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  • Best Practices for Managing and Understanding Mobile Authentication

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    In this expert guide, you’ll learn some common mistakes made by today’s organizations when it comes to identity and access management (IAM) on mobile devices. You’ll also find tips for managing mobile authentication methods and setting mobile policies.

  • Mobile Configuration Management Functions for Successful MDM

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    Configuration management is one of the most essential (if not the most essential) function served by mobile device management. In this expert guide from, you'll get a detailed look at the considerations you need to take concerning configuration management.

  • A CIO’s 5 Point Plan for Managing Endpoint Security and Implementing MDM

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    In this e-guide, our expert Niel Nickolaisen offers a five-point solution for managing endpoint security for the hyper-connected enterprise. Then expert Lisa Phifer shares what mobile device management software IT needs and why.

  • Information Security Essential Guide: Strategies for Tackling BYOD

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    Let this e-book from our independent experts be your guide to all things related to mobile security in the face of the BYOD trend. Inside, you'll get helpful insight that will help you understand the ins and outs of mobile device management technologies, how to tackle the problem of mobile application security, and much more.

  • Mobile Device Management: Fundamental steps for success

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    This expert e-guide from will highlight a number of ways IT can prepare for the influx of mobile devices into the workplace and lay the foundation needed to successfully support mobility. Learn about setting up your network structure for mobility, fundamental features for success when choosing an MDM system, and more.

  • State of the Art on Managing Endpoints

    Sponsored by: Dell and VMware

    This expert resource will show how you can tackle endpoint management more methodically by coming to terms with BYOD, securing data effectively, and addressing enterprise mobility management. Read on to learn more today.

  • Top 8 Considerations to Enable and Simplify Mobility

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Mobile devices can help organizations become more agile, cost efficient and competitive. Get tips on embracing mobility.

  • Business Client Refresh ROI Estimator

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Is it time to upgrade your old devices? Developed from industry research and insights from Intel IT, this Business Client Refresh ROI Estimator lets you explore the business value of replacing your aging PCs with new Intel® processor-based devices.

  • BYOD File Sharing – Go Private Cloud to Mitigate Data Risks

    Sponsored by: Accellion, Inc.

    Read this whitepaper to learn about a solution that can help you stay safe while going mobile, working with cloud file sharing, and more.

  • Mobile Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) on BlackBerry 10

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    This webcast discusses the place of BlackBerry 10 in the move towards real-time enterprise collaboration and how they are working to definitively establish the right balance between personal workspace and the enterprise workspace on mobile desktops.

  • ERP On the Go: Why Mobile Access is a Business Necessity

    Sponsored by: Epicor Software Corporation

    This resource examines the significant advantages that your organization can gain with a strategy for mobile user access to ERP and other back office systems.

  • Mobility Mayhem: Balancing BYOD with Enterprise Security

    Sponsored by: Code42

    Join this exclusive webinar now to hear security experts dive deep into how BYOD impacts enterprise security strategies and provide practical tips for securing your mobile workforce.

  • Do Mobile Users Need Full Desktop Access?

    Sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

    In this expert guide from, Scott Davis, Chief Technology Officer for VMware, discusses the role of desktop virtualization in the mobile world - and what role it will continue to play in the future.

  • Why now is the Time to Get Started with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    To prepare for the new BlackBerry, many IT managers are turning to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to provide unified device management for BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices. Get tips on mobile management and transitioning to BlackBerry Services, and learn how you can try the platform for free.

  • Top 10 Features of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    IT leaders need a solution that can help them manage multiple platforms, mixed ownership and higher usage. Why do so many CIOs turn to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for help overseeing their mobility management needs? Find out in this white paper.

  • Protection for Every Enterprise: How BlackBerry 10 Security Works

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    If you're choosing a platform for enterprise-grade mobile device management, security probably tops your list of requirements. Learn how BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 can help you secure and manage not only BlackBerry devices, but iOS and Android devices as well, enabling the cross-platform mobility management you need.

  • How to add Mobile Devices to Enterprise PKI solutions

    Sponsored by: OpenTrust

    Extending Public Key Infrastructure’s (PKI) certificate-based authentication to include mobile devices is the only way to restore the security of computing assets in the BYOD era. Read this whitepaper to learn how to add mobile devices to your Enterprise PKI solution.

  • Best Practices for Managing Endpoints in the Era of Consumerization

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Mobile Computing

    This expert resource will show how you can tackle endpoint management more methodically by coming to terms with BYOD, securing data effectively, and addressing enterprise mobility management. Read on to learn more today.

  • Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle - Product Overview

    Sponsored by: Citrix Systems, Inc.

    Read on and learn more about an integrated approach to mobile device management that can provide comprehensive IT control and policy enforcement while empowering end-user productivity via beautifully delivered mobile applications.

  • Mobile Device Management Live Chat

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    In this live Q&A, Philip Clarke, research analyst with Nemertes Research, will discuss the security benefits and tradeoffs of MDM and help you understand whether it's a fit for your mobile security needs.

  • Enabling a Safe and Secure "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) Environment

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    Uncover details of a holistic, effective approach that will help you enable BYOD in the enterprise without compromising user needs for security or control.

  • User-Based Licensing for Endpoint Protection and BYOD

    Sponsored by: OpenText Security Solutions

    User-based licensing allows protection on multiple devices for each employee, meaning companies need only know the number of mobile workers, not the number of devices. Inside, you'll find 5 reasons you should consider user-based licensing for your organization.

  • Choosing an MDM System: Fundamental Features for Success

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    This essential e-guide from our experts at will help you understand the technologies and practices you need to implement in order to make your BYOD security program effective. Inside, you'll find a breakdown of the fundamental security features needed for BYOD management, a mobile device management checklist, and more.

  • The ClearPass Access Management System

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    This whitepaper describes a way that you can take back control of your company network without having to string together a multitude of loosely integrated point-products that only lead to more complexity. Read on and learn how you can manage all things BYOD from one place.

  • BYOD Security Policy, not MDM, at Heart of Smartphone Security

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This E-Guide from our experts at teaches you the most effective ways to create BYOD policies and communicate those policies to your employees. Read on and learn how you can build BYOD awareness from the top down.

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