engaged air safety culture could be used to reduce the prevalence and severity of cyber security incidents.

  • Secure Data Acquisition, Communication and Processing for Your IoT Solutions

    Sponsored by: Telit

    This white paper explores the 3 pillars of IoT network security and offers advice on how you can overcome the impending cybersecurity threats while maintaining the agility you need to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Enabling Network Visibility and Dynamic Threat Migration

    Sponsored by: Big Switch Networks

    In this technology overview, learn how a programmable SDN controller can help IT teams gain clear visibility into their network while addressing the challenges associated with traditional network security deployment options.

  • 10 Capabilities to Look For in an MDR Solution

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    Multiple point products and defense-in-depth strategies are no longer sufficient to protect companies that operate in today's cyberspace. Learn 10 capabilities to look for in a managed detection and response (MDR) service to help you stay protected in today's evolving threat landscape.

  • Change Agents in the Cybersecurity Era

    Sponsored by:

    Take advantage of this opportunity and join our experts in staying up to date with cybersecurity's most pressing topics.

  • Enterprise Organizations Need a Closed-loop Security Architecture

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Find out how a "closed-loop" network security strategy can help increase real-time network visibility, tighten access controls and enhance advanced attack detection so your enterprise can move forward with your digital transformation initiatives.

  • Data Classification Services and Keeping Cloud Data Secure

    Sponsored by: Data443

    In this expert guide, Dave Shackleford details how data classification services can help organizations ensure their cloud data is secure.

  • GDPR Looms with Organizations Still Unprepared

    Sponsored by: Data443

    GDPR regulations are looming, and not every company is prepared. In this expert e-guide, explore how data management software suppliers are trying to help companies get on track and avoid stiff GDPR penalties.

  • Mitigating the SSL/TLS Cybersecurity Threat

    Sponsored by: Radware

    75% of web traffic will be encrypted by 2019, according to NSS Labs. Utilize this e-book to learn how to combat the growing number of complex encrypted web attacks as well as mitigate SSL/TLS cybersecurity threats.

  • SCADA in the Age of Cyber-Security

    Sponsored by: Radware

    In this e-book, learn about the 3 critical strategic and tactical security challenges that new technologies such as IoT devices have opened SCADA environments up to, as well as the tools you can use to meet them head-on.

  • CW ASEAN - March 2018: Time to dial up defences

    Sponsored by:

    In this month's issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at ASEAN's patchy cyber security landscape, including varying levels of cyber resilience across the region, cyber security strategies adopted by different countries, as well as efforts to improve cyber capabilities and foster greater collaboration in the common fight against cyber threats.

  • New Satori Botnet Variant Enslaves Thousands of Dasan WiFi Routers

    Sponsored by: Radware

    Click inside, and learn how Radware was able to breakdown the attack vector of the new variant of the Satori botnet into 5 steps, so that you may be better prepared to fight it should it attack your network.

  • 1984 to 2018: The Evolution of the Olympics

    Sponsored by: Radware

    Click inside to learn how the IoT revolution impacted the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic games, as well as the challenges providers and the future host cities of the games will have to address when it comes to protecting internet connected devices and users.

  • Vendor Assessment: Print and Document Security

    Sponsored by: HP

    This IDC market report assesses HP as a print and document security services provider and their ability to prevent data and device-level security breaches.

  • The Future of Cyber Security

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    Inside this 11-page white paper, discover how to protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Learn how these algorithms can help monitor who has access to what resources and encrypt sensitive data.

  • Safeguarding your Network from Insider Threats

    Sponsored by: APCON, Inc.

    Inside, discover how network monitoring is the key player in today's network security strategy for protection against 2 types of insider threats – the bad actor and the negligent employee.

  • Is My Smart Home Telling People What I Do Every Day?

    Sponsored by: Radware

    Click inside to learn about the current state of smart home security, as well as some steps providers should take in the near future to protect their customers.

  • Top 9 DDoS Threats Your Organization Must be Prepared For

    Sponsored by: Radware

    Use this resource to gain a better understanding of the top 9 DDoS threats your organization should prepare for.

  • Human to Machines: The Shift in Security Strategy with Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    Today's IT security strategy must evolve to focus on internal threats and securing what matters like customer data, financial data and business-critical applications. In this white paper, gain valuable insights into how machine learning brings a new level of sophistication to cybersecurity threat prediction, prevention, detection and response.

  • If You Think Compliance is Expensive, Try Violations

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    You don't need to be a victim of a cyberattack for your information systems to be on the wrong side of compliance regulations. Explore this white paper to discover how to prepare your sensitive data in the cloud for compliance regulations.

  • Adaptive Security: Changing Threats Require a New Protection Paradigm

    Sponsored by: Radware

    As a result of the blurring lines which traditionally delineated the network perimeter, a new approach to vulnerability management is needed; an adaptive approach. In this white paper learn the 2 prerequisites for modern network security success, as well as the 3 building blocks for adaptive security.

  • Are You Protected Against Burst Attacks?

    Sponsored by: Radware

    In this resource, get a step-by-step breakdown of burst attack detection and prevention, then learn why a system that combines on-premise and in-the-cloud protection is the best way to defend against burst attacks.

  • Security Trends: Data Theft and Ransomware Plague Healthcare Organizations

    Sponsored by: IBM

    According the Cost of a Data Breach Study, the healthcare industry's data breach cost, $355 per record, is more than twice the mean across all industries of $158 per record. Inside this resource uncover how to protect your healthcare organization while reducing cost and complexity and proactively hunt and respond to threats.

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