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  • Ivanti Neurons Workspace - Demo

    Sponsored by: Ivanti ANZ

    Jump into this demo to see Ivanti Neurons’ IT management dashboard in action, including key IT administration tasks like device management and application monitoring.

  • Redefining "Business as Usual:” The Importance of Hybrid Cloud in Enabling the Future of Work

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Adapting to the new future of work requires an infrastructure that is flexible and secure enough to fully support your dispersed teams. Discover why Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops combined with hybrid cloud is the smart choice for creating a truly adaptive organization.

  • Trends in Digital Workspaces, VDI, and DaaS

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Read this eBook to examine the challenges like device choice, employee requirements, improving security posture and other variables, are all challenging how traditional desktops are delivered to, maintained for, and consumed by end-user employees.

  • Harness the Virtualization Technology Right for Your Hybrid Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    When meeting the needs of your infrastructure and your business, don’t get locked-in with virtualization solution that forces you to make compromises. Download this e-book and learn why Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is the smart choice for your hybrid environment.

  • Overcoming the Perils of App Overload and Task-Switching

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Discover how to identify symptoms of app overload among your own employees – and learn how to get ahead of overload before it starts having serious consequences on your organization’s productivity, employee morale, and customer satisfaction rates.

  • Preparing for the New Normal

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    As research indicates, today’s workers like remote work and don’t want to give it up – even after the pandemic clears. Step inside this guide to learn more about recent research findings surrounding the abrupt shift to remote work – and how to keep your organization’s remote work strategies in step with greater workforce trends.

  • Simplifying Custom Cloud Workspaces

    Sponsored by: MTM Technologies

    Discover a unique workspace-as-a-service solution designed to deliver highly customized cloud or on-prem infrastructure, tailored to your organization’s specific needs – whether that’s cloud adoption, digital transformation, mobile security, or more.

  • Is Remote Work Working for You?

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Though the paradigm shift towards remote work seemed inevitable, no one could have predicted the circumstances that led to what Time Magazine has coined as “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment.” Find out what distinguishes the winners of today’s remote work exodus apart from the losers – and how to ensure you don’t fall into the latter.

  • How the Cloud Is Ushering in a New Era for End User Computing

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Access this webinar to learn what the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) landscape looks like, including the differences between VDI and DaaS, and why DaaS has become such a compelling option for IT teams.

  • Transforming IT to Enable Business Revolution

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Access this webcast to learn the answers to 3 important questions which will help you find the right IT platform, one that will enable a business revolution.

  • Real World SD-WAN from MTM Technologies + CISCO

    Sponsored by: MTM Technologies

    The benefits of SD-WAN include reducing MPLS bandwidth costs, flexibility to make remote network changes, and the ability to deliver agile development and nimbler web services. Access this video to learn more.

  • Introducing AnyWhereApp 2.0

    Sponsored by: MTM Technologies

    Access this resource from MTM Technologies to hear a discussion of AnyWhere 2.0 – a fully managed, local, and remote workspace environment that delivers a turnkey, single tenant platform to enable employees on any device from anywhere.

  • Meeting New Remote Work Demands That Enable Any Application, Anywhere

    Sponsored by: Cisco & NVIDIA

    Recent research from Gallup shows that the number of full-time employees working from home has increased from 33% to 61% in a two-month period. Dive into this white paper to learn about the challenges facing IT organizations amid the sudden shift to a remote-first workforce – and find pragmatic advice for tackling them.

  • The Work Anywhere Blueprint

    Sponsored by: EvolveIP

    Inside, uncover the four strategic considerations your organization should be prioritizing to ensure your workforce has the means to work securely and productively wherever they are.

  • Physical, Virtual and Cloud Desktops: Is a Hybrid Approach Inevitable?

    Sponsored by: EvolveIP

    Cloud desktops are here. It’s up to IT leaders to determine whether or not a hybrid desktop delivery approach is the most appropriate option for their workforce. Dive inside this Gartner analyst report as industry experts explore three key DaaS challenges and offer recommendations for solving them.

  • Guide: The state of digital workspace tools

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Inside this E-Guide, find an in-depth look at the current state of digital workspace tools, including popular bundle choices, a look through the growing digital workspace hype, and a peek into what the future holds.

  • Guide: The state of digital workspace tools

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Inside this E-Guide, find an in-depth look at the current state of digital workspace tools, including popular bundle choices, a look through the growing digital workspace hype, and a peek into what the future holds.

  • Lead your Office to a Modern Digital Workspace

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Tune in to this webinar to learn how to helm the charge into digital workspaces. Hear from digital workspace experts as they offer pointers on how to modernize IT security and enable mobile productivity in a digital workspace environment.

  • Digital Workspace Enabling a Modern Employee Experience

    Sponsored by: Zones, Inc.

    Tune into this webinar to learn best practices to enabling modern employee experiences through digital workspace technology that prioritizes flexible work, application security, and more.

  • Key Considerations to Supporting Work-at-Home Directives for Business Continuity

    Sponsored by: Arrow

    In today’s world, business continuity measures are centered around enabling work from home capabilities to protect against productivity losses. Dive inside this guide to learn about the five principles responsible for driving a digitally-savvy employee experience – even if employees are clocking in from home.

  • Work From Home Technologies: Comparing DaaS Solutions

    Sponsored by: EvolveIP

    Use this guide to learn about hosted virtual desktops and desktop-as-a-service technology – and learn what questions you should be asking when deliberating between virtual desktop tech choices.

  • How Leaders in Education Can Modernize IT to Reduce Complexity

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    IT organizations within the educational industry, be it higher education or K-12, are up against the same challenges most commercial businesses are – keeping up with user demands. Only in the education industry, IT budgets are notoriously tight. Inside, learn how to maximize your IT budget and keep up with user demands.

  • The Modern Digital Workspace is Here for You: Citrix Workspace

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Jump into this white paper to learn how Citrix Workspace can help bridge the gap between your employee’s out-of-office digital experiences and their in-office ones through features like single sign-on, a cloud-based central dashboard, and more.

  • How to Transform into a Digital Workspace

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    As more and more companies look towards digital workspace strategies to enhance their workforce, unchecked app complexity can pose a serious barrier to entry. Inside, learn the key five steps for building a tailor-fitted digital workspace platform.

  • Computer Weekly – 13 August 2019: How tech experts could earn millions as whistleblowers

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, a tech expert is set to earn millions after successfully blowing the whistle on vulnerabilities in Cisco's video surveillance software. Our latest buyer's guide examines the issues around big data architecture. And we look at how the end of Windows 7 could spark a new era for desktop productivity. Read the issue now.

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