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  • Securing Your Cloud Applications

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    Today, the average enterprise customer uses over 1,000 cloud applications. To mitigate security risks, IT leaders need to ensure assets housed in these cloud environments are secure. In this webcast, learn how Forcepoint CASB, along with DLP for Cloud Applications and Web Security tools can help with discovery, enforcement and risk assessment.

  • The State of the CASB Market

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    With CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers), organizations can experience the benefits of innovation that cloud applications bring while maintaining control of their data. In this webcast, CEO and Osterman Research founder Mike Osterman will share the results of his survey on how organizations are using, or planning to implement, CASBs.

  • Turbocharge ITOps Productivity for Security and Efficiency

    Sponsored by: BMC

    It's simply not possible to address the security risks and management challenges posed by today's infrastructures using manual methods. Operations and security teams need automation—and they need it badly. In this white paper, learn how to empower your team with integrated automation.

  • Exploring the Gray Space of Cybersecurity with Insights from Cognitive Science

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    Cybersecurity is traditionally very good at identifying activities that are black or white—either obviously bad or clearly good. But there is a wide "gray space" between black and white, full of activities that are less clear. In this white paper, learn how to determine the best course of action in ambiguous scenarios.

  • All Clouds Are Not Equal

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    In the early days of cloud computing, security concerns prevented many organizations from moving their data, applications, and infrastructure off-premises. Today, however, organizations realize that the cloud offers the potential to be a safe place. In this white paper, discover 5 common misconceptions about cloud-based security infrastructure.

  • Cloud in the Crosshairs

    Sponsored by: NetScout Systems, Inc.

    In 2018, enterprises continued to wrestle with challenges such as ransomware, insider threats, and DDoS attacks, all while struggling to simplify operations. In this research report, explore key findings from NETSCOUT's 14th annual worldwide infrastructure security report.

  • Using Indicators to Deal with Security Attacks

    Sponsored by: ManageEngine

    Download this white paper to understand the unique capabilities of these indicators, the differences between them, and the steps to configure a SIEM platform to detect indicators of compromise (IoCs) and indicators of attack (IoAs).

  • How to Secure Your Post-Perimeter World

    Sponsored by: Lookout

    As employees continue to use a mix of managed and unmanaged devices to access corporate resources, it sets up the need for a new security architecture: post-perimeter security. In this white paper, learn why the world is moving to post-perimeter security, what you need, and how to make it happen.

  • The Importance of Choosing the Right CASB Solution

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    In this research report, explore key takeaways from an in-depth survey conducted by Osterman Research. This survey asked 174 decision-makers at companies that already have, or are in the process of deploying cloud access security broker software about their experiences.

  • Armor File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

    Sponsored by: Armor

    When traditional firewalls or IDS fail to prevent or detect a threat, monitoring operating system and application changes at the host level provides an additional layer of security. In this white paper, learn more about Armor's File Integrity Monitoring which watches your hosts for unauthorized activities to detect potential threats.

  • Leading International Fintech Businesses in Consumer Credit

    Sponsored by: Armor

    As the Quint Group continued its global expansion, it was critical that the platforms supporting the business were secure and scalable. As a result, they were looking for a new platform that had security built in. In this case study, learn why the Quint Group decided to move their infrastructure to Armor.

  • Proper Backup: The Last Line of Defense Against Ransomware and Cybercrime

    Sponsored by: Unitrends

    This paper examines how different backup approaches cope, or fail to cope, with recovering from ransomware. Download it now to examine them for yourself and to ensure your customers' data is fully protected.

  • Hybrid Cloud Company Armors its Defenses

    Sponsored by: Armor

    In today's business environment, security must be an integral consideration for all organizations. With that in mind, a large technology service provider wanted to ensure that its infrastructure was properly secured. In this case study, explore why the service provider chose to implement Armor Anywhere, Armor's cloud-based security-as-a-service.

  • SOAR Platforms: Everything You Need to Know About Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

    Sponsored by: ThreatConnect

    The increase of data and alerts means that quick decision-making and execution needs to find a way to scale. To counter this, many have turned to new technologies designed to automate and orchestrate some aspects of their cybersecurity operations. In this white paper, explore everything you need to know about SOAR.

  • Security-as-a-Service Has Arrived

    Sponsored by: Armor

    From underneath the managed security umbrella, security-as-a-service (SECaaS) has emerged with a combination of technologies that leverage the capabilities of the cloud to deliver threat detection, remediation, and agility to companies. In this white paper, learn how if implemented correctly, SECaaS could be the answer to your cybersecurity needs.

  • Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Left uncontrolled, cloud environments inevitably spin into unmanageable complexity. This makes security difficult; however, organizations that want to manage this complexity can do so easily, if they use the correct cloud workload protection platform (CWPP). In this Gartner report, discover several key trends that are affecting the CWPP market.

  • Verizon Risk Report

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Find out how you can measure your risk and security posture with comprehensive visibility and daily updates that address gaps and maximize ROI through actionable data.

  • Rethinking the Cyber Security of Consumer Internet of Things

    Sponsored by:

    The current widespread use of poorly secured consumer IoT products has been causing menace to the security of the internet. The underlying knowledge and technology that are necessary to design and implement secure IoT products are already well-known and widely available. This article explores these more plausible solutions.

  • How to Automate Mobile AppSec without the Staff

    Sponsored by: Data Theorem

    The demand for mobile apps has caused a need for developers to improve and release features at an unprecedented rate to stay ahead of the competition—the hard part is making sure security doesn't fall through the cracks. Watch this webinar to learn top challenges and problems facing security teams for mobile AppSec and how you can remedy them.

  • Automating Software Security Checks for Open Source Software and SDKs

    Sponsored by: Data Theorem

    The growth of open source software (OSS) and 3rd-party software development kits (SDKs) have been on the rise over the last 5 years, and for good reason. But there are downsides. Learn about them in this webinar, which covers: Risks of using OSS and SDKs for apps, challenges of staying ahead of vulnerability issues in 3rd-party software, and more.

  • Business Case for Web Isolation

    Sponsored by: Menlo Security

    As cyberattacks increase in frequency and sophistication, customers feel forced to deploy an array of solutions in the hope that a best-of-breed mindset will protect their network. In this white paper, learn how Menlo Security's Isolation Platform can help companies reduce the financial risk of cyberattacks.

  • Isolation: A Part of the Modern Security Architecture

    Sponsored by: Menlo Security

    Cyberattacks are a worldwide threat, and every person, government, and organization connected to the Internet needs to be aware of it. Most attacks leverage the ubiquitous web for proliferation. In this white paper, learn how Menlo Security's multi-tenant platform can create a safe web environment.

  • Security Automation Best Practices

    Sponsored by: Rapid7

    While processes make it possible to get a job done faster, creating ones that solve practical problems and result in measurable efficiency gains can be a time-consuming task. This is where security automation comes in. In this white paper, explore 4 best practices to help ensure your security team is successful with automation.

  • Security Orchestration and Automation Solutions

    Sponsored by: Rapid7

    One of the fastest growing security trends right now is the adoption of security orchestration and automation platforms. In this white paper, learn why security orchestration and automation are becoming increasingly essential tools to improve agility, responsiveness, accuracy, and efficiency.

  • 6 Steps to Comprehensive Container Security

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    Container security is challenging, as it covers so many aspects of the development process and supporting infrastructure. The overall strategy can be simply put as "secure outside in". In this white paper, discover 6 steps to implementing the "secure outside in" approach.

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