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  • Bring HR Back to the Future: Win Top Talent and Enhance the Employee Experience with Digital Document Processes

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    In today’s competitive talent market, attracting the best candidates requires you to have the best processes around—and those processes are digital. Read on to learn how modernizing HR document processes and ditching paper can help ensure you hire the best candidates, as well as improve the performance of your HR department as you cut costs.

  • The Remote Work Playbook

    Sponsored by: RingCentral

    For some, the transition to remote work can be tough. But with the right tools and strategies, you can make the switch a little easier. Read through RingCentral’s 8-chapter Remote Work Playbook to explore expert tips that can help you work from home like a pro.

  • Unit4 Delivers People-Centric Cloud ERP

    Sponsored by: Unit4

    In this Offering Overview, explore Unit4’s People Experience Suite—a solution that combines key features and capabilities from both ERP and HCM systems—and what it could do for your organization. Download your copy to learn more.

  • Reimagining the daily commute with Uber for Business

    Sponsored by: Uber

    See how Uber for Business can help you alleviate some of the potential stress of returning to work, as well as reduce exposure to large groups, with their rideshare options in this eBook.

  • Why do 72% of CEOs Believe They Need People Analytics?

    Sponsored by: SplashBI

    While the customer experience has long been a focal point of businesses, some executives are only now starting to realize that the employee experience can affect business outcomes just as much. Read on to learn more about people analytics—the emerging, data-driven way to improve the employee experience and boost your business.

  • Oracle HCM Cloud Journey

    Sponsored by: SplashBI

    Companies turn to cloud SaaS solutions like Oracle HCM because it allows them to stay on the cutting edge without extra effort. But cloud migration is rarely an easy process. Read on to learn how SplashBI can augment your cloud migration progress and help your organization start producing the results it wants immediately.

  • ERP for People-Centered Services Organizations

    Sponsored by: Unit4

    How can you create the best People Experience for your employees? It starts by having the right enterprise software. Learn about Unit4’s ERP offerings and how they can help free people from low-value, repetitive tasks—creating the best possible workplace experience—in this white paper.

  • Best Practices for Hiring Software Developers: Front-End, Back-End, & Full-Stack

    Sponsored by: HackerRank

    It can be challenging to nail down a repeatable, sustainable hiring process for software developers. Download this guide to explore some best practices for creating a skill-centered evaluation process and conducting effective technical interviews for front-end, back-end, & full-stack software developers.

  • 3 Rules for Creating a Candidate-first Hiring Process

    Sponsored by: HackerRank

    Explore 3 key tips that can help recruiters create a candidate-first hiring process and ensure a positive experience in this white paper.

  • Not All PEOs Are Created Equal: 20 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Global PEO

    Sponsored by: Globalization Partners

    Check out this e-book to explore 20 questions that can help you choose the right global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and achieve the best international experience possible.

  • K2 Solution: Task Management V2

    Sponsored by: K2

    Within many organizations, there’s a requirement for simple task management; the ability to create ad hoc tasks, assign it to people, and monitor that the work is being done. Watch this brief video to explore a solution by K2 that allows you to do exactly that, and more.

  • When a Carve-out Crosses Borders: Capturing Value & Retaining Good People

    Sponsored by: Globalization Partners

    When it comes to international carve-outs, buyers often face roadblocks when onboarding new employees—especially if the company isn’t an established entity or registered to run payroll in the country. Luckily, Globalization Partners is here to help. Grab a copy of this white paper to see how they can simplify these complex processes.

  • How To Scale Globally Without Sinking

    Sponsored by: Globalization Partners

    Access this e-book to learn 4 dangers that every expanding company should avoid as well as tips on how to navigate the global market.

  • The Global Hiring Handbook

    Sponsored by: Globalization Partners

    Collaboration shouldn’t be limited. This Global Hiring Handbook by Globalization Partners explores how to connect your office with workers around the world. Save the 88-page handbook as a go-to guide for hiring and managing employees around the world.

  • Guide to Gamification Greatness

    Sponsored by: Noble Systems

    Check out this e-book to learn 10 best practices when developing a gamification strategy to achieve long-term success.

  • The Complete Guide to Building a Remote Global Team

    Sponsored by: Globalization Partners

    The remote workforce was already on the rise before the pandemic. In fact, a 2010 Gartner analyst report predicted that half of the world would be working outside of the traditional office setting by 2020. Evaluate the various logistics of remote work in this 20-pg guide.

  • HR technology, analytics may help companies through COVID-19

    Sponsored by: Kronos

    Read this expert guide to learn how businesses can use HR technology and analytics together to get through COVID-19 and beyond.

  • How can HR protect employee data privacy during COVID-19?

    Sponsored by: Kronos

    Collecting COVID-19 workforce health information is riddled with potential missteps. That's why HR needs to revisit compliance and data collection basics. Get expert tips on protecting employee data during COVID-19 in this expert guide.

  • K2 Solution: Staff and Visitor Access

    Sponsored by: K2

    Watch this video to see how the Staff & Visitor Access app by K2 can help you securely track staff and visitors coming and going from the office, as you return to physical locations post-COVID-19.

  • A New Manager’s Guide to Global Teams

    Sponsored by: Globalization Partners

    US businesses are increasingly hiring outside the US, and international businesses are increasingly recruiting American talent. But why hire and use talent that lives far away from the traditional office? Check out this white paper to learn the benefits, challenges, and necessarily considerations that come with an international workforce.

  • 2020 / Global Employee Survey Results

    Sponsored by: Globalization Partners

    The ability to expand your business to whatever country or locality will be profitable is a key capability—and an elusive one. Check out the results of this 2020 Globalization Partners survey to see how companies are successfully navigating an increasingly globalized and talent-poached world.

  • Finding permanent solutions amid the pandemic

    Sponsored by: Cornerstone OnDemand

    In the immediate response to the pandemic, industry blind spots, management shortcomings, and other weak links were all exposed. However, businesses can use this information to their advantage moving forward. In fact, many short-term fixes point the way toward long-term, foundation change. Learn more here.

  • Supporting your home-working team’s mental health: Advice from psychologists

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    Access this resource to hear from 2 world leading experts in workplace mental health as they discuss 11 ways that managers can strengthen team wellbeing during the COVID-19.

  • The “next normal” and how to thrive beyond COVID-19

    Sponsored by: Cornerstone OnDemand

    Access this white paper to take a deeper look at the challenges facing the life sciences industry and explore how focusing on 3 goals can preparing your workforce for long-term success and viability for your organization.

  • Identity Governance for Workday

    Sponsored by: SailPoint Technologies

    In this short video, discover how SailPoint can help organizations integrate identity governance into their cloud-based HR solutions, like Workday, enabling them the ability to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks related to access provisioning and ensure each user has appropriate access to the right data and apps.

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