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  • Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation

    Sponsored by: Forescout Technologies, Inc.

    The promise of digital transformation efficiencies, innovation and productivity has resulted in flat, interconnected networks – leaving organizations susceptible to cyberthreats. Read this solution brief to learn about Forescout’s best-in-class Zero Trust segmentation offering and discover how it can address these challenges.

  • Cisco Negotiations Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Cisco solutions are entrenched in most organizations which can give their sales teams the upper hand in negotiations. Many customers overpay. But there's hope. This eGuide walks you through a 4-point plan to negotiate the best deal.

  • Cisco Pricing Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    As the one of the world's leading technology providers, Cisco maintains significant pricing power—but customers still have negotiating leverage, they just too often fail to take advantage. This invaluable resource provides actual discount ranges obtained by customers and helps you understand how to maximize leverage in your next deal.

  • Cisco Contract Gotchas Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Customers doing business with Cisco most often contract through a Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA). The discounts can be enticing but risks inherent to this agreement expose you to cost overruns in other ways. This guide exposes the "Top 3 Gotchas in a Cisco EA" and explains how to avoid them.

  • How Exchange Backhaul Can Haul Our Partners Into The Future

    Sponsored by: Neos Network

    With backhaul connectivity more important than ever, understanding the benefits of an exchange backhaul is essential. This infographic highlights 6 ways Neos Network’s exchange backhaul offering could benefit your product offering.

  • Ofcom raise over £1.3bn for new 5G spectrum auction

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide: After announcing their plans to extend and improve basic 4G connectivity around the country, the UK's mobile operators are celebrating their principal gains in the 5G arena with low-band and mid-band spectrum.

  • Public cloud in India: A guide to building digital resiliency

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, read more about the rise of India as a cloud powerhouse, what major suppliers are doing in the market and an expert's take on the importance of having a cloud operating model to drive business outcomes from cloud initiatives.

  • Secure Network Transformation to Turbocharge your Digital Journey

    Sponsored by: TATA Communications

    Only 35% of enterprises have indicated that their networks are ready to reap the most of emerging technologies. This IDC info brief explores the criticality of networks to the enterprise digital transformation journey and how to take advantage of a secure hybrid networking approach.

  • How Businesses are Engaging in Secure Network Transformation

    Sponsored by: TATA Communications

    Companies in the process of digitally transforming need to ensure that their network architecture is up to the task. Complete a survey and download this white paper to learn how security, SD-WAN and hybrid networks play a part in enterprise transformation.

  • Four Best Practices to Accelerate Your Secure Network Transformation

    Sponsored by: TATA Communications

    Traditional networks are under pressure to deliver, and so organizations must rethink their fundamental network architecture. Complete a short survey to access this IDC InfoBrief, which explores the criticality of software-defined networking (SDN) and 4 best practices for starting your secure network transformation journey.

  • A Computer Weekly E-Guide to Network Management & Monitoring

    Sponsored by:

    Covid has introduced many new things to many spheres of activity, in terms of networking it has actually acted as an accelerant to phenomena that were just gaining momentum before the first lockdowns and stay at home orders were being made. SD WAN, SASE and in particular digital transformation are key examples of that.

  • A Computer Weekly e-guide on Network Visibility, Performance and Monitoring

    Sponsored by:

    Traditional discourse around networks is centred around the basic premise of if you build it they will come. And if they come, they will be able to use the network to its fullest extent and everyone will be happy.

  • Demystifying SASE: What SASE really is and how it help your users, IT department, and business

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    In this webinar, join Palo Alto’s VP of SASE for a discussion around the trends reshaping today’s organizations, the 5 tenets of Gartner’s SASE concept, how to implement effective SASE, and more. Watch now to get started.

  • How To Directly Connect to AWS in ASEAN

    Sponsored by: Epsilon Telecommunications

    Complete our brief survey to download this guide detailing cloud connectivity options to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from within the ASEAN region. It highlights the challenges faced by businesses when connecting to AWS, and the benefits of using direct dedicated connections via AWS Direct Connect.

  • G2 Network Monitoring Software Report

    Sponsored by: LogicMonitor

    This G2 Network Monitoring Software Report provides exclusive insight into the network monitoring market, offering a comprehensive definition of modern network monitoring tools, an unbiased evaluation of the market’s leading vendors and offerings, and more – read on to unlock the full report.

  • The rise of edge computing

    Sponsored by:

    The growing momentum around 5G has spurred the rise of edge computing applications designed to crunch and process data at the edge of the network. In this e-guide, read more about edge computing developments in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the pros and cons of adding edge computing to a cloud architecture

  • CW Innovation Awards: Jio taps machine learning to manage telco network

    Sponsored by:

    In this case study, learn how India's largest telecom operator built its own machine learning platform to meet the growing data and signalling requirements of new networks.

  • MicroScope – May 2021: Exploring digital metamorphosis

    Sponsored by: MicroScope

    Digital transformation is the buzz phrase, but is it more a question of evolution? In this issue, experts weigh in on digitisation and its effect on the world of work. Also read about local broadband providers aiming to improve internet connection and productivity, and find out how to tackle sales in a post-pandemic landscape

  • A path to smart, not just present, video conferencing

    Sponsored by:

    As businesses plan a recovery from the effects of the Covid-19. Employees now expect employers to offer a modern approach to how/where they work. It won't be enough for businesses to get by with aging processes. Wherever staff are based, video conferencing will be pivotal

  • Building The Tech Stack For Your Future-Ready Business

    Sponsored by: Vodafone

    The remote workforce is predicted to represent 43% of the global workforce by 2023 – How do you ensure your technology is fit and ready for the future? Start by viewing this practical guide from Vodafone to learn 5 steps for building a future-ready tech stack. Cover topics from cloud migration to communications – and be ready for the road ahead.

  • The Technology Problem in Franchising

    Sponsored by: Hughes Network Systems

    Increasing complexity in technology is shaking up retail. Franchisors must be fully engaged in tech decisions, and their franchisees must learn how to support this tech to avoid downtime and improve customer experience. View this article to learn about the importance of a strategic technology plan.

  • Cloud Connect Wherever You Are, The Cloud Is Always In Reach With Cloud Connect From Momentum Telecom

    Sponsored by: Momentum Systems

    Examine this data sheet to learn about Cloud Connect from Momentum Telecom, a dedicated circuit connecting you to a Momentum point-of-presence (PoP), then to a cloud backbone. From there, you can manage network configurations, bandwidth requirements and the cloud platforms you need to connect to.


    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    Mantis is a hospitality group headquartered in South Africa. To improve guest experience, they set out to ensure consistent, high-performance Wi-Fi across all of their properties. Download this case study to learn how Mantis partnered with Aruba Networks to support their goal by standardizing network management.

  • Modernize Your Network Performance Monitoring

    Sponsored by: Turbonomic

    Many networking teams in enterprises, CSPs and MSPs are trying to monitor modern networks with outdated tools and approaches, making any insights they gain mostly inaccurate and effectively useless. Download this white paper to learn 5 steps that networking teams can take to increase operational efficiency.

  • Global Internet Services

    Sponsored by: Momentum Systems

    If your organization plans to expand its network across the globe, then you need an integrated, scalable and flexible internet access solution. Download this data sheet to see how Momentum Telecom can deliver these benefits and more for growing enterprises.

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