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  • Oracle Value Realization: HCM Cloud Benchmark Report

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    When making big investments in cloud apps and legacy infrastructure overhauls, it is important to know how it all will pay off in the short- and long-term. Read this ROI report for more details about the benefits that Oracle HCM brings to its customers, and decide if it will be the HCM solution for you.

  • How to Migrate from Oracle Reports to TIBCO JasperReports for Dummies

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    In this e-book, discover why and how to migrate from Oracle Reports to TIBCO JasperReports. Gain access to a 4 step migration plan for modern reporting, and explore results from those who have already migrated by gleaning insight from real-world use cases.

  • Enterprise Open Source Databases

    Sponsored by: Maria DB

    Read this white paper to see how MariaDB, Oracle MySQL and EnterpriseDB compare—and decide which will bring you the greatest benefits and reliability while still keeping costs down.

  • Case Study: Transavia Brings Low-Cost Air Travel to Europe

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    Download this case study to learn why Transavia selected NetSuite for their cloud-based ERP needs.

  • ERP Systems: What You Need to Know Before Buying

    Sponsored by: SelectHub

    How do you avoid ERP failure? With this guide, glean insight into ERP pre-purchase practices. Review popular ERP product features by industry, and explore top ERP software options with an extensive vendor comparison featuring Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and more.

  • 9 Steps to Gain and Retain Customers

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Download this e-book to unlock the 9 steps your growing company needs to elevate its customer experience and outmaneuver the competition. Learn how a strong CX can help put your SMB back on the map, and review your software options with Oracle CX Cloud.

  • 4 Signs it's Time to Embrace an Integrated ERP in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this white paper, explore the 4 business process inefficiencies that your organization may experience when faced with high-growth, and learn why piece-by-piece ERP assembly may not be sufficient to meet your growing business's demands.

  • Tips to Choose the Right CX Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this ebook, explore how cutting-edge customer experience (CX) cloud platforms have drastically altered customer expectations with features such as personalization and data analytics, and explore your software options with a CX Cloud platform from Oracle.

  • The Cloud Conundrum: HR? Finance? Or Both?

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this e-book, uncover the key questions every business leader should ask before making a manual system overhaul. Explore the benefits of a cloud investment for HR and finance, and decide what cloud-based system is right for your organization.

  • When ERP and Spreadsheets Struggle

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this white paper, uncover the key differences between an ERP and EPM software. Discover 4 planning and budgeting methods ERP spreadsheets struggle to support, and explore the benefits of an ERP Cloud and EPM Cloud partnership.

  • Using Method R to Write High-Performance Applications

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    View this white paper to learn how Cintra's Method R Workbench can help your organization measure, manage, and optimize its Oracle-based application performance.

  • Why Method R Should Form a Core Part of Your Journey to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    With this white paper, discover how a cloud transition will affect your application and website performance, and learn how Cintra's Method R Workbench can help resolve Oracle-based latency issues before they impact customer experiences.

  • Using Method R to Optimize a Slow-Running Application

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    In this white paper, discover how organizations can achieve performance optimization through the use of Cintra's Method R Workbench. Learn how Method R Workbench can help diagnose slow-running applications, and explore the benefits of Method R for Oracle Database users.

  • The Four Magic Questions of Performance

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    In this white paper, learn how answering 4 simple questions is the key to tackling any performance problem with Oracle-based applications, and explore how Cintra's software can help your organization help your organization overcome performance issues associated with your Oracle database applications.

  • Adding Speed and Horizontal Scale to Oracle

    Sponsored by: GridGain

    Traditional RDBMSes can struggle to keep up with the demands of modern business initiatives such as digital transformation. Read this white paper for information on how in-memory data grids can help you keep up with the speed of modern business, and see how this approach compares to Oracle database management systems.

  • Compare your ERP platform ROI against other industry leaders

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    By completing our multiple-choice survey, searchERP members like you will gain access to a limited edition ERP Comparison Guide. Compare the ROI of your existing ERP against other leading ERP vendors, and gain the insight you need to make sure your next ERP investment is CEO approved!

  • Netsuite and The Inc. 5000: Recognizing America's Top Entrepreneurs

    Sponsored by: Oracle NetSuite

    View case studies for 7 of the Inc. 5000 companies here to learn how Oracle Netsuite helped them achieve landmark results.

  • Totemic Enhances its Business-Critical Oracle Systems

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    Download this case study to learn how partnering with Cintra led Totemic to immediate stability improvements, rapid-response 24x7 support and Oracle commercial advisory services.

  • Oracle on Tegile and Cisco UCS Reference Architecture

    Sponsored by: Western Digital

    This paper illustrates an approach for designing and configuring a compute, storage and networking infrastructure that doesn't require a compromise. Inside, uncover the value of configuring an Oracle RAC OLTP Solution on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Tegile Storage.

  • Transformational Application Speed-up in Just Two Days

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    As a result of ever-more health-conscious consumers, one food retail giant decided to streamline its product management process by using Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Process software. In this white paper, learn about the rollout of Agile PLM and how it benefited the company and their customers.

  • European Airline Uses Method R to Optimize Key Applications

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    One transatlantic carrier was looking to streamline their operations by accelerating their aircraft maintenance report. In this white paper, learn how the airline used Method R to precisely understand every microsecond of the tasks' execution durations.

  • A Scalable Platform for the IoT Age

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    Download this case study to learn how one company used Oracle databases at the heart of their operations, to house the majority of its critical customer data and sustainably grew their IoT business to win bigger customers.

  • Recipe for SPARC Platform Success at Premio Foods

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    Inside this quick case study, find out how major food manufacturer Premio Foods tackled the challenges posed by its legacy SPARC and storage architectures – and how they fast-tracked an architecture overhaul that allowed them to maintain their existing SPARC platform while gaining access to cutting-edge business applications.

  • IT Executives Express the Need for True Cloud ERP

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    Gartner says that the cloud is the #1 technology affecting IT today, but what do senior IT executives and real-world users of cloud ERP have to say? In this white paper discover why organizations are moving to cloud financials, and explore your options with case-studies from NetSuite OneWorld.

  • Cintra's Global Migration Factory Migrates 60 Databases

    Sponsored by: Cintra

    What's your plan to migrate legacy databases to a modern platform? A third-party migration expert might be your best bet to guide you past the typical stumbling blocks. Download this case study to explore how Cintra helped a high-profile healthcare organization transfer 60 business-critical Oracle databases to a new modern Exadata platform.

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