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  • Data Breach Prevention for Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Absolute Software Corporation

    Stolen medical records sell for up to $500/record on the black market, making healthcare providers the top target for cybercrime. Additionally, organizations need to ensure they are meeting increasingly strict compliance standards. Download this white paper to explore how to safeguard your patient records against data breaches.

  • A Guide to Navigating the Modern Health IT Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    Ransomware is one of the most common attacks used to hold data hostage, especially in healthcare, and that helped increase the use of digital currencies like Bitcoin. In this e-guide, learn how to defend against threats like ransomware and cryptojacking and how deception technology can help.

  • Effective Healthcare Data Breach Response

    Sponsored by: Absolute Software Corporation

    Because medical data is so valuable, the FBI has warned that cybercriminals are targeting healthcare providers more than any other industry. Luckily, this white paper outlines 6 steps to effective data breach response. Read on to make sure you have the right plan of action in case of a breach.

  • Amazon healthcare strategy is built on pilot projects

    Sponsored by: SearchAWS

    In this article, learn about Amazon’s healthcare venture known as Haven, and how their entrance into the healthcare sector fits into their broader company goals.

  • Chronicle Cybersecurity Predictions Crimeware, Cloud and Beyond

    Sponsored by: Chronicle

    Cyberattacks are inevitable, affecting business of any size across all industries. While tactics used by cybercriminals always changes, it remains certain that security teams will always be on the lookout for threats to their networks. In this white paper, explore cybersecurity predictions for 2020 to ensure your organization is prepared.

  • The Cost of a Data Breach in Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Absolute Software Corporation

    Today’s healthcare organizations are facing constant threats from hackers attempting to steal PHI. Security teams are tasked with protecting patient data while facilitating an increasingly mobile workforce. In this white paper, take a closer look at the threats within the healthcare industry by reviewing some unfortunate breaches.

  • Zoom Customer Testimonial: Moffitt Cancer Center

    Sponsored by: Zoom Video Communications

    Moffitt Cancer Center’s mission is simple: contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. Whether it’s Zoom Meetings or Zoom Rooms or Zoom-enabled operating rooms, Moffitt uses Zoom as its communications backbone to enable doctors, nurses, specialists, and labs to easily collaborate. Watch this short video to learn more.

  • Case study: Across Health Care’s Experiencing Working with Mitel

    Sponsored by: Mitel Networks Limited

    Across Health Home Care needed a phone system that would allow communication between coworkers and patients. In this short video, listen as Jessica Reva, CEO and Administrator of Across Health Home Care, discusses their experience using Mitel.

  • Computer Weekly – 4 February 2020: Ethics and the internet – how to build a web we can trust

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the steps being taken to ensure the future development of the web is ethical and open. We discuss the UK's cyber security skills gap and ask what more the government should be doing. And we find out how cloud technology could help people stop smoking. Read the issue now.

  • Securing 1 Healthcare Organization’s Data with Better Email Security

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    Healthcare organization, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, was struggling to maintain their email security strategy, and knew they needed to upgrade. They decided to implement Proofpoint’s cybersecurity solutions. Find out why the clinic chose Proofpoint and how it’s helped them in this case study.

  • Protecting Patients, Providers and Payers: 2019 Healthcare Threat Report

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    What can healthcare organizations do to keep their information safe? It starts by taking a people-centered approach to security. Download this 2019 Healthcare Threat Report to explore findings on cyberattacks in the healthcare industry, and learn how you can become more people-focused.

  • Secure Data Lakes and Protect Sensitive Data with Okera

    Sponsored by: Okera

    A Fortune 500 healthcare leader required the ability to apply and enforce sophisticated data access policies to secure their data lakes and anonymize and redact data for the analytics team. Explore this case study to hear about the solution that the company chose and the 3 benefits it led to.

  • Do No Harm Through Strong Information Security

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    Healthcare organizations are increasingly the focus of costly and potentially dangerous cyberattacks, even as the industry fails to prepare properly for these threats.Read this white paper to learn what other cyber risks your organization is likely to face, how to prepare for those threats, and more risks the healthcare industry faces today.

  • Healthcare Industry Implementation Best Practices

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    If you’re in the healthcare industry, you’re in the security industry too. Or, you should be. Keeping people and their data safe is a necessity for any health-based organization. This 31-pg guide explores threat protection solutions, including authentication, email protection, fraud, and data exfiltration. Click inside the guide to learn more now.

  • ThreatQ for Critical Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: ThreatQuotient

    Critical infrastructure attacks can have long-term impacts on vital industries like power, healthcare, defense, food production and more. In this edition of ThreatQuotient’s Industry Brief, take an in-depth look into the challenges and key statistics surrounding critical infrastructure security.

  • Computer Weekly – 21 January 2020: How to avoid becoming the next Travelex

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the lessons learned from the ransomware attack on Travelex and how other firms can avoid the same fate. As Microsoft ends support for Windows 7, we examine the issues for the many remaining users of the operating system. And healthcare CIOs explain the tech challenges facing the NHS. Read the issue now.

  • ThreatQ for Healthcare

    Sponsored by: ThreatQuotient

    The personal health information that healthcare providers process and store make them enticing targets for hackers. The average cost of a data breach over the past 2 years is $2.2 million, and the number of attacks is increasing rapidly. Read this white paper to uncover key cybersecurity insights for the healthcare industry.

  • How UHS Identifies Root Cause and Prevents Clinician Experience Issues Across Cerner RHO & Citrix

    Sponsored by: Goliath

    Watch this brief video to find out how Joe Alexander, Sr. Software Architect at UHS Healthcare, helped the hospital face network and application availability issues head on with Goliath Technologies’ Application Availability Monitor, and explore the benefits they achieved post-implementation.

  • HIPAA Compliance: A Rx for MSP Business Growth

    Sponsored by: RapidFire

    Read the following e-book to view the benefits of building a robust and potent HIPAA compliance service offering in order to protect your customers and their clients, and the return on investment of doing so in your enterprise.

  • Computer Weekly – 26 November 2019: Why thousands of IT contractors face 'life-changing' tax bills

    Sponsored by:

    In this issue of Computer Weekly, we investigate HMRC's loan charge policy, a retrospective tax grab that has left thousands of IT contractors facing financial ruin. We compare the cloud storage offerings from AWS, Microsoft and Google. And we find out how retailers are turning to tech to deal with a new generation of shoppers.

  • Quantifying the Value of Extreme Networks: The Impact to Healthcare Environments

    Sponsored by: Extreme Networks

    The healthcare industry is advancing at a rapid pace. With these advancements, the network is becoming more relevant to healthcare organizations and enabling key initiatives like digital transformation, IoT, and cloud computing. This ESG report validates Extreme’s ability to help healthcare organization overcomes these challenges.

  • Healthcare Playbook: Game Day is Every Day When the Network is Involved

    Sponsored by: Extreme Networks

    It is no longer sufficient for healthcare networks to be fast and reliable; real-time health systems require data and intelligence to achieve proactive situational awareness and clinical efficiency. In this white paper, learn how healthcare providers can improve business agility and clinical operations with an autonomous network.

  • Intelligent Automation for Healthcare Payers

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Healthcare management involves the painful task of managing patient health plans, personal data, and more between various intricate systems. Download a copy of this whitepaper which highlights how low-code application development platforms offer new ways to streamline and consolidate healthcare management into a centralized system.

  • Appian for Healthcare Payers: Utilization Management

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Legacy systems that exist in hospitals today often don’t offer the necessary capabilities, which in-turn creates a slow and dissatisfactory patient care system. Take this whitepaper which dives into 3 keys to development that can enable better patient outcomes through accelerated care management.

  • Appian for Healthcare Payers: Care Coordination

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Download this whitepaper to learn how low-code automation can streamline care coordination resulting in 4 benefits that are critical for delivering consistently high-quality patient outcomes.

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