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  • Increasing the efficiency of case file coordination in social services

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Social service agencies are experiencing challenges with manual processes. Advanced case management strategies are being implemented to streamline these processes and foster greater insight, collaboration and decision-making capabilities. This white paper explains how one such solution allows you automate these processes to elevate processing.

  • Advanced case management solutions for smarter decision making in banking

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Financial institutions are under pressure to make better decisions. Real-time decisions depend on access to information and the technology available to analyze it. This paper outlines an option that aggregates all of the content from across the entire organization to enable a holistic view of each case, reduce risk and support accurate decisions.

  • Advanced Case Management for Smarter Energy and Utilities

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Read this paper to gain an approach to unifying utility company's information, processes and people to gain a 360-degree view of contracts, work orders and so much more, effectively enabling employees to make better-informed decisions which then reduce costs and elevate efficiency. Learn how case management can make your business smarter.

  • Big Data and its Impact on Data Warehousing

    Sponsored by: Talend

    Read this expert e-book by BI visionary Wayne Eckerson and gain insight into the growing adoption rates of big data technology and learn why companies are finally recognizing its many benefits. Eckerson offers a comparison of open-source options and analytical platforms, and also dives into an analysis on the varying types of processing systems.

  • Business Analytics – Pushing Towards Relevance

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This paper details the current state of business analytics, revealing why it's not as pervasive as one may think. Read this now and learn some best practices that will help CIOs spearhead their company's BI initiatives to make better use of data for a competitive advantage.

  • Presentation Transcript: New Releases from Intel and IBM offer Breakthrough Database Performance

    Sponsored by: Intel and IBM

    Read this presentation transcript now and learn about these advances that are possible by combining the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family with IBM DB2 10 for Linux, Unix and Windows.

  • Gaining Control of Order Management Processes

    Sponsored by: SearchSAP

    This e-book, packed with four expert articles, highlights SAP's solution to sales order management, offering insight into its CRM, ERP and supply chain management components. Read these insightful articles now to learn about this option's strengths and weaknesses, how to properly define the sales process and so much more.

  • Gartner-A step-by-step approach to successful Business Intelligence

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Decision-making is buoyed by strong business intelligence (BI). For small to midsize businesses (SMBs), formulating an approach to BI can be a challenge. Incremental steps are pivotal for SMBs, according to this paper featuring insight from Gartner. Read this and learn why starting with the basic before evolving deeper is the proven path.

  • Pentaho Data Integration

    Sponsored by: Pentaho Corporation

    This data sheet covers core capabilities and use cases of Pentaho Data Integration software.

  • What’s in YOUR Architecture?

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    Read this brief yet insightful paper now to learn about the basic components of information architecture, including master data management and data quality, and learn how Sybase can enable your company to integrate all of these aspects into a complete and holistic information architecture.

  • Business Oriented Information Architecture

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    This paper outlines an information architecture (IA) and why it is useful in determining everything from the robustness of IT projects to testing business process scenarios to see if they satisfy the wide-ranging needs of your business. Read this now to learn more about IA, including its basic design, how to start your program and more.

  • Sybase PowerDesigner for information architecture

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    This paper explains how modeling information architecture (IA) can help reduce the costs associated with data management. Read this now and learn about the benefits of implementing IA and how Sybase's option offers modeling support for database design and enterprise architecture.  

  • Building a Better Data Dictionary with PowerDesigner®

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    Data dictionaries are a great tool to help in your quest to derive meaning and insight from your data, allowing you to standardize context and definitions to gain consistency and reusability, and propel this quality data into strategic decision-making and business plans. This brief paper outlines the specs and benefits of data dictionaries.

  • Tip Guide: The Wrong way: Worst practices in ‘big data’ analytics programs

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    This expert tip guide takes the less-traveled approach of letting you inside some of the worst practices associated with big data analytics today. Read this resource now and learn what not to do when it comes to analyzing big data, including assuming the software offers all the answers, forgetting lessons of the past and so much more.

  • Oracle: Big Data for the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Oracle offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help you acquire and organize these diverse data types and analyze them alongside your existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships. Read this white paper to learn more.

  • Tip Guide: Predictive analytics project challenge: Keeping the faith in findings

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    This tip guide can restore your conviction in predictive analytics through advice on how to foster a feeling of trust in their pivotal results. Learn why one firm is comparing and contrasting the predictive analytics results with those of their gut instincts, enabling users to see how the predictive models translated into better business decisions.

  • Tip Guide: Advanced analytics key component for ‘decision management systems’

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    This tip guide offers an explanation from industry expert James Taylor as to why every customer should not be treated the same in today's ever-evolving business environment. Taylor details why decision management systems involving automation are essential to making successful strategic and operational decisions that please your customers.

  • Tip Guide: Data warehousing best practices to support ‘big data’: No small task

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    Read this expert tip guide from as BI luminary Wayne Eckerson and other experts, including Lyndsay Wise, delve into detail on the necessary facets involved in properly handling big data, such as preparing a data warehouse to effectively manage it by scaling up or scaling out.

  • Tip Guide: IT, BI pros share their secrets to ‘big data’ analytics success

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    Think big. That's just one secretive tidbit on effectively handling big data analytics offered up by IT professionals in this expert e-guide. Read this resource now and learn why solid system planning, business-user involvement and a clearly thought-out deployment strategy are all necessary components to a sound big data analytics initiative.

  • SearchBusinessAnalytics Tip Guide: Trouble spots: 'Big data' pitfalls in the data warehousing process

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    This expert tip guide from is an excellent starting point on your quest to discover if you're equipped to handle the onslaught of big data. Take a few minutes to read this resource now and learn best practices to help you navigate the challenges associated with big data.

  • SearchBusinessAnalytics Tip Guide: Analysts see room for growth on Hadoop, other 'big data' technologies

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    Take a few minutes to read this brief expert tip guide from and learn valuable tips and advice for reviewing big data technology options. Learn why Hadoop, for all its hype, still has room to grow and accommodate broader enterprise users.

  • SQL Server Insider E-Zine - Issue 3, Volume 1

    Sponsored by:

    Everyone knows SQL and NoSQL technologies don't co-exist well. But can they? Check out Issue 3 of SQL Server Insider E-Zine to find out about the mysterious Microsoft project that aims to wed these two database types. Then, delve into the business intelligence (BI) features in SQL Server 2012, including reporting, analytics and data quality.

  • E-Guide: Implementing Self-Service BI

    Sponsored by: Jaspersoft

    In this E-Guide, readers will learn some of the key mistakes companies make when implementing self-service BI, as well as how to avoid these with an eight-step model.

  • Tip Guide: Skills shortage, training present pitfalls for 'big data' analytics

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    Big data analytics may be all the hype, but the technology involved is still rather raw and non-user-friendly. Experts are also in scarce supply. Read this expert tip guide to learn about current training challenges involved in emerging analytics strategies and also gain insight into how one company is handling such obligations.

  • Tip Guide: In an age of predictive analytics, data scientists help bridge the gap

    Sponsored by: Sybase, an SAP company

    In the current business intelligence (BI) and analytics market new roles are being established to help organizations manage rapidly growing volumes of data. In this tip guide readers will learn how data scientists are using predictive analytics to shed light on the future.

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