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  • Guide to Understanding Ransomware

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    Ransomware is an increasingly popular tactic used to steal data and disrupt a system’s operations. In enSilo’s Guide to Understanding Ransomware, discover everything you need to know about protecting and defending against ransomware.

  • Discover Hidden API Security Vulnerabilities and How to Defend Against Them

    Sponsored by: Ping Identity Corporation

    Already an attractive target for bad actors, APIs are predicted to soon become the top attack vector. And while APIs may hold the key to compliance with regulations like GDPR, PSD2 and CDR, they also expose potential vulnerabilities. Read this white paper to gain a deeper visibility into your API activity today.

  • Leveraging a Smart Lighting System to Enter a Building Network

    Sponsored by: Forescout

    Although smart lighting systems increase energy efficiency, improve working conditions and optimize space utilization in a building, their connection to the internet provides a potential network entry point for malicious actors. Download this infographic to learn more.

  • Aeris ConnectionLock: Restricting Device Communications to Select Destinations

    Sponsored by: Aeris

    Without any network restrictions in place, IoT devices can send data to or receive data from any unintended destination. This increases the risk of application data getting compromised. In this brief, learn about The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network which can help your organization restrict data delivery to only designated IP addresses or endpoints.

  • CyberArk Privileged Access Security

    Sponsored by: Cyber-Ark Software

    Privileged accounts, and the access they provide, represent the largest security vulnerabilities an organization faces today. In this CyberArk white paper, discover the industry’s most complete solution to reduce risk created by privileged credentials.

  • Managing Risk in the Digital Era

    Sponsored by: Cyber-Ark Software

    It’s no secret that businesses must embed cybersecurity into their digital transformation programs to help mitigate threats and manage risk. In this white paper, CISOs reveal their digital transformation secrets to success when managing risk in the digital era.

  • IT Security Challenges for State and Local Government IT Departments

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    Today's overall increasing security risks have threatened the state and local government IT departments. This has impacted their functionality. In this infographic, learn about the many different security challenges government IT departments face.

  • State and Local Governments Chart Their Path Toward Improved Digital Security

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    State and local governments are under attack from cyberespionage and malware, and they are exposed to a broad variety of security risks. New approaches are needed to make government IT less vulnerable. In this infographic, learn 7 best practices for cybersecurity in state and local governments.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Automate Cybersecurity Incident Response

    Sponsored by: Ayehu

    Making security automation a core element of enterprise IT defense schemes isn’t just a dreamy vision of the future. It’s a reality that’s available & working today. In this e-book, discover the top 5 reasons you should automate your organizations’ responses to cybersecurity.

  • Identity & Access Management – Securing the Modern Workplace With Microsoft 365

    Sponsored by: Core BTS

    Cyberthreats are the top concern among leaders heading up companies of all sizes, and identity and access management (IAM) is a foundation of enterprise cybersecurity. In this white paper, discover how to secure the modern workplace with Microsoft 365.

  • The CISO’s Handbook for Certificate Management

    Sponsored by: AppViewX

    Certificate-related outages usually stem from persistent cases of mismanagement. Even the simplest of errors have large impacts. However, most events can be circumvented by simply using a certificate management system. In this white paper, uncover 3 steps technology leaders can take to implement certificate management.

  • Network Security Made Simple

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    The volume and sophistication of attacks are intensifying relentlessly — and it’s clear that conventional defenses are not enough. In this e-book, discover challenges facing today’s security professionals and explore some simple actions you can take to reduce malware, simplify security and improve network performance.

  • Buyer’s Guide for Complete Privileged Access Management (PAM)

    Sponsored by: BeyondTrust Corporation

    Cybercriminals covet privileges or privileged access because it can expedite access to an organization’s most sensitive targets. In this buyer’s guide, learn how to control, monitor and audit privileges and privileged access to protect against both external and internal threats.

  • Cisco Umbrella: Reporting You Can Count On

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    Deploying a Cisco Umbrella free trial is simple, but it can be hard to figure out where to start. Download this resource to find 3 reports that will help you get started.

  • Defense in Depth: Key Learnings for Achieving Detector and Response

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Join Gene Stevens and Dave Gold, executive leaders from ProtectWise who will discuss the essential components of a robust detection and response strategy. They will talk about the limitations and challenges with the security models that many organizations still have in place today.

  • Fortune 100 Insurance Company Case Study

    Sponsored by: CyberArk Software, Inc

    Securing privileged access to robotic credentials was a top priority for the CVP of Privileged Access Management at a Fortune 100 Insurance Company. In this case study, learn how they implemented CyberArk Blue Prism integration to secure Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments and accelerate operational agility.

  • 10 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a SOAR Solution

    Sponsored by: Siemplify

    With an increasing number of SOAR solutions in the market, each with a different approach, asking the correct questions to get the right platform is key. Dive into this brief infographic to discover the 10 questions you should ask when selecting the best SOAR platform for your organization.

  • Elevating Enterprise Security: Network and Deception Video

    Sponsored by: Fidelis

    Security teams are extremely successful when they can view their organization holistically and in a correlative manner. In this video demo of the Fidelis Elevate platform, learn how it can simplify security teams’ workloads, while improving their ability to detect and hunt for threats.

  • Elevating Enterprise Security with Fidelis Cybersecurity: Endpoint Security Capabilities (video)

    Sponsored by: Fidelis

    In this video, Matt Bromiley, SANS Analyst and Incident Responder, and Gerald Mancini, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Fidelis, discuss elevating enterprise security with Fidelis Cybersecurity in the endpoint security platform. Watch to learn more.

  • Don’t Let Misconfigurations Leave a Hole in Your Firewall

    Sponsored by: FireMon

    Human error is inevitable in manual processes. In this product overview, discover the 10 misconfigurations that cause data breaches and how FireMon Automation can help to eliminate them.

  • DevSecOps and the Problem of Machine-Scale Data

    Sponsored by: Ionic Security

    The amount of data being created daily is growing exponentially, and manual processes can’t scale. With data growth comes increasing complexity and higher importance for security to be integrated into the SDLC. Discover the opportunities and threats of machine-scale data, how to maintain agility, and the implications this has for DevSecOps.

  • Improving Cybersecurity with ITAM: An Equifax Case Study

    Sponsored by: Snow Software

    Leveraging IT Asset Management (ITAM) can help protect your organization from the repercussions of data breaches. And with data breaches becoming an increasing occurrence, organizations must re-evaluate their current security environment. In this webinar, learn how ITAM can augment your cybersecurity strategy today.

  • Protecting Privileged Access Is Critical to the Protection of a Company’s Crown Jewels

    Sponsored by: CyberArk Software, Inc

    In this infographic from Privileged Access Security for Dummies, discover some tips & best practices when it comes to protecting your company’s data. Learn how to: Secure critical information, reduce cyberattack risk, and take preventative security action.

  • Cloud Security Analytics and Policy Management

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    When it comes to securing public cloud resources, integration of security controls helps organizations protect data, prevent intrusions, fight threats, and satisfy auditors. Discover 5 key use cases faced by security teams tasked with securing their public cloud infrastructure.

  • TITUS Times: The Politics of Data Protection

    Sponsored by: TITUS

    Most breaches that occur at the end user level aren’t malicious. The ideal security strategy addresses people, processes and policy with serious consideration given to the end user. So, rather than dictate policies, involve your end users as you develop your security strategies. Discover why it is critical to focus on the end user’s point of view.

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