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  • 15 Ways to Weed the Regulatory Violations Out of Your Spend

    Sponsored by: AppZen

    How can your organization secure a seamless spend audit? View this checklist to uncover 15 ways to weed regulatory violations out of all spend prior to disbursement, and get the tools you need to secure a seamless spend audit.

  • 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report

    Sponsored by: Trustwave

    Every year, Trustwave releases a Global Security Report that highlights the common cyberattack trends across the year in order to provide organizations with key insights and real-world data so they can be better prepared. Download this report to read through the 2019 Global Security Report.

  • 5 Ways Technology Can Transform Government Operations

    Sponsored by: Smartsheet

    In this whitepaper, learn how governments and agencies can improve the success rate of their transformation journey by switching to a reliable cloud-based application. Review your software options with Smartsheet, and discover how cloud-based applications can help your organization drive progress towards digital transformation in 5 critical ways.

  • 6 Modernization Tips to Drive Top-Line Growth

    Sponsored by: VMware

    In this eBook, discover six IT modernization best practices designed to ingrain increased agility capabilities into the entirety of your business, from the data center to service delivery.

  • A Digital Inside and Out Platform for Insurers

    Sponsored by: Appian

    The insurance industry can have a bad rap when it comes to staying up to date with the latest technologies and processes. As the current pace of change adds pressure on insurers to adapt quickly—and as soon as possible. Insurance companies are using low-code platforms to begin their path to digitization. Learn more in this infographic.

  • A New Approach to Secure Mobile Banking Apps

    Sponsored by: Arxan

    To best secure your critical banking application, apps should be treated as an endpoint – and protection applied accordingly to prevent unprotected apps from becoming an attack vector. In this white paper, explore a new approach to app and endpoint security – with 3 transformational benefits for mobile banking apps.

  • AI For Credit Risk

    Sponsored by: Brighterion

    Getting AI of the ground in the first place can be intimidating—not to mention thedata,, process governance, and ROI obstacles you’ll inevitably face. Watch this webcast to hear how AI Express gets customers over the AI adoption hurdle, and uncover imaginative FI use cases that organizations can leverage to improve their business

  • Appian for Financial Services: SWIFT gpi Case Resolution

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Across the payment chain, time to resolution and investigation times add significant pressure on financial companies. There’s a growing need to reduce the complexity of cross-border transactions. Find out more about how low-code platforms help relieve the pressure by integrating automation and coordination. Read the full study here.

  • Appian for Insurance: Consumer Insurance Privacy Regulations

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Compliance is the first on to-do list for insurance companies. With shifts in consumer privacy legislation, insurance companies must approach data with a clear commitment to privacy and consumer consent. In this brief, find out how a low-code platform can deliver speed, power, and compliancy to application development. Read the resource here.

  • Appian for Insurance: Customer Correspondence Management

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Insurance companies manage countless numbers of sensitive customer data – data that is siloed and disparate. To combat this effect, insurers are taking the steps to deploy a digital approach to customer correspondence management. Even better, with a low-code platform, customer correspondence can be simplified and focused. Learn more in this guide.

  • Appian for Insurance: Customer Service Complaint Management

    Sponsored by: Appian

    To manage complaints effectively and meet regulatory requirements, insurers are shifting to low-code application development platforms. Low-code platforms allow a unified overview of cases and help quickly detect fraud events. Learn more about low-code and complaint management can unify for ensured compliance in this data sheet.

  • Appian for Insurance: IFRS 17 Processing

    Sponsored by: Appian

    With the new IFRS 17 model, insurance companies need to home in on ensuring compliance and meeting standard requirements. Insurance organizations are turning toward low-code application platforms for consistent and accurate reporting. Learn about the platform options by reading this brief.

  • Appian for Insurance: Sarbanes-Oxley Internal Compliance and Controls

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Many business process management systems in insurance aren’t equipped to manage compliance effectively. Whether its GDPR, CCPA, or IFRS 17 compliance, meeting requirements and regulations can be a major challenge for insurers. In this brief, learn how a low-code platform can help ensure compliance and quality reporting. Download the brief here.

  • Appian for Insurance: Underwriting Authority Management

    Sponsored by: Appian

    For insurance companies, ensuring that underwriting authority information is correct, updated, and trusted is important to avoid financial risks. This white paper delves into advanced records management services, discussing how low-code platforms can help in the struggle to keep underwriting authority simple and secure. Read the paper here.

  • Assess Today’s Credit Risk And Prevent Tomorrow’s Delinquency: A Concise Guide

    Sponsored by: Brighterion

    With the writing on the wall, you might be wondering how your organization can proactively mitigate both current and future losses to credit delinquency.Read this e-book to discover 3 proactive solutions that can help you mitigate credit delinquency and understand the value of tracking customer behavior.

  • Australian Insurance provider establishes comprehensive risk management program

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    In this case study, follow the journey of MLC Life Insurance, a leading Australian insurance provider, as they partner with ServiceNow to develop & implement a comprehensive digital strategy that enables them to enhance customer experience while establishing governance, risk & compliance controls.

  • Best Practices in Financial Consolidation and Reporting

    Sponsored by: Host Analytics, Inc

    Spreadsheets seem to be the be-all-end-all of financial reporting and consolidation—but should they be? In this white paper, discover 5 reasons to think beyond the spreadsheet, and learn how an EPM software can help your organization optimize its financial reporting and consolidation, and reap a total ROI of 393%.

  • Best Practices in Financial Reporting

    Sponsored by: Host Analytics, Inc

    In this white paper, discover how to improve the quality of your financial planning and analysis team through the employment of 4 key best practices. Explore the value of an enterprise performance management (EPM) software for finance, and decide if an EPM system is right for your financial planning and analysis goals.

  • 2010 Asset Management Operations and Compensation Survey Findings

    Sponsored by: Advent Software, Inc

    In this survey you will learn how asset management has changed over the years and the different challenges asset management professionals have been facing.

  • A Best Practice Guide to Family Office Technology

    Sponsored by: Advent Software, Inc

    Packed with practical tips and actionable guidance, this 16-page report covers all of the key technology systems that family offices need to evaluate—along with the pros and cons of each and tradeoffs to consider. It’s a must-read for any family office looking to build competitive advantage in today’s environment.

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine Drives Business For the Insurance Industry

    Sponsored by: ABBYY

    Access this case study to read about how an insurance company leveraged an automated conversion strategy to upload applications almost instantly to their management system. Discover how you can implement a similar system to facilitate the automation of submitting application forms.

  • Averting Catastrophe: How Real-Time Location Intelligence Can Mitigate Exposure and Better Manage Risk

    Sponsored by: Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software

    What is location intelligence? From an actuary perspective, it's the accessment of risk based on the physical location of real estate. This paper examines how location intelligence links data to precise physical coordinates.

  • Best Practices in Creating a Strategic Finance Function

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    the following article will share the results of SAP research as well as APQC's Open Standards Benchmarking Collaborative (OSBC) research. The OSBC research is the first global set of common standards for business processes and data, giving organizations an independent, authoritative resource for evaluating and improving business practices.

  • Best Practices in Data Management

    Sponsored by: SAS

    The key enterprise risk management (ERM) issue for many financial institutions is to get enriched data in a single place in order to report on it. Learn best practices for data management that are critical for ERM.

  • Better Security Intelligence for the Finance Industry

    Sponsored by: IBM

    A security intelligence platform is a key element for fighting the many threats the financial institution faces, and this white papers describes on such platform.

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