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  • Your path to data Modernization

    Sponsored by: Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Take a look at this white paper to learn how Deloitte’s Migration Factory offering with Snowflake offers you end-to-end cloud migration risk mitigation while automating your move to a platform optimized for data and analytics operations.

  • Working and Winning with Kubernetes and Cassandra

    Sponsored by: DataStax

    The future of applications lies in cloud-based development, making it all the more necessary to understand the architectures and technologies that back cloud development. Read on to learn how Kubernetes and Cassandra allow applications with higher availability, more scalability, better efficiency, and much more.

  • Data Mesh

    Sponsored by: Iotics

    Check out this short white paper to learn how data mesh architectures function as strong alternatives to data lakes and enable greater interoperability and better integration in decentralized environments of scale.

  • How leading organizations are Setting The Pace With Data

    Sponsored by: DataStax

    Organizations that derive at least 20% of revenue from data and analytics are classified by DataStax as “data leaders.” What strategies allow companies to pull so much value from their data? Access this infographic to learn how data leaders delegate governance responsibilities, what their approach to open-source technology is, and more.

  • Open Source Data Pipelines For Intelligent Applications

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and Intel

    Access this O’Reilly e-book, courtesy of Red Hat to learn how to best orchestrate open-source data pipelines and understand the intricacies of data pipeline architectures and intelligent applications within the context of Kubernetes.

  • Application Modernization with a Cloud Native Data Platform

    Sponsored by: DataStax

    Check out this white paper to learn how Cassandra Enterprise Data Platform, with the help of DataSTax, manages enterprise applications using a tiering methodology and discover the benefits this can bring to your organization.

  • Deloitte & Snowflake Migration Factory – The Fastest And Lowest Risk Option For Our Clients

    Sponsored by: Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Read this white paper to learn how Deloitte and Snowflake’s migration factory approach helps businesses develop personalized, automated, and optimized approaches to cloud data migration and solution and infrastructure modernization.

  • The State of the Data Race 2021

    Sponsored by: DataStax

    While most organizations have a data strategy, only 17% report data and analytics driving more than 20% of revenue according to a DataStax report. But among the companies that reported success with their data and analytics, several strategies were almost ubiquitous. Read on to learn what leaders in the data race are doing to stay ahead.

  • IOTICS’ USE CASES: Adaptable Patterns For Any Business

    Sponsored by: Iotics

    While digital twin technology is highly publicized, the scale of statements promising it will “connect anything” can be unhelpful. Thankfully, Iotics has baked out 5 great use cases for digital twin technology and explained the scope of these projects. Read on to learn how digital twins can be used to improve your business in ways small and large.

  • Driving Business Impact Through The Data Cloud

    Sponsored by: Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Most organizations realize now that cloud migration shouldn’t just be a lift and shift; this process is also an excellent opportunity to modernize data architecture, update processes, and drive business value. Read this white paper to learn how the Data Cloud can be leveraged to reduce siloes, mitigate risk, and simplify data sharing methods.

  • 3 Quick Wins That Drive Gains in Enterprise Workloads

    Sponsored by: HPE and Intel®

    Watch this webinar to uncover how companies are unlocking the value of their data by 1) containerising apps in complex environments, 2) scaling data intensive workloads with speed and security, 3) managing legacy transformations to develop a competitive data-oriented edge.

  • Computer Weekly - 25 May 2021: Making data an asset, not a threat

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the latest developments in the UK government's National Data Strategy and what it means for the economy. Our latest buyer's guide explains the emerging technologies around computational storage. And we look at the advances in customer experience management during the pandemic. Read the issue now.

  • Building a data-driven enterprise of the future

    Sponsored by: Credera

    Enterprises need to utilize the world’s data marketplaces across industries and geographies to enable innovation at greater scale, and become data-driven. In this paper, you will learn how to shape a future-proof data strategy, how to enable key differentiators to deliver competitive and social value, and much more.

  • From collected to connected

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    IoT technologies offer businesses a way to unlock powerful data hidden within their everyday operations, often collected but never used. Download this white paper to learn how ServiceNow can help you unify your service data and provide a single source of IoT truth for analytics, audits, and more.

  • Aparavi for Healthcare Data – A Demo

    Sponsored by: Aparavi

    HIPAA violations can be massively costly in the big data era. Watch this short demo to learn how the Aparavi Platform can be used to quickly locate documents containing personal HIPAA data, personally identifiable information, and protected health information—and quickly classify, access, and secure those files across your data architecture.

  • Marching Toward Modern

    Sponsored by: OneNeck IT

    Data modernization initiatives often happen piecemeal and haphazardly, meaning that organizations are exposed to the risks of an inconsistent data strategy. Read on to learn 5 steps to build a data management modernization strategy that keeps your data accessible, secure, and high quality.

  • Open Data & Energy

    Sponsored by: Credera

    Digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization are transforming the UK's energy sector. But what are these terms, and how do they relate to data use? Read on find out and how a greener, more flexible energy grid is growing around analytics and open data initiatives that bring efficiency and sustainability to the fore.

  • Accelerating Data Modernization with Azure

    Sponsored by: OneNeck IT

    Next-gen data operations require next-gen data technologies and strategies and Azure is an ideal platform for this modernization to take place. Download this white paper to better understand the strategies, philosophies, and technologies your organization needs to expand analytics abilities, reduce technical debt, embrace AI, and more.

  • Data Mesh Architecture

    Sponsored by: Credera

    Access this data mesh pocket guide to learn the key principles of this approach to data management and discover how you can build a decentralized, optimized architecture from your existing solutions.

  • Locate & Classify Financial Data (SEC, IRS, ..)

    Sponsored by: Aparavi

    Watch this 5-minute demo to see how Aparavi can be used in a financial data management use case, allowing organizations to classify important forms and data, reduce the amount of manual overhead needed for SEC and IRS filings, and quickly locate data owners while securing any unwanted access to confidential information.

  • Creating A Robust Cloud-Based Database For Fintech, E-Commerce And Gaming

    Sponsored by: Alibaba Cloud

    Gartner predicts that 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform by 2023, underscoring the need to embrace cloud optimized DBs. Read on to discover how Alibaba Cloud’s database solutions, including data backup and data transmission services, unlock the power of the cloud for organizations ranging from fintech enterprises to gaming companies.

  • Five Essential Steps to Successful Data Modernization

    Sponsored by: OneNeck IT

    While everyone knows that data modernization is essential given the pace of data generation and IT innovation, organizations and leaders are less certain about when and how to launch their ideal modernization project. Access this e-book, courtesy of OneNeck IT, to learn their 5 essential steps to data modernization, complete with best practices.


    Sponsored by: AllCloud

    Industry 4.0, the use of integrated, advanced tools like IoT technologies and AI solutions, requires data infrastructure that can back and accelerate these complex tools. Read on to learn how the right AWS architectures, planned with AllCloud’s Data Practice, are fueling smart factories that save millions of dollars and accelerate outcomes.


    Sponsored by: AllCloud

    Effective data use is built around several crucial pillars: quality data harvesting, effective data management and organization, and powerful tools to process that data. Read on to learn how you can build an effective data strategy and take advantage of powerful architectures like AWS without overwhelming costs or obligations.

  • Five Strategies for Creating a Culture of Self-Service for Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Sigma Computing

    Self-service analytics, a key investment for cutting-edge businesses, requires more than just technology investments. Access this TDWI checklist report to learn the 5 strategies you need to create the comprehensive culture that self-service analytics thrives in.

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