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  • By the Numbers: Are Data & Analytics Pandemic-Proof?

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Explore this resource to learn key trends that industry experts from IDC and Alation have seen through the pandemic, including software usage patterns, data catalog adoption, and analytics-driven business growth.

  • Active Data Governance: A People-First Approach to Achieve Business Goals

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Data governance is more important than ever, as exploding data volumes, increasingly strict regulations, and more cyberthreats—to name a few—require organizations to strictly monitor and control their data. Read this white paper to learn how data governance is evolving past its traditional structure into an active, democratized process.

  • Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance to Achieve Digital Business Success

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Traditional, reactive approaches to data governance are inadequate in today’s disparate, democratized analytics and data systems. Access this Forrester white paper to learn how adaptive governance models are being used by leading organizations to create more flexible and powerful data and analytics capabilities.

  • CW APAC, April 2021: Trend Watch: IoT in India

    Sponsored by:

    In this handbook, focused on the internet of things in India, Computer Weekly looks at the country's potential as an IoT hotspot.

  • AutoZone Fuels Advanced Analytics with Alation’s Data Catalog

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Explore this resource to learn how AutoZone is leveraging Alation’s data catalog to reduce data search time by 65%, reduce the need of data consumers to rely on IT support, increase productivity, and boost compliance and data security.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q4 2020

    Sponsored by: Alation

    According to Forrester, Alation is rated as a leader in data catalogs, exploiting machine learning at every opportunity to improve data management, governance, and consumption by analytics citizens. Read the report today to learn how data catalogs are replacing legacy metadata and business glossary technology with advanced, empowering solutions.

  • A Data-Driven Approach to Your Cloud Migration Journey

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Agile, data-driven businesses need a 3-part strategy to ensure that their data, analytics assets, and infrastructure all work in harmony in a cost-effective manner. Read this white paper to learn how you can infuse a data-driven approach into your cloud migration journey that creates a data culture with the tools to follow it up.

  • How to Evaluate a Data Catalog

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Gartner called data catalogs a “must-have” for data and analytics leaders. Access this white paper to learn exactly what you should expect from your data catalog and discover how you can find it.

  • 2021 Data Protection Report - Executive Brief

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Check out Veeam’s 2021 Data Protection Report to learn how 3,000 unbiased enterprises approached data protection, management, and future trends with the purpose of understanding how it can help with your own IT challenges when tackling modern data protection.

  • Taking an Active Approach to Data Governance

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Access this resource to learn how League of Legends creator Riot Games is supporting an ambitious expansion involving millions of gamers with non-invasive data governance underpinned by a strong data catalog and companywide buy-in.

  • Activate Your Data Governance Program With a Data Catalog

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Access this white paper to discover how non-invasive data governance centered around metadata catalogs allows you to actively control your data while capitalizing on, and encouraging, individual governance efforts.

  • The Alation State of Data Culture Report

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Access this State of Data Culture report to learn how organizations in Q4 fared in their efforts to foster data-driven cultures and learn what ranks as their top priorities for this year while they tackle the challenges that caught the world unawares in 2020.

  • Hulu: Driving Data Trust and Accessibility with Alation’s Data Catalog

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Inside this resource, you’ll learn how Hulu, one of the most popular streaming services in the US, leverages Alation’s data catalog to gain a holistic view of its data that is now driving more than 20 value-driving analytics use cases.

  • Women Who Catalog: How to Become a CDO

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Access this resource to learn more about the evolution of the CDO role, challenges women in the data field may face, and Michelle Hoiseth’s approach to overcoming these roadblocks during her journey to become the Chief Data Officer of Parexel.

  • Case Study: A Deep Dive Into Data Orchestration at Harry's with Ascend

    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    Explore this resource to learn how Ascend helped Harry’s create flexible, automated data pipelines and more easily integrate data from S3 and other sources into their Looker BI environment.

  • An Assessment of Pipeline Orchestration Approaches

    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    Download this white paper to learn why, instead of using expensive and brittle workflow automation systems, opting to adopt dataflow automation can lower design and maintenance costs while improving the quality and reliability of data pipelines

  • How Salesforce Forges a Data Culture and Maintains Trust Using Alation

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Explore how Salesforce and Alation have partnered to deploy data catalogs and create data-driven cultures within their clients, learn how Salesforce is using Alation’s data catalog internally, and discover the ways different kinds of users can better leverage data management strategies.

  • CW Innovation Awards: How DBS is transforming credit processes

    Sponsored by:

    In this case study, learn how DBS Bank's credit architecture programme has digitised and reimagined credit processes through a unified platform that has improved the productivity and efficiency of its credit teams.

  • Emerging Trends in Data Architecture - What’s the Next Big Thing?

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Access this overview of trends in data architecture to learn how the pandemic has shifted the development of data architecture. Continue on to learn how cloud migration has changed, and why it’s still a top priority; the trends defining analytics today; how data management intersects with data architecture, and what to make of it; and more.

  • Tech Talk | Intelligent Orchestration: The Key to Declarative Data Pipelines

    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    What if you could adopt a data pipelining approach that results in 95% less code, 10x faster build times, automated maintenance, and more efficient pipelines? Explore this examination to learn how intelligent orchestration creates declarative pipelines with ease, improving your data integration abilities.

  • How HNI Drives Manufacturing digital Transformation with Data Pipelines

    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    Read this short case study to learn how Ascend’s data platform helped HNI dramatically accelerate their data pipeline creation, even in the midst of migrating to Azure, allowing them to quickly ingest ERP data and transform it into data ready for analytics and other crucial business tasks.

  • How To: Getting Started with the Ascend Platform and Creating Your First Dataflow

    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    Access this solution walkthrough to learn how the Unified Data Engineering Platform works and discover how easily you can create dataflows, query, and manipulate information stored in an AWS S3 environment.

  • Top 6 List - Why Looker Users Love Ascend

    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    Ascend’s Unified Data Engineering Platform enables businesses to infuse their BI programs with a wealth of data from all kinds of sources, including IoT and streaming data. Inside, explore the top 6 reasons Looker users love Ascend, including pipeline visualizations that simplify complex queries, better data quality, and more.

  • Mythbusting the Modern Data Catalog with 451 Research

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Explore this 451 Research and Alation piece to separate data catalog fact from fiction, addressing 4 common data cataloging myths.

  • Supercharging Time to Analysis at Harry’s

    Sponsored by: Ascension Labs

    Read this short case study discover how Harry’s used to simplify new analytics processes with a low-code sandbox environment, speed the time to ingest, transform, and pipe data into Looker by 10x, and unify data in an omni-channel view.

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