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  • Shor's Algorithm

    Sponsored by: Thales

    While quantum computing presents a tremendous opportunity, it’s not without its risks. This webinar highlights the security implications of quantum computing, including the potential cyber threats that may be used by hackers and how organizations can address them. Watch now to learn more about the quantum threat.

  • Hunt for Data Protection Ends with Encryptionizer®

    Sponsored by: NetLib Security

    In this case study, discover how a medical device manufacturer (MDM) was able to address the risks targeting their patient data and overcome internal challenges related to protecting PHI, encrypting devices and ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations.

  • Network Independent Encryption: Flexible, Policy-Based Network Encryption Security for Today’s High-Performance Network Architectures

    Sponsored by: Thales

    Thales is a global leader in the development of end-to-end encryption technologies. Their solutions protect sensitive data for a wide range of commercial, government, industrial and defense customers. Read this white paper to learn more about Network Independent Encryption, the basis of a new technology by Thales called Transport Independent Mode.

  • 10 Best Practices for SSL Decryption

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    To protect your organization from threats, malware and malicious webpages, you need a next-generation firewall that can decrypt, inspect and re-encrypt internet traffic before sending it to its destination. Find out how you can effectively adopt SSL decryption in this guide today.

  • The Facts Around Zoom and Encryption for Meetings/Webinars

    Sponsored by: Zoom Video Communications

    In light of recent interest in Zoom’s encryption practices, they released a blog post apologizing for the confusion they had caused by incorrectly suggesting that Zoom meetings were capable of using end-to-end encryption. Download the blog to learn more about how Zoom encrypts the content that moves across their network.

  • Our First ‘Ask Eric Anything’ Webinar Addresses Users’ Security & Privacy Concerns

    Sponsored by: Zoom Video Communications

    As part of Zoom’s commitment to creating a safe meeting experience for their users, Zoom founder and CEO Eric S. Yuan has started hosting weekly “Ask Eric Anything” webinars. In this blog, explore some of the specific questions Eric answered during the first webinar session.

  • Executive Brief: The Dark Side of Encryption

    Sponsored by: SonicWall

    Encryption plays a key role in providing security for digital interactions. However, these encryption protocols can also serve as a lucrative vector for cybercriminals, allowing them to gain easy access to networks. This white paper explores how (and why) organizations should decrypt traffic in order to identity and mitigate potential threats.

  • Finding a Secure Managed File Transfer Tool: Key considerations

    Sponsored by:

    Read this expert guide to explore key considerations that should be reviewed prior to an MFT investment and learn about the advantages of using a solution with enterprise file synchronization and sharing abilities.

  • Use Your Microsoft Certificate Authority for Passwordless Authentication

    Sponsored by: Entrust, Inc.

    As a result of the growing risks of weak passwords, organizations are looking beyond passwords towards passwordless authentication. In this solution brief, discover the key features of Entrust Datacard’s passwordless authentication offering, designed to ensure a seamless, secure user experience.

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Buyers Guide

    Sponsored by: Entrust, Inc.

    When it comes to digital interactions, trust is a key deciding factor. A popular way of gaining trust is the use of public key infrastructures (PKIs), which enable organizations to ensure end-to-end trust across user networks. This buyers guide offers expert advice for organizations looking to implement PKI. Read on to learn more.

  • RSAC 2020: Trust in the Cloud. What Should You Do with Your Encryption Keys?

    Sponsored by: Thales

    As organizations continue to adopt cloud and SaaS models, ensuring cloud-specific security issues are addressed is paramount. This article highlights one of those key challenges, cloud key management, and explores how to ensure security during a cloud migration. Read on to learn more.

  • How Can I Lock Down my distributed SQL Server / SQL Express Application?

    Sponsored by: NetLib Security

    In this article, discover a method, using Encryptionizer, where you can "lock down" your SQL database so that you can protect your intellectual property.

  • Automatic Whole Database Encryption – How It Works

    Sponsored by: NetLib Security

    In this online white paper are three diagrams that show a simplified, brief outline of how Encryptionizer works. Read on to get started.

  • An Anchor of Trust in a Digital World: Risk Management Strategies for Digital Processes

    Sponsored by: Thales

    A growing number of entities have integrated Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) into their information risk management deployments. In this white paper, learn about hardware security modules and the attributes that position HSMs as an attractive component in information risk management.

  • Decisive Technology for Decisive Moments

    Sponsored by: Thales

    Regardless of your current strategic initiatives, a partnership with a trusted cybersecurity provider is critical to your overall success. This white paper highlights success Thales has had in the role of strategic partner for leading enterprises across industries. Read on to see what these industry leaders have to say about Thales.

  • Assess and Manage Cryptographic Security with Entrust Datacard™

    Sponsored by: Entrust, Inc.

    In this data sheet, take a closer look at the key features and capabilities of AgileScan, one of Entrust Datacard’s offerings focused on ensuring the security of cryptographic inventories and life cycles. Read on to learn more about AgileScan.

  • It’s Gotta Be The Shoes! Or Is It? The Gold Is In The Data

    Sponsored by: NetLib Security

    Read this case study to learn how C Sharp Sports used NetLib Security’s data encryption solution, Encryptionizer, to meet their growing business needs.

  • Case Study: NetLib Helps MIMICS gain competitive advantage in the Financial Sector

    Sponsored by: NetLib Security

    In this case study, follow the data security journey of MIMICS, a financial software firm, and their continued partnership with NetLib Security as they focus on security objective related to database encryption, data privacy regulations, and more.

  • Beginners Guide to Encryption and Key Management (and Encryptionizer)

    Sponsored by: NetLib Security

    Sensitive personal information and business data has become increasingly critical to defend as its value grows amongst ‘the bad guys’. But what is the best way to go about protecting data from falling into the wrong hands? Read on to find out.

  • Securing data across the enterprise while simplifying IT operations

    Sponsored by: Thales

    The induction of data privacy laws has drastically changed organizational approaches to IT security. In this white paper, see how compliance has changed the landscape of data encryption & key management for IT security teams.

  • Thales Data Protection on Demand

    Sponsored by: Thales

    In this e-book, discover a collection of case studies highlighting the data protection journeys of 4 organizations as they partner with Thales to ensure the security of their encrypted data. Read on to get started.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Data with Database Encryption

    Sponsored by: Thales

    Today’s IT security teams are faced with an increasing demand for database encryption but managing this growing challenge can be difficult. In this white paper, discover the key approaches for addressing this uptick in encryption demand and familiarize yourself with Thales’ data protection portfolio.

  • CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

    Sponsored by: Thales

    While it’s been common practice for the cloud provider to hold the key for encryption capabilities, industry best practices mandate that the keys be held by neither the cloud provider nor the end user. This data sheet takes a closer look at the key features and capabilities of the CipherTrust Cloud Key manager. Read on to get started.

  • The GoAnywhere Book of Secure File Transfer Project Examples

    Sponsored by: Help/Systems

    Managed file transfer (MFT) software is primarily used to automate and encrypt the data exchanged between an organization and its trading partners, users, and employees. A robust MFT solution can also solve problems that fall outside your basic file transfer needs. In this white paper, learn how your peers use managed file transfer.

  • Managed File Transfer Category Report

    Sponsored by: Help/Systems

    Selecting a managed file transfer software can be overwhelming and one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is understanding the marketplace. In this research report, explore a comprehensive list of 9 managed file transfer vendors to help you find the best fit for your organization.

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