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  • Enterprise Mobility Adoption and Security Considerations

    Sponsored by:

    This expert e-guide from examines the detailed benefits of increased mobility and addresses the key areas to be considered when it comes to mobile security, particularly laptop usage and practices you can follow to avoid security breaches.

  • Mobility is here to stay – Is your data is backed up?

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    Remote backup of data on endpoint devices like laptops and smart phones is a challenge for IT staffs. This Drill Down takes a look at remote backups today, focusing on the challenges and solutions available to address endpoint device backup.

  • Introducing the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

    Sponsored by: Insight and Lenovo

    View this infographic for an introduction to the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon, a portable computer built to enhance your productivity, adapt to your needs and provide the perfect balance between work and play.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T Series Packs Power. Not Pounds

    Sponsored by: Insight and Lenovo

    Check out this infographic to view a family of portable computers that are truly built for performance. Designed to help you make the most of today's increasingly-mobile business landscape, these lightweight and high-powered solutions have it all.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Win 8

    Sponsored by: Insight and Lenovo

    This white paper introduces a family of Windows 8-enabled laptops and tablets designed to help your users boost productivity and truly thrive in today's increasingly-mobile business landscape. View now to learn more.

  • Windows XP Ends Support in April 2014; How will Businesses be Affected

    Sponsored by: Insight and Lenovo

    Support for Windows XP ends in April 2014. How will your business be affected? This infographic reveals all – view now to learn more!

  • Mobilizing Madrid

    Sponsored by: Insight & Intel

    With around 6.5 million inhabitants, Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union. And when the ICM, an agency responsible for keeping the city's local government up and running, wanted to provide better access to applications and data on-the-go, they knew that new mobile technology was needed.

  • Business Client Refresh ROI Estimator

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Is it time to upgrade your old devices? Developed from industry research and insights from Intel IT, this Business Client Refresh ROI Estimator lets you explore the business value of replacing your aging PCs with new Intel® processor-based devices.

  • EMA Report: The Benefits of a Unified Endpoint Management Approach

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Read this resource to learn how a unified security and IT operations approach can better protect organizations' vast and growing amount of endpoints from sophisticated threats.

  • HP Zbook 17 Mobile Workstation: Combine Creativity and Power

    Sponsored by: Insight and HP

    Access this white paper for an introduction to a mobile workstation designed to help you showcase your best work – in the office, or on the go. See how you can take advantage of powerful processing and graphics, consistent color throughout your workflow, simple scalability, and more!

  • Push your creative limits with a powerful mobile workstation: HP Zbook 15

    Sponsored by: Insight and HP

    Discover a mobile workstation that allows you to unleash your creativity and break free from your desktop. With powerful processing and graphics, consistent color throughout your workflow, simple scalability, and the blazing-fast connectivity your team needs to perform and collaborate at the speed of creativity, this on-the-go solution has it all.

  • HP ElitePad 900 Comparison Guide: Selecting the Best Business Tablet

    Sponsored by: Insight and HP

    Access this white paper today to discover a tablet that's truly all business. Flexible, agile and adaptable, this solution is designed to break down the barriers standing between your business and mobile success. Read now to learn more.

  • The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2; The Tablet you have been waiting for

    Sponsored by: Insight and Lenovo

    Today's workers need top-notch mobile devices to be productive whenever and wherever. So how do you choose the right laptop, tablet, or other device for your organization? In this product overview, explore the features, capabilities, and benefits of the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet.

  • Lenovo Quick Reference Guide

    Sponsored by: Insight and Lenovo

    Today's businesses need top-of-the line mobile devices to ensure their employees have the best access to critical applications and data anywhere, at any time. View this comparison chart to see how a variety of laptops and tablets stack up in several key areas.

  • The New Business 4x4

    Sponsored by: Insight and Lenovo

    In today's always-on technology environment, you need to be able to work comfortably anywhere, at any time. This means you need to right mobile devices. View this one-page resource to discover a laptop that enables you to work anywhere - with four convenient usage modes.

  • HP EliteBook Revolve- Datasheet

    Sponsored by: Insight and HP

    Access this white paper for an introduction to the HP Elitebook Revolve, a notebook that transforms into a tablet to give you the best of both worlds – providing the flexibility and agility you need to truly make the most of today's IT consumerization and BYOD trends.

  • Everything a business Ultrabook™should be: HP EliteBook Folio

    Sponsored by: Insight and HP

    View this white paper for an introduction to the HP EliteBook Folio, an enterprise-ready, IT-friendly laptop featuring an advanced design, long-lasting battery life and an integrated suite of tools designed to help you operate as productively and efficiently as possible.

  • Elite Pad Datasheet: The true tablet for business

    Sponsored by: Insight and HP

    View this white paper for an introduction to a tablet that's truly built for business. Download now for a quick overview of the key features and benefits this hardware has to offer!

  • HP CarePack Services Defined

    Sponsored by: Insight and HP

    HP Care Pack Services are support packages that expand and extend standard warranties for HP hardware and software. HP Care Pack Services provide hardware and software support, installation services, education services and premium support options to meet the needs of business-critical IT environments. View this data sheet to learn more.

  • IDC: Critical Need For Edge Data Protection

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    This white paper highlights the challenges involved with protecting edge data. It also highlights a solution that is lightweight, easy-to-use, scalable and comprehensive.

  • Deliver Virtualised Windows Apps to Your Organisation through FlexCast Technology

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Read this brief to see how XenDesktop with FlexCast technology gives IT everything they need to meet the needs of today's modern, complex workforce—one use case at a time.

  • File Sync and Share: Recent Developments and Points to Address in your Usage Policy

    Sponsored by: Dropbox for Business

    This e-guide recounts the latest advances in enterprise collaboration technology and explains why security remains a top priority for the companies that leverage it. Read on to learn more.

  • Expert Guide to Data Protection: New Capabilities, Remaining Gaps, and Answers to Customer FAQ

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This e-guide follows the evolution of data protection and points out the latest capabilities and remaining gaps in the marketplace. Read on now to find out whether conventional methods are keeping pace and which data protection processes should be treated separately.

  • Don't Lose the Data: Six Ways You May Be Losing Mobile Data and Don't Even Know It

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Access this white paper for crucial information regarding the infiltration of employees' personal mobile devices within the workplace, and uncover the top 6 new mobile data loss and security risks to avoid.

  • 3 Cloud Backup Services Ease Protection of Laptops

    Sponsored by: Code42

    This e-guide examines three types of cloud backup services and the key factors you need to consider when evaluating them.

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