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  • ServiceNow Helps Buckinghamshire Council Support Its Most Vulnerable Citizens

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    When the UK announced its lockdown, local governments like the Buckinghamshire Council became front-line organization units. Read on to learn how their data infrastructure was woefully unprepared for this responsibility—and how they created a modern data platform to shoulder their new data load and create positive change for their residents

  • Using Data to Monitor, React, and Help Patients with COVID-19

    Sponsored by: Looker Google

    Check out this case study to learn more about how Google Looker helped the Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) become a data-driven organization and make smart decisions in a time of turbulence and chaos.

  • Introduction to Looker

    Sponsored by: Looker Google

    Watch this short video to learn how Google Looker deploys on top of your big data architecture and provides a complete BI suite with easy dashboard access to data modeling, analytics, and queries.

  • The Art of Telling Stories with Data

    Sponsored by: Looker Google

    Data scientists know that coming up with business-critical insight is only half the battle—and sometimes the easier part. Persuading your audience to act is often an uphill fight. Check out this short e-book to learn how data visualization can be used to support more convincing arguments in a variety of use cases to a variety of audiences.

  • CIO Trends APAC: Developing a data-driven culture

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, read more about what organisations in Asia-Pacific are doing to sharpen their data analytics strategies to cope with business demands in a challenging economic climate.

  • Best Practices for Efficient and Productive Analytics

    Sponsored by: Dremio

    Access this white paper to learn Dremio’s best practices approach to organizing a semantic layer to enable interactive performance for business users and get guidance on designing and implementing the logical semantic layer.

  • Birst Demo: Streaming

    Sponsored by: Infor

    In a day when BI needs to be easy to utilize, flexible in its use cases, and flawless in its backend support, there are many applications which claim all of this and follow through on none of it. Watch this 2-minute-long video to see a how Infor’s Birst offers its users an easy-to-use semantic layer, data visualization capabilities, and more.

  • How to Manage your Data Growth Smarter with Data Literacy

    Sponsored by: Komprise

    Download now to learn the importance of this more proactive approach to data management—understanding your data types and access patterns, and strategically placing data in the right storage to save costs and derive more value from your data.

  • The ultimate guide to data preparation

    Sponsored by:

    Poor data equates to wrong decisions, bias in the AI algorithm and flawed decision-making. What's more, data that personally identifies an individual can only be used in very specific ways, as stipulated by GDPR. Read about data preparation in this e-guide.

  • Can You Create Full Data Governance, and Still Offer Access to Everyone?

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    While business intelligence and analytics software has become more advanced than ever, their usefulness often plateaus due to data siloing in disparate systems across an enterprise. Read on to learn how choosing Domo as your data visualization and analytics platform can lead to higher analytics adoption rates and greater data democratization.

  • Infographic: The state of data preparation in 2019

    Sponsored by:

    As data preparation tools become increasingly self-service-oriented and cloud-based, more enterprise users are employing them -- and recognizing their importance in their organizations' business intelligence strategies. This infographic shows the state of data preparation in 2019.

  • The SSI Group – Honing Focus on data

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    For many businesses looking to upgrade the platform they operate on, the challenge is finding one that allows your enterprise to keep the same data ecosystem, even as you migrate to the cloud and access new opportunities. Watch this short video to see why The SSI Group chose Qlik’s analytics platform, and what services its data platform offers.

  • Revolutionizes Data from the Ground Up with Qlik

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Businesses are often afraid to upgrade their data platforms because they worry about losing all the different third-party services they’ve built around. Watch this short video to see how has been able to benefit from Qlik’s integrative data platform without needing to abandon all of their old tools and programs.

  • MSL Solutions Uses Qlik to Enhance Hospitality through Data Insights

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Making informed business decisions often means relying on advanced analytics. But it can be hard for the cutting-edge statistical insight to be available across enterprises, particularly in an easily understandable format. Watch this short video to learn how Qlik is helping MSL Solutions enhance hospitality with data visualizations.

  • SplashBI for Oracle ERP Cloud

    Sponsored by: SplashBI

    Cloud ERPs are replacing traditional, on-prem ERP systems. As this shift occurs, it’s important to modernize your data visualization capabilities with it. Read this whitepaper to see how SplashBI’s pre-built reports for Oracle ERP Cloud can help your organization upgrade its data visualization and analysis functions as you migrate to the cloud.

  • SimCorp – Risk Management with Speed

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Many analytics services aim to provide quality insights but are limited by poor data platforms or poor data visualization techniques. Watch this short video to see how Qlik’s platform allowed SimCorp to embed their analytics directly into an easy to use and customizable platform, giving their clients quality tools improve insights.

  • Partner with Qlik for Embedded Analytics in Retail

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Embedded analytics has emerged as a must-have for many retail giants because of the ease with which it provides critical visibility into operations. Check out this white paper for a look at Qlik’s embedded analytics platform and to learn how to build and customize your dashboardwith ease.

  • Giving Customers the Edge with Real-Time Data

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    When it comes to deploying your data analysis program, you want a platform that can integrate it within a larger ecosystem of programs and features. You also want a platform that allows for easy implementation, scalability, real time data access, and more. Watch this short video to see how Qlik was able to provide E2open with these results.

  • Next-Generation Embedded Analytics Spark Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    As data management platforms become more all-inclusive, embedded analytics has become the latest “necessary” feature. But with so many vendors now including these services, how will they evolve in the future? Read this analyst report to answer that question and learn how embedded analytics are being used, as well as what to look for as a buyer.

  • Turning the Retail Apocalypse into a Retail Boom with Advanced Analytics

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    While data gathering methods may be more advanced than ever, data analysis techniques often struggle to keep up due to the massive amounts of data companies have on hand. Read on to learn how ShopperTrak increase its analytics capabilities and deployment speed by using a modern analytics platform.

  • Analytics That Work: Deploying Self-Service and Data Visualization for Faster Decisions

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Using data analytics is essential to extracting value from your information, and more than ever companies are turning to tools that allow them to easily do this without needing to call for outside help. Read on to learn how businesses are using self-service analytics tools to translate data into insights faster than ever.

  • Trends in Enterprise Data Architecture and Model Deployment

    Sponsored by: Dataiku

    To stay on the edge of business innovation, companies are investing in cloud and AI technology, among other innovations. But how prevalent are these trends? And do they produce real results? Read this analyst report what data architecture and model deployment trends are happening right now, and where companies plan to focus their data efforts next.

  • How to unlock the true value of data

    Sponsored by:

    With a robust data architecture in place, a firm's data science team can turn raw data into business insight. We take a quick look at how this can be done.

  • The Essential Role of DataOps in Earth Resources

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Read the attached white paper from 451 Research to examine the state of big data within the earth resources industry as well as the essential role of DataOps in organizations of all kinds.

  • Dremio Architecture Guide

    Sponsored by: Dremio

    Most organizations deposit their raw data in data lakes, where it can be stored easily. But it can require a complex series of programs, tasks, and pipelines to leverage this data into analytics insights.Read this guide to learn how Dremio can use your data lake and allow your business to derive analytics insights directly from your data.

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