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  • Healthcare Organizations: Securing Your Data in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Ionic Security

    How can healthcare organizations embrace the benefits of the cloud while minimizing the impact of its risks? Download this guide for insights that define the scope of your responsibilities in cloud security and best practices to follow in your journey to the cloud.

  • HIPAA-Compliant Cloud: Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins

    Sponsored by: Armor

    Cloud capabilities are skyrocketing in popularity across all industries, and healthcare is no exception. However, the requirements of HIPAA make cloud migration a bit more challenging for healthcare industries. Read this white paper to unlock the 7 deadly sins of building HIPAA-compliant clouds.

  • Avaya & Google Cloud Contact Center AI for Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Avaya

    In their recent collaboration, Avaya and Google Cloud emphasize that in healthcare, a patient’s experience goes far beyond a doctor’s visit. Learn how the Avaya and Google Cloud Contact Center leverages AI to deliver the best experiences for both patients and staff.

  • Healthcare Digital Edge Playbook

    Sponsored by: Equinix

    Healthcare organizations have unique IT challenges: not only is there the pressure to stay relevant and up-to-date from your clients, but there are strict regulations and demands to keep up with as well. Inside this Equinix playbook, find strategies to deliver the best care while staying compliant and connected.

  • Value-Based Care is Driving Innovation

    Sponsored by: Equinix

    Latest industry trends are clear: healthcare organizations must embrace remote monitoring and IoT platforms to stay trusted—and competitive. Catch up with all the top industry trends in healthcare today in this quick summary report by Equinix.

  • Technology Enables Healthcare Providers to Deliver More Frequent At-Home Care

    Sponsored by: Comcast Business

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare technology leaders quickly partnered with telecommunications companies to ramp up data capabilities and network infrastructures to support a telehealth system. Download this blog post to learn more about the technology that enables healthcare providers to deliver more frequent at-home care.

  • Predictable Costs, 100% Uptime & the Agility to Grow

    Sponsored by: Advizex

    The Mohawk Valley Healthcare System came to Advizex with a challenge: combine 4 electronic medical record packages down to a single product in one year. In this report, learn how Advizex successfully took on the challenge—and how embracing a cloud-as-a-service strategy can help your business too.

  • Optimizing Digital Healthcare Solutions with Citrix and Microsoft

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    As the workplace becomes more distributed, healthcare IT organizations are tasked with maintaining critical functions while remaining connected to internal teams and their patients. Inside this white paper, learn how Citrix Workspace alongside Microsoft 365 delivers an intelligent platform that provides truly digitized patient care experiences.

  • Advances in Technology Make Virtual Health a Reality

    Sponsored by: Comcast Business

    Virtual health, otherwise known as telehealth, has gained popularity over the last few years. More than video chat with a physician, it has emerged as an extension of, and possibly a replacement for, in-person health services. But the technology behind it must live up to expectation. Read this white paper to learn 4 challenges of virtual health.

  • Technology Supporting People

    Sponsored by: Advizex

    In this case study, discover the results of a healthcare provider’s recent project designed to quantify and better understand the issues they were facing surrounding identity and access management. Read on to discover what led to this project and the outcomes of their partnership with Advizex.

  • 3 Areas Healthcare IT Should Outsource

    Sponsored by: Advizex

    Right now, IT complexity is driving healthcare technology needs. The complexity of care coordination and data collection, rather than IT teams, are deciding IT strategies. In this guide, explore the 3 areas healthcare IT should outsource in order to support IT—so IT can support your patients.

  • Cybersecurity Compliance Guide

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    Consumer data protection has become so heavily regulated that compliance is now a key part of any cybersecurity program. In order to better understand the various regulations and their implications, Arctic Wolf created this Cybersecurity Compliance Guide, which explores relevant regulations across industries and geography.

  • How Software Can Integrate Risk Management, Quality and Safety in the Healthcare Industry

    Sponsored by: riskconnect

    If a patient falls out of bed because the bedrails are in disrepair, who conducts the investigation?

  • Customer Case Bergman Clinics

    Sponsored by: Zivver

    In order to ensure scalable data privacy and security as they underwent a massive growth in their workforce, Bergman Clinics, a network of clinics in the Netherlands, turned to Zivver as their trusted partner. Read on to learn what led to this decision and discover the outcomes of their partnership.

  • The Healthcare Cybersecurity Checklist

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in the healthcare sector is $6.5 million. For these organizations, cybersecurity is a top priority – especially when it comes to meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. Use the following checklist to develop your cybersecurity strategy, step by step.

  • Reimagining Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Vonage

    Download this guide to learn how using digital communications in healthcare can help you create outstanding patient and practitioner experiences.

  • How Object Storage Can Help Stop Ransomware

    Sponsored by: Cloudian

    With Cloudian and Veeam write once read many (WORM) storage, data is made immutable, preventing malware from encrypting data and locking the victim out. Access this data sheet to learn more about Cloudian and Veeam’s WORM storage system including its key feature: Object Lock.

  • 8 ways Cloudian + Veeam Manages and Protects Healthcare Data and Applications

    Sponsored by: Cloudian

    Cloudian and Veeam are up to the task and have collaborated on a healthcare data and applications management and protection solution. Access this white paper to learn 8 reasons why healthcare IT professionals are choosing it to protect their sensitive data.

  • Curing the Threat of Ransomware with Veeam and Cloudian

    Sponsored by: Cloudian

    In this data sheet, discover a ransomware protection solution for healthcare organizations from Veeam and Cloudian and learn the 7 benefits it brings to the table.

  • The Value of Dell EMC Storage, Data Protection and Converged Infrastructure for Business-Critical Workloads

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    Check out this white paper to read why 4 organizations are choosing Dell EMC storage and data protection solutions and discover its top 3 data value enablers.

  • The Digital Transformation of Health and Social Care

    Sponsored by: Vodafone

    The health and social care sectors are on a mandated digital journey. Transforming ways of working, communicating and connecting is a key pillar of the UK Government’s policy for delivering frontline services efficiently and cost effectively. In this guide, learn how Vodafone can help make this happen with innovative technology and 5G connectivity.

  • University Hospital Gets the Most Out of Mobility with Total Access Control

    Sponsored by: PortSys

    For Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH), enabling and securing access for every device, regardless of location, became critical as they looked to modernize their operations. In this case study, discover why MKUH decided to partner with PortSys and implement a zero-trust approach to access management in the form of Total Access Control.

  • Staying Secure in the Cloud While Driving Innovation: Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Sponsored by: DivvyCloud

    In order to ensure they are meeting user demands, healthcare and life sciences organizations are rapidly embracing cloud capabilities. However, within this industry, security often goes hand in hand with HIPAA compliance. So, how can these organizations balance security, compliance and innovation? Download this e-guide to find out.

  • How Healthcare Providers and Payers Drive Outcome-Based Analytics with Snowflake and Tableau

    Sponsored by: Snowflake

    Access this paper to learn how, with Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and Tableau, healthcare providers and payers can ensure governance by building a single source of truth to power visual analytics across their organizations.

  • Hospital IoT highlighted by AI use cases and wearable devices

    Sponsored by: ARM

    AI driven by healthcare's rich data, coupled with streams of user-specific data gathered by IoT, can enable better predictive analytics, enhanced outcomes, faster detection of illness and heightened patient self-awareness. Download a copy of this E-Guide to learn more about IoT use cases in healthcare.

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