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  • Embracing Mobility: A Guide to Mobile Data Capture Solution Deployment in the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Download this guide for a better understanding of how your enterprise can implement and benefit from an end-to-end mobile strategy that tackles some of today's toughest data capture workflows.

  • How Barcode Scanning Enhanced a Mobile App: Case Study

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Inside this case study read how Ibotta a mobile app for retail, was able to improve customer experience, increase their user base, and more, with a software-based mobile barcode scanner.

  • Mobile Barcode Scanning Enhances Shopping Experience

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Read this case study to discover the mobile barcode scanning technology that coop@home adopted in order to bring their vision for a seamless mobile retail experience to life.

  • Reengineer, Restructure, and Revamp Retail with Mobile Data Capture Technology

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    In today's digital first world it is becoming increasingly difficult for physical stores to keep up with consumer demands for a mobile shopping experience. Download this research report to discover the benefits that software based mobile data capture can have on retail operations.

  • Improve Field Services With Mobile Data Capture

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Download this case study to see how mobile barcode scanning technology enabled American Woodmark to quickly retrieve details about any product with one simple scan, and improve employee efficiency across the board.

  • How to Transform Brick-and-Mortar Retail Using Data Capture Technology

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Download this white paper to discover how mobile data capture technology can help traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores bring the digital experience of online shopping to physical stores to meet consumer demands.

  • Barcode Scanning App for any Smartphone

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Download this white paper to see how a software-based mobile barcode scanning technology can streamline operations and enhance user experiences.

  • 2018 Retail Consumer Survey

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Download this white paper to determine what percentage of consumers are using mobile shopping apps that offer barcode scanning, which specific functions they are using and what functions consumers would be interested in using, if brick-and-mortar retailers offered them.

  • Total Cost of Ownership of Mobile Barcode Scanning

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Should you choose a dedicated barcode scanner, traditional mobile computer, or are smartphones a reliable and cost effective alternative? Download this white paper to compare the TCO and benefits of legacy vs. smartphone-based scanning hardware.

  • Enabling Seamless Retail with Mobile Data Capture

    Sponsored by: Scandit

    Read this white paper to discover how mobile data capture using cloud-based barcode scanning technology makes capturing mobile data easy, and affordable on both the company- and associate-facing sides of the enterprise.

  • CW Europe – March 2018

    Sponsored by:

    Cities in continental Europe will be eyeing opportunities to attract more startup firms in view of the potential scenario that London and the UK more widely might lose their appeal to entrepreneurs after Brexit.

  • Manage PC, Mobility and iOT with Unified Endpoint Management

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Watch this webcast to learn how you can deliver apps and data securely to users and how unified endpoint management (UEM) can help solve challenges of traditional client management in the context of the new digital workspace.

  • Rescue + Mitel: Answering the Call for Smarter Support

    Sponsored by: LogMeIn Rescue

    In this webcast, learn how Joe Inocencio (staff technical escalation engineer/incident manager at Mitel) is using a remote support tool to drive education to their customers, and improve CX.

  • How 4 Remote Support Teams Improve Customers' Mobile Experience

    Sponsored by: LogMeIn Rescue

    Explore how 4 remote support teams improved their customers' mobile experience with the help of remote support software.

  • Mobile Support: No Longer Optional

    Sponsored by: LogMeIn Rescue

    It's traditional thinking to limit support to desktop computers and laptops. Here are 7 reasons why that line of thinking is outdated.

  • Omnichannel for Retail

    Sponsored by: iovation, Inc.

    This resource explores the benefits of adopting multi-factor authentication strategies for mobile devices to improve security and enhance the user experience.

  • Use Case: Workplace Mobility For Transportation

    Sponsored by: Atos

    Outdated devices lead to avoidable problems, but managing all of your organization's mobile devices can be hassle. Read on to find out how you can outsource your device lifecycle management without sacrificing control or security while maximizing customer satisfaction.

  • Maintain Control of the Workplace by Letting Go

    Sponsored by: Atos

    In the digital workplace, you need to accommodate various workstyles while managing costs and keeping enough control to properly secure systems and data. Read on to see what you need to consider when transitioning to a digital workplace and how enabling employees to choose how they work yields more satisfied, productive workers.

  • Use Case: Workplace Mobility for Insurance

    Sponsored by: Atos

    Learn about a subscription service that manages your employees' mobile devices such that they are always capable of performing necessary tasks without adding the burden to your IT team.

  • CW ANZ - December 2017: Riding the wave of enterprise mobility

    Sponsored by:

    Australia is one of the most advanced markets in the world in adopting mobility initiatives to improve employee productivity, customer service and the bottom line. In this month's edition of CW ANZ, take a look at how Australian organisations are faring in driving mobility initiatives, the challenges they have been facing and what lies ahead.

  • Why Device Risk is an Essential Element for Your MFA Strategy

    Sponsored by: iovation, Inc.

    Take a look at this webinar to gain insight into device risk to learn how to improve multifactor authentication and user experience within mobile devices.

  • Omnichannel Authentication

    Sponsored by: iovation, Inc.

    While the current banking experience is a multichannel approach, which provides fast access, it does not provide a secure, effortless user experience. This resource provides insight into omnichannel authentication within mobile banking to help provide customers a seamless, effortless, high-quality experience, while maintaining security.

  • Computer Weekly – 12 December 2017: The 50 most influential people in UK IT

    Sponsored by:

    This week's Computer Weekly reveals who made the annual list of the 50 most influential people in UK IT, and a discussion with this year's winner, Mayank Prakash, chief digital and information officer at the Department for Work and Pensions, about the challenges and opportunities of digital government.

  • Shifting from Device Management to Workforce Management

    Sponsored by: Dell and Intel

    Download this e-guide to discover how device hyper-convergence, Devices as a Service, virtualization and cloud computing, help organizations better manage their workforces by focusing more on the users, access, identity and data.

  • Optimize Mobility Management TCO Through Automation

    Sponsored by: Cisco Jasper

    Mobile devices are a lifeline for most people's personal and professional lives. It has gotten to the point that 50% of workers expect their employers to provide them with the right devices and applications to do their jobs. Access this vendor-neutral report to learn about the future of mobile management and its place in your organization.

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