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  • Research Summary: WAN Transformation & How Enterprises Succeed with SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Infovista

    What technical initiatives guide your enterprise WAN strategy? Explore common ones in this summary of Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) “Wide-Area Network Transformation: How Enterprises Succeed with Software-Defined WAN” which highlights how SD-WAN is enabling enterprises to support new technology and business initiatives.

  • How 1 Company Unified Its Hybrid Network for Better Application Performance and Lower IT Costs

    Sponsored by: Infovista

    The Vandemoortele Group is the European market leader in frozen bakery products. With employees scattered all around Europe, the company was struggling to maintain their network performance. Read this case study to find out why the Vandemoortele Group chose to implement Infovista’s application-aware SD-WAN.

  • The Connected Classroom: Why Technology is Fundamental to Education

    Sponsored by: Comcast Business

    Read this white paper to learn about how SD-WAN can provide a solid technological foundation for education amid tight budgets and lean IT staffs.

  • Your Cloud Success Starts with the Right Network Strategy

    Sponsored by: CoreSite

    Almost every organization these days uses multiple cloud providers. What separates the successful multi-cloud players from the laggards, however, often comes down to network architecture. Watch this webinar to learn about establishing a network that can handle multi-cloud.

  • How Amazon Prime Has Changed Retailing And 4 Steps Stores Must Take to Thrive in the Future

    Sponsored by: Infovista

    55% of US households have Amazon Prime, and for households over $100,000 in income that number is 69%, according to IHL Consulting. Prime has transformed the online retail industry, and many retailers are researching new ways to step up their game. This research report explores the 4 steps that can help retailers improve CX.

  • Overcoming Hybrid IT Visibility Challenges

    Sponsored by: Accedian

    Download this white paper to learn about Accedian's network performance and application tool. Designed for hybrid IT environments, it combines advanced network flow monitoring, real-time application transaction capture, and end-user experience tracking in a single virtual or hardware-based appliance.

  • SD-WAN: When the Internet Becomes the New Network

    Sponsored by: Barracuda

    As digital transformation drives adoption of, and dependence on, cloud-hosted applications and data, traditional network architecture is growing burdensome. That's why organizations are increasingly turning to SD-WAN. In this white paper, learn about the drivers for SD-WAN, how to transition away from MPLS, how to secure SD-WAN, and more.

  • Powering a Global, Fast-growing Teleconferencing and Collaboration Company

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink

    A teleconferencing and collaboration firm wanted to modernize their IT infrastructure so it could scale as needed, and support bandwidth-heavy traffic from real-time communication and collaboration tools. The firm turned to CenturyLink. Learn about their experience in this case study.

  • Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Watch this webinar to hear from Insight and Microsoft experts as they discuss how you can create a shared workspace with Microsoft Teams.

  • Mission Accomplished: Powering Optimal Gaming Performance for Global Markets

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink

    A popular gaming company wanted to expand their global reach while controlling infrastructure costs. After some searching, they decided to go with CenturyLink. Download this case study to learn why, and explore how CenturyLink helped the company reduce latency and provide a better user experience for gamers—no matter where they are.

  • How SD-WAN and SDN Technologies Help Improve Security

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Watch this webinar to find out why more networking leaders are considering software-defined networking and SD-WAN as a way to modernize and strengthen security.

  • Dedicated Internet Access: Is It Right for You?

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    If you have huge spikes and lulls in traffic, you're likely paying for a lot of unused bandwidth. Scalable, bandwidth-on-demand models offered with dedicated Internet access can help you solve this problem. Read this blog post to find out if dedicated Internet access could be right for you, and explore some questions to ask before buying.

  • Intelligent Networks: A Network Model That Can Grow with Your Business

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    The changing expectations of digital transformation mean that most organizations' networks—and the approaches to building and operating them—are simply not able to keep up. In this white paper, learn about establishing an intelligent network—using technologies like SDN and NFV—to help you better support new demands.

  • The Top 4 Reasons to Care About Interconnection Bandwidth

    Sponsored by: Equinix

    Equinix developed the Global Interconnection Index, which measures and forecasts the explosive growth of Interconnection in digital business. Explore findings from the recent report in this summary, which explores the top 4 reasons to care about Interconnection according to Equinix's research.

  • The Motorola Solutions 2019 Healthcare Survey Report

    Sponsored by: Motorola, Inc.

    Read the Motorola Solutions 2019 Healthcare Communications Survey Report to learn about emerging industry trends and the digital communication solutions powering modern healthcare operations.

  • How Geography is Messing With Your Cloud Strategy

    Sponsored by: Apcela

    It's easy to forget that the "cloud" has a physical footprint, and its location is more important than you think. During this Apcela Talks webinar, learn how the physical geography of the cloud impacts the performance of your applications.

  • Real-Time Network Provisioning Is Now a Reality

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink

    Download this resource to learn about the new dynamic network services available, why they're so vital in today's IT environment, and how to go about choosing the best network services solution for you.

  • When Your Internet Doesn't Slow Down, Neither Will You

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Identifying the need for a network transformation is the easy bit. The tough part is figuring out how to make it happen. In this ebook, learn about the digital trends impacting your organization. Also explore how to leverage new technologies to transform your business and your network.

  • All About Ethernet: How, Why and When Businesses Use It

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Businesses today are increasingly large consumers of data, and their bandwidth needs are often beyond what DSL and Wi-Fi can deliver affordably to power daily operations. As a result, Ethernet is emerging as an alternative connectivity option. Learn about Ethernet in this resource, and the 2 main benefits it can offer.

  • Real Estate Settlement Firm Enhances QoE with Business-Driven SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    Real estate settlement firm, North American Title Company, was constantly oversaturating their MPLS network due to the frequent sharing of large files. Find out why they decided to implement Silver Peak's Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN and the benefits they experienced in this case study

  • Accelerating Financial Services' Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Comcast Business

    Financial services companies face multiple challenges when it comes to achieving digital transformation, but one of the hardest—and most important—tasks is updating the network infrastructure. So, what should financial firms consider when planning their 21st century network support for DX? Find out in this white paper.

  • 1 Credit Union's Nationwide Expansion with Business-Driven SD-WAN Edge Platform

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    In this case study, learn why Bethpage Federal Credit Union decided to deploy Silver Peak's SD-WAN edge platform at all 32 branch locations, as well as two corporate sites and a remote data center. Also explore the benefits they experienced since using SD-WAN.

  • How 1 Company Assured Network Uptime with Business-Driven SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    IT solution distributor Westcon-Comstor needed to build greater assurance of WAN availability and improve performance for critical applications while reducing dependence on costly MPLS. After some searching, the company decided to implement Silver Peak's EdgeConnect SD-WAN. Read this case study to learn about their experience.

  • Forward Enterprise Use Case Network & Configuration Audit

    Sponsored by: Forward Networks

    At a large financial services firm, routine configuration drifts were starting to cause network outages. To combat this, the company implemented Forward Networks network verification tool. Learn about the benefits the financial company experienced with the tool in this case study.

  • Architecting a Secure Business-Driven SD-WAN

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    SD-WANs are enabling today's geographically distributed enterprises to realize the transformational promise of cloud computing—but that also creates some new security challenges. Download this white paper to learn how a comprehensive SD-WAN security deployment can better safeguard today's dynamic, cloud-first enterprises.

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