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Disaster Recovery Planning for Virtual Environments Research

  • How The Hybrid Cloud Can Help You Achieve IT Resilience

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    In this white paper, learn why and how you should start incorporating public clouds like Microsoft Azure into a hybrid cloud DR strategy. Then, explore one IT resilience tool that can help take this strategy to the next level

  • Your Guide to Azure Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    There are a variety of VM workload replication tools on the market today. Do you know which is the best fit for your Azure Environment? Click inside to explore the differences between 2 of these platforms and decide which one best fits your organization's needs.

  • Case Study: Disaster Recovery with the Hybrid Cloud

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    If your company is experiencing rapid growth, data center capacity can become a serious—and potentially disastrous – concern. Inside this case study, learn more about how this online education provider took advantage of a hybrid cloud strategy to enhance their global infrastructure and disaster-proof their migration.

  • DRaaS Levels the Playing Field for IT

    Sponsored by: Carbonite

    This white paper is here to outline the benefits of adopting DRaaS, as well as give you 10 key questions to ask your cloud provider. Then read about one DRaaS offering designed to give you high availability with simplified management.

  • 5 Essential Cloud Data Recovery Lessons

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    No storage system is perfect, and even the cloud can suffer downtime. Are you sure all your data is recoverable? This white paper explores 5 lessons that have been learned about cloud data recovery by those that have gone before you

  • 5 Ways It Resilience Beats Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: Unitrends

    Disaster "recovery" is no longer sufficient to meet business needs. Your IT environment demands always-on availability and resiliency. In this white paper, explore 5 technologies available today that are making IT resiliency and near-instantaneous automated recovery a reality.

  • Microsoft Windows PC Data Protection and Backup Made Simple

    Sponsored by: Acronis

    In this white paper, learn about a backup agent designed specifically to protect, back-up, and recover your Windows PCs no matter the size of your organization. Read on to see what you can gain.

  • Disaster Recovery Techniques that Stop the Enemy Within

    Sponsored by: Unitrends

    Employee error is the number one cause of business interruptions according to a CRN study, but what do these errors look like, and how can you stop them? Read this white paper to explore 5 examples of Risky employees, as well as some tips on how you can mitigate the damage they cause.

  • 10 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: Unitrends

    In this white paper, learn 10 good reasons why you should consider AI-enhanced backup and disaster recovery

  • Understanding the Critical Role of Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: arcserve

    Read this Osterman Research report to learn what 125 of your peers reported as the most critical aspects of modern disaster recovery. Then learn how they're using the cloud to help them achieve these goals.

  • Supplementing the Limitations in Office 365

    Sponsored by: Druva Software

    This Osterman Research report explores how you can use the native capabilities Office 365 provides as a starting point for your data protection strategy, and how you can implement a 3rd party service to help ensure all of your data is backed-up and recoverable.

  • A New Approach to Defending your Network Against Ransomware

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    In this white paper, learn how to a concerted backup and disaster recovery process helps in minimizing the damage of ransomware, and some tips on how you can get started.

  • Cyber Recovery From Ransomware Made Simple

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®

    Watch this video to learn how an air-gapped recovery vault disconnected from your network can keep

  • Enterprise Backup and Recovery for IaaS

    Sponsored by: Actifio

    This white paper explores an infrastructure agnostic backup and recovery system decided to meet the data protection requirements of Google Cloud, or any IaaS offering.

  • 4 Ways to Simplify Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Click inside to learn about an appliance designed to connect all your networks and endpoints into a dedicated private network that makes DR for Azure simple. You'll explore 4 use cases for this technology, ranging from recovering from a SQL failure to simplifying cloud-to-data center connectivity, to see if this tool is right for your business.

  • Modern Data Protection: Instant VM Restore at Scale

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    Click inside to learn about an intelligent scale-out, software-defined platform that provides fully converged data protection. This system offers you instant restores for a virtually unlimited number of VMs and apps, as well as fully hydrated snapshots immediately available for restoration, and more.

  • Hyperconverged Data Protection: The Next Step in DR

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    This paper explores Cohesity's hyper-converged platform that unifies your end-to-end data protection infrastructure to eliminate duplicate data sprawl.

  • Shapiro Can Deliver Imports and Exports Around the World Thanks to Their DRaaS System

    Sponsored by: Expedient

    Read this case study to learn how they were able to find a compliance-forward cloud provider with a one-touch disaster recovery system to gain complete network failover without any IP or DNS changes, data automatically copied to 2 data centers in cities separated by thousands of miles, and more.

  • The Evolution of DR: Gaining IT Resilience

    Sponsored by: Expedient

    Today's 24/7 business model means your data needs to be always-available. Watch this webcast to learn how you can gain this availability through adoption of cloud-based disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS), and what critical capabilities your DRaaS system should offer. Then learn about a tool that can offer you these capabilities and more.

  • Stanley Steemer's New Mobile App Uses IaaS and DR Systems from Expedient

    Sponsored by: Expedient

    This case study explores how Stanley Steemer was able to find an infrastructure-as-a-service offering that granted them the high availability they needed for their new mobile-focused IT model, as well as give them push-button DR, and more.

  • Why is the Need for OpenStack Backup and Recovery so Great?

    Sponsored by: Trilio

    Read this white paper to learn why the lack of comprehensive backup and DR systems for Openstack is such a big issue. Then, you'll learn about a multi-tenant, policy-based Backup as a service (BaaS) system designed to protect your OpenStack data with point-in-time snapshots, file-level recovery, and more.

  • Bouchard Insurance Uses Push Button DR for Proactive Business Resilience From Natural Disaster

    Sponsored by: Expedient

    Read this case study to learn how Bouchard Insurance gained push-button DR that ensured turnkey failover in case their Florida-based headquarters was ever hit by a hurricane, without compromising their existing IP scheme.

  • 5 Steps: Automate Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Druva Software

    In this white paper, run through a checklist of 5 things you can – and should – do to create an automated single-click disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) system for your business.

  • How Expedient Drives Growth and Speeds the Delivery of New DR Services

    Sponsored by: Expedient

    Read this case study to learn why Expedient used VMware's NSX Enterprise network virtualization system to help them deliver their DR system to customers who'd prefer to use their own data center, thus opening up a host of new revenue opportunities.

  • Reinventing Data Protection for the Cloud Era

    Sponsored by: Trilio

    Click inside to discover how OpenStack rose to become a dominant cloud management tool, and about the backup DR capabilities it can offer your organization.

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