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  • Fidelis Endpoint : A Technical Deep Dive

    Sponsored by: Fidelis

    In this solution overview, learn how Fidelis Endpoint unifies endpoint detection and response (EDR) and endpoint protection platform (EPP) capabilities to meet the needs of IT endpoint management and mature security operations.

  • A Field Guide to Understanding the Tactics, Techniques and Attack Vectors Used by Cybercriminals

    Sponsored by: Radware

    The threat landscape is as diverse as it is sophisticated, thanks largely to the fact that the skills and tools behind launching cyberattacks have become commoditized. In Radware's Hacker's Almanac, gain an understanding the threat landscape and current tactics, techniques and procedures used by today's cybercriminals.

  • SSL Attacks on the Rise

    Sponsored by: Radware

    As is always the trend, mass adoption of certain technologies is followed closely by efforts to exploit its wide use through a number of security threats. SSL is no exception to this rule. Download this white paper, to learn everything you need to know about SSL attacks and how to protect against them.

  • CenturyLink 2019 Threat Report

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink

    Organizations will continue to accelerate the deployment of new technologies and capabilities that drive network traffic and security complexity. In the CenturyLink 2019 Threat Report, explore the role of deep network-based threat intelligence and discover the latest risks and attacks including botnets, DNS attacks, and more.

  • How Companies Can Better Detect, Manage, and Prevent Fraudulent Activity

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    While fraud can seem like a complex issue, companies can take the proactive steps in this tip sheet to help detect, manage, and prevent fraudulent activity today. Download now to get started.

  • Phoenix Children's Takes on Cybersecurity

    Sponsored by: Blackberry Cylance

    In this case study, learn how Phoenix Children's Hospital used CylancePROTECT to help protect against attackers hacking into patient data and disrupting hospital operations.

  • SANS 2019 State of OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey

    Sponsored by: Nozomi Networks

    In this 2019 SANS OT/ICS cybersecurity survey, explore the challenges with design, operation and risk management of an industrial control system (ICS), its cyber assets and communication protocols, and supporting operations.

  • Securing the Mobile and API Connected Work Space: Evernote Case Study

    Sponsored by: Data Theorem

    Evernote is a global software provider of mobile applications for individuals and teams. In this video, learn how Data Theorem helped Evernote identify and close 105 security issues and remove 17 harmful third-party libraries, all before releasing them to the public app stores.

  • BlackBerry Cylance Cybersecurity Maturity Evaluation Guide

    Sponsored by: Blackberry Cylance

    In this guide, discover a methodology and roadmap for organizations of all sizes to use in assessing and advancing the maturity of their cyber risk management programs.

  • Vermont Electric Case Study

    Sponsored by: Nozomi Networks

    Watch this short video about Vermont Electric Cooperative Inc., as Mike Smith discusses the challenges of robust cybersecurity and how he overcame these challenges.

  • Detecting and Preventing Cybercrime and Fraud

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    In this white paper, explore what CFOs from some of Australia's leading businesses have to say about their cybercrime and fraud experiences and the risks facing their businesses today. Also, explore advice for businesses looking to tackle fraud.

  • The New Age of Fraud

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    Today, there is a realization that fraud is an enterprise risk that falls in the same realm as supply chain, disaster and regulatory risks. But how can companies prevent, detect and mitigate this risk? In this white paper, examine how companies are putting a microscope on employee spend to better prevent and detect fraud across their business.

  • Ransomware Remediation and Prevention

    Sponsored by: Blackberry Cylance

    Download this solution brief to learn about BlackBerry Cylance's native AI platform that can help organizations minimize the risksof a ransomware breach by transitioning from a reactive to a prevention first security posture.

  • Comprehensive Security for Your Applications

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Despite cybersecurity being a top priority, organizations continue to fall short protecting against threats. In this white paper, learn how VMware can help your organization to architect security into your infrastructure to better secure your applications and data.

  • VMware Service-Defined Firewall

    Sponsored by: VMware

    As business applications change from a traditional framework to a distributed architecture, it's increasingly difficult to keep attackers out of the internal network perimeter. In this brief, learn how the VMware Service-Defined Firewall is designed specifically to mitigate threats inside a data center or cloud network.

  • The Hacker Powered Security Report 2019

    Sponsored by: HackerOne

    Security vulnerabilities are a fact of life. For this reason, organizations are competing to attract hackers who have 1 key advantage over traditional methods: they can think like an attacker. In this 2019 research report, learn about the state of hacker-powered security.

  • Euronext Safeguards Pan-European Trading with Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation

    Sponsored by: Cymulate

    Euronext, a leading pan-European marketplace, sought a more cost-effective way to test their security posture to complement the cyberattack simulations they have been running to date. After reviewing different solutions, Euronext decided to deploy Cymulate's Breach & Attack Simulation. In this case study, explore the benefits that Euronext saw.

  • 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report

    Sponsored by: Gigamon

    CyberEdge Group's 6th annual Cyberthreat Defense Report provides a penetrating look at how IT security professionals perceive cyberthreats and plan to defend against them. Download this report to uncover countless insights you can use to better understand how your priorities and security postures stack up against those of your peers.

  • Red Cloak Threat Detection & Responses

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    Secureworks has now released Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response, a cloud-based security analytics application that can help transform the way your security team detects, investigates and responds to threats. Download this webcast to hear John H. Collins, CISSP, discuss the key features of Red Cloak TDR.

  • Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention

    Sponsored by: Morphisec, Inc.

    Today's advanced cyberattacks hit quickly and are engineered to evade detection-based forms of defense. Security teams and their tools are left trying to constantly catch up. Morphisec doesn't have to. Download this brief to learn about the benefits and capabilities of Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention.

  • Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Energizes Team's Secure Remote Access with TAC

    Sponsored by: PortSys

    Technology inventions are being integrated across the energy sector with legacy hardware and software systems. However, the patches on these legacy systems can't keep up with today's threats. In this case study, learn how these challenges led to Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority deploying Total Access Control to help provide secure remote access.

  • The Human Factor 2019 Report

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    Malware-free attacks like business email compromise (BEC) and credential phishing continue to rapidly gain momentum as threat actors consistently attack individuals and business processes rather than specific systems and software. In The Human Factor 2019 Report, examine 4 key components of the attacks businesses and individuals face every day.

  • Web Browser-Based Attacks

    Sponsored by: Morphisec, Inc.

    Browsers are integral to an effective working environment but they also serve as the perfect cyberattack vector. Web-based attacks are one of the top methods of system compromise and they are on the rise. In this brief, explore common types of web threats.

  • TPCRM 101: A Guide for Beginners

    Sponsored by: CyberGRX

    As organizations increasingly rely on third parties, their ecosystems become more vulnerable to third-party cyber risk. Implementing an effective third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) program is essential to securing your organization's cyber ecosystem. In this white paper, learn everything you need to know about a TPCRM program.

  • Rethinking Third-party Cyber Risk Management

    Sponsored by: CyberGRX

    In this white paper, ensure that your current third-party cyber risk management practices will translate into lower third-party cyber risk.

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