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  • MicroScope - December 2021: Valuing the MSP

    Sponsored by: MicroScope

    In this month's MicroScope, we look at why customers should be prepared to pay for the value offered by a managed service provider, identify the biggest drivers in the data storage market, and look at why some firms are struggling to get to grips with remote working. Read the issue now.


    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    As an MSP, you need to make sure your endpoint security vendor is efficient as to not hemorrhage MRR due to complex onboarding or time-consuming client management. Access this white paper to learn how Malwarebytes’ OneView console simplifies the onboarding process, eases management, and improves customer support.


    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    MSPs are only as trustable as their endpoint protection and ransomware capabilities—which is why so many MSPs are considering Malwarebytes’ endpoint protection and resiliency. Read on to learn what sets Malwarebytes apart from the competition and see why customers are rating their services above the industry average, according to one analyst group.


    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    If MSPs want to meet their malware recovery goals, they need endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions that go above and beyond when it comes to automated isolation, thorough remediation, and resilient response. Read on to learn how Malwarebytes helps MSPs meet these goals with specialized, high-quality EDR.

  • INKY Computer Vision

    Sponsored by: Inky Technology

    MSPs need to know that they’re being protected from ransomware and other dangerous security threats that come from phishing emails. Watch this short video to learn how INKY’s computer vision technology helps identify even the most advanced of fake emails that would typically fool an end user.

  • Understanding INKY: Using Trusted Banners for Email Security Awareness

    Sponsored by: Inky Technology

    Email banners can be a subtle but effective way to help recipients identify and appropriately handle inbound email messages, including phishes and other threats. Read this white paper to learn more about banner implementation and the potential benefits this simple approach holds for MSPs.

  • How a Ransomware Attack Unfolds

    Sponsored by: Inky Technology

    As recent, high-profile attacks have highlighted, ransomware (often perpetrated via phishing) is a huge risk for MSPs worldwide. Access this INKY white paper to learn how phishing attacks play out, explore strategies you can use to fight them, and discover how INKY’s mathematical and behavioral models stop ransomware attacks before they happen.

  • Why INKY for Managed Services?

    Sponsored by: Inky Technology

    INKY, a cloud-based email security platform designed with MSPs in mind, offers simple but powerful protection that is easy to deploy and manage. Access this short white paper to learn what makes INKY’s security offering attractive to so many businesses.

  • MicroScope – October 2021: Choosing a channel career

    Sponsored by: MicroScope

    In this issue, we explore whether more partners equals better business, and take a closer look at how IT consumption is changing thanks to subscription services. Also read a special feature looking into whether the channel offers good prospects for school-leavers hoping to start on a career path that could make a difference


    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    While businesses need security services that will expand their threat protection and add specialized expertise to their teams, the MSP market for security providers is growing crowded. Access this short solution brief to learn how Malwarebytes recommends MSPs strategize and market themselves to capture and retain customers in this market.


    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    Building a quality MSP business is about creating differentiation with a secure, reliable product—and building the customer service and trustworthiness to let this product sell itself and grow your monthly revenue. Keep reading to learn how Malwarebytes recommends MSPs scale their business and revenue while avoiding major roadblocks.


    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    Quality customer service is the manna that MSPs most essentially provide, making customers’ lives easier and building a platform of trust from which you can grow your business and revenue. Read on to learn 4 key tips to keep in mind as you grow your business and create secure, high-quality outcomes for your customers.


    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    While acquiring new customers and retaining old ones is arguably the best way a business can build a healthy monthly recurring revenue (MRR), you can also take steps to optimize MRR from current customers. Check out this short white paper to learn 5 ways you can tap into existing relationships and boost MRR without changing your core product.

  • Dell ProManage Managed Workplace Services

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    Explore this infographic to learn about Dell ProManage Portfolio, which delivers a full suite of managed service capabilities delivering numerous benefits for employees, IT, and your organization.

  • Deploying Zero-Trust Networks In The Era Of COVID-19: A Guide For Service Providers

    Sponsored by: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

    MSPs play a critical role in bringing zero-trust security to an underserved market, at a time when the need for this protection has never been greater. Access this white paper to learn how WatchGuard can help you bring the much-desired product of true security to your customers during these uncertain times.

  • Charting The Road To Security Revenue Growing Your Security Practice With Watchguard

    Sponsored by: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

    Vendors like WatchGuard don't just provide security services; they can help you simplify IT management and improve your core offering. Read this short white paper to learn why they're a good fit for MSPs looking to alleviate security load, from their zero-trust, multifactor authentication security system to their IT management simplification.

  • Implementing The Modern Mssp Approach With Watchguard

    Sponsored by: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

    MSP TribeTech wanted the same stable pricing fees that they offer from their security partner while also using a security service that proved to be an asset for their business. Access this short case study to learn why TribeTech has stayed with WatchGuard since 2018 thanks to their robust security offerings and quality process management software.

  • Things Every Solution Provider Should Consider When Evaluting New Vendors

    Sponsored by: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

    MSPs face radically different security challenge, as recent attacks have highlighted. So how can you know that you're making the right security partner decisions? Download this short white paper to learn how MSPs can find a quality security partner, not just another vendor, with 5 key considerations.

  • Watchguard Advanced Endpoint Security Unlock Your Managed Security Services Growth

    Sponsored by: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

    Small and medium businesses are at a high risk in today’s world of automated, intelligent hacking. And with remote work being more popular than ever, endpoint security is crucial. Read on to learn how the WatchGuard Endpoint Security portfolio helps MSPs predict, prevent, and respond to security threats of any kind.

  • Building Market Credibility And A Loyal Customer Base With Watchguard

    Sponsored by: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

    Every MSP knows that security is more important than ever, and the numerous cyberattacks being directed at MSPs are highlighting this pain point for your customers. Read this short case study to learn how WatchGuard helps its MSP customers build a reputation of security and reliability, from major providers to boutique resellers.

  • Imagine a World Without Malware

    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    Certain brands evoke images of success—and when it comes to imagining a world without malware, Malwarebytes is one such brand. So how could you take advantage of a partnership with such a company? Read this guide to learn how a partnership with Malwarebytes can help MSPs cultivate an image of security and trust.

  • Malwarebytes MSP Premier Partner Program (MP3)

    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    Read on to discover how the Malwarebytes Managed Service Provider (MSP) Premier Partner Program (MP3) allows MSPs to easily centralize endpoint security management, reduce costs as your install base grows, improve technical support, and much more.

  • Grow your MSP business with Malwarebytes

    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    With infection rates and the costs of remediation on the rise, MSPs need sophisticated cybersecurity solutions to keep customers safe and reduce churn, lost deals, and unpredictable MRR. Read this short white paper to learn the top 4 areas Malwarebytes recommends MSPs focus on to protect customers and mitigate risk.

  • Malwarebytes Integration with Connect Wise Automate

    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    MSPs looking to ease their endpoint monitoring and management should review Malwarebytes’ integration with ConnectWise Automate, a partnership that allows for easier remote management and monitoring. Read on to learn how you can boost your productivity, ensure your customers’ business continuity, and develop best-in-class endpoint security.

  • Malwarebytes OneView

    Sponsored by: Malwarebytes

    Having a unified view of customer management and monitoring from your endpoint security vendor can help you simplify your employees’ lives, improve your bottom line, and boost security. Read this short white paper to learn how Malwarebytes OneView provides MSPs with endpoint activity reporting, guided support, subscription management and more.

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