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  • Fireside Chat About Insurance Data Woes

    Sponsored by: Outlier

    Like most companies, Capital One is always trying to derive critical insight from consumer and business data. But as the volume and complexity of data explodes, how are they sorting through all of it before presenting it to business leaders? Watch this video to see how Outlier’s AI-powered analytics has helped them take this final, crucial step.

  • Modernizing IT Means Modernizing Data Availability

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Access this white paper to learn why data availability is critical to IT modernization initiatives and discover 3 reasons why Cisco and Veeam’s collaborative solution might be just what you are looking for.

  • Hot Tips to Cut Cold Data Costs with Intelligent Data Management

    Sponsored by: Komprise

    Moving cold data to less expensive storage than, say, primary NAS, can help you stop racking up those mounting backup and storage costs. Download this infographic to learn how and to view 3 steps you can take to achieve more intelligent data management.

  • Customer Reference Book HPE + Veeam

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Legacy backup has been proven to slow down processes and limit data recovery capabilities. Access this e-book to learn about data availability and protection from HPE + Veeam built for hybrid environments, which leverages on-premises, virtual, and cloud platforms to fulfill each workload’s needs.

  • How Vortexa Manages and Monitors Kafka With AWS MSK &

    Sponsored by:

    When companies rely on HPC data streams and real-time analytics, powerful solutions like Apache Kafka are essential tools. Yet these tools still have problems with debugging, slowdowns, and cluster maintenance. Check out this white paper to learn how AWS MSK and combined to create a better and more visible environment for Vortexa.

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Kafka Monitoring

    Sponsored by:

    Apache Kafka is a useful, popular, and powerful part of many data architectures. Despite its usefulness, however, it’s often slotted into complex production environments or data architectures, making it hard to know what is happening or what is going wrong. Read on to learn how to address this problem.

  • Cloud Data Lakes are Too Hard. Cazena Makes Them Easy with SaaS.

    Sponsored by: Cazena

    When seeking a tool to empower your digital transformation efforts, the cloud data lake stands head and shoulders above many other options to enable AI and ML, for example. But they’re often expensive and tedious to manage. Check out this SaaS data lake solution with Cazena to see how you can manage a data lake with less effort for half the price.

  • DataOps: Fueling the Success of Modern Data Platform Initiatives

    Sponsored by:

    DataOps has emerged in recent years as a driver of the cultural and organizational change that enables enterprises to realize the potential advantages of real-time data processing and analytics. Access this data sheet to discover 5 ways DataOps can make a significant impact in your business.

  • A Superior Alternative to In-Memory Databases and Key-Value Stores

    Sponsored by: InterSystems

    While in-memory databases and caching layers offer superior performance, they also often suffer from scalability and reliability problems. Instead of relying on these faulty tools, solutions like InterSystems IRIS’s persistent database can step in and provide the database performance you need. Check out this white paper to learn more.

  • Simplifying Cloud Data Lakes

    Sponsored by: Cazena

    Data lakes have emerged as one of the strongest answers to the question of how to deal with large amounts of unstructured data. But how do you ensure you’re creating a data lake, and not a data swamp? Read this 451 Research report to learn some data lake deployment and service options and to find out which one best fits your organization’s needs.

  • The Value of Data

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    The value of data to businesses is obvious: data-driven businesses are 23 times better at acquiring customers, 6 times better at retaining customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable. So, what continues to hold some businesses back? Check out this custom white paper to learn what the challenges of becoming data-driven are.

  • Syniti Knowledge Platform

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    While most data platforms simply enable you to manipulate data, a knowledge platform is something entirely different. Instead of simply allowing data to be processed through it, a tool like Syniti’s Knowledge Platform is able to draw insight from that data and reuse it. View this video to learn how this program delivers outcomes faster.

  • Transparent Data Movement

    Sponsored by: RackTop Systems

    If you have been wondering how to secure your data both locally and in the cloud without impacting your processes or applications, you’ve come to the right place. Access this data sheet to learn how BrickStor SP’s transparent data movement feature works, discover its many benefits, and realize its cost savings potential.

  • BrickStor SP’s CyberConverged Data Exposure

    Sponsored by: RackTop Systems

    BrickStor SP’s CyberConverged data exposure features make it easy to find your data and report on who has access to it on a continuous basis. Check out this data sheet to learn how BrickStor SP does it by exploring 4 industry disrupting benefits.

  • A Capital Markets Sell-Side Impact Assessment Survey

    Sponsored by: InterSystems

    As companies struggle to deal with the immense amount of raw data being generated, capital markets firms are still struggling under the weight of regulatory actions taken after the 2008 financial crisis. Read on to learn how investment in data architecture, from the C-Suite down, can help your company deal with the changing financial world.

  • Drive Analytics into Clinical Care with Trusted Data

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    When it comes to data collection, storage, and management, the struggles of the healthcare industry are unique. See how Syniti helps healthcare organizations meet these challenges everyday in this solution brief.

  • Journey to the Cloud: American Airlines’ Massive Data Migration

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    Watch this video to hear from Mark Mitchell, who led a recent data migration project with American Airlines, as he discusses why the company embarked on the journey, what was accomplished and how the program was successfully delivered.

  • Definitive Guide to Data Governance

    Sponsored by: Talend

    Your data’s value is inherently related to its accuracy—inaccurate data leads to incorrect insight and unwise action. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have data you can trust. Check out this definite data governance e-book to learn how you can deliver trusted data with the power to drive your digital transformation to the next level.

  • Creating a Company Culture Where the Respect of Personal Data is Top Priority

    Sponsored by: Talend

    Modern companies have a great amount of access to the data of their users; they are also tasked with the great responsibility of using this information responsibly and safely. Read on to learn how responsible enterprises pair with responsible data management providers to protect their consumers.

  • Why Legacy Models for BI are Broken

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    As businesses are inundated with different sorts of business intelligence offerings, some are left wondering if making a switch is even worth it. The simple fact of the matter is, it’s not just worth it, it’s necessary. Check out this white paper to learn why legacy BI models are broken and how to solve this issue.

  • It’s a New Era in Business Intelligence, Enabled by the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    As data becomes more valuable than ever, the ways that businesses leverage it have continued to grow. The next step in this process is the arrival of cloud BI—now, data scientists and business analysts around the world can work collaboratively on data as it arrives. Read this custom white paper to learn how to choose the right cloud BI platform.

  • Innovation Driven by Experience

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    While your existing data management solutions may leave your systems and data “validated,” there’s still significant room for error. This data can be full of duplicates, incomplete sets and obsolete items. Check out this data sheet for information on how Syniti can provide you with more accurate data management—and a 303% 3-year ROI.

  • Optimize Data Protection for VxRail

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    Dell EMC data protection and VxRail appliances can support turnkey IT and digital transformation for your organization. Access this data sheet to discover the 3 advantages of optimizing your data protection for VxRail and learn the benefits that will result.

  • Data on Demand

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    As data continues to proliferate in society and in businesses, companies are looking to capitalize on its growth to facilitate business growth. But the way that each business will approach these challenges will be unique. Explore the results of this MIT Technology Review Insights survey to see how executives have been approaching these challenges.

  • Overcoming Cloud Data Silos with Data Virtualization

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    While the cloud has become a popular solution for organizations seeking to combat data siloes, the fact of the matter is that a cloud environment is highly distributed and heterogenous, too. Check out this white paper to learn a few strategies for overcoming cloud data siloes with data virtualization.

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