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  • NoSQL Databases for the Multicloud and its Prominence in Industries Today Featuring: Couchbase

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and Couchbase

    In this episode of the Red Hat X Podcast Series, tune in as Matt Ingenthron, Senior Director of Engineering at Couchbase discusses the new reality of data management. Explore how Couchbase’s NoSQL database enables agile development, strengthens application performance, and—best of all—simplifies data management.

  • COVID-19 Related Data Security Threats

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro

    The global health crisis is dangerous enough as it is which makes the added concern of cyber threats almost overwhelming. Access this resource from Trend Micro to learn what they have observed from studying this type of attack in order to explain how to effectively fight back against them.

  • Why Couchbase Is the Best NoSQL Option for Red Hat OpenShift

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and Couchbase

    Kubernetes has been and still is centered around stateless workloads. But what about stateful, persistent applications? Kubernetes has introduced Persistent Volumes API and the Operator Framework. Learn more about the “state” of Kubernetes and how to approach database management in this blog.

  • Now Tech: Process Mining And Documentation, Q1 2020

    Sponsored by: Celonis

    Process mining and documentation can provide objective analysis into the state of business processes, from data transparency to speed to insight. In this report, Forrester evaluates 21 vendors—from small start-ups to tech giants—that offer process mining and documentation services. Discover which products are leading the Q1 2020 market.

  • Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Process Mining Technology Vendors 2020

    Sponsored by: Celonis

    In this research report, find an evaluation of the process mining technology landscape. With a focus on 13 leading vendors in the space, learn about the key process mining technology trends, the key strengths and areas of improvement for each vendor, and in-depth vendor profiles.

  • 5 important questions to ask before you renew your existing backup software

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Is it time to renew your backup software maintenance contract or move to a new solution? Access this resource to learn how to make the best choice by assessing your options through 5 key questions.

  • Cloud Data Warehousing With Amazon Redshift

    Sponsored by: Informatica

    Access this e-book to learn about Amazon Redshift, a powerful public cloud data warehouse that is well suited to support modern cloud analytics in the worlds of big data and IOT— and can aggregate insights from across your entire infrastructure.

  • Multi-Cloud World: Data Everywhere

    Sponsored by: Veritas

    For architects, cloud integration can be difficult considering legacy technologies don’t disappear overnight and the process can lead to many speed bumps along the way. Access this webcast from Veritas to learn how to smooth these speed bumps using their Enterprise Data Services Platform, which simplifies data management across the multi-cloud.

  • Top Reasons: Data Protection for Oracle with PowerProtect Software & X400

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    Access this data sheet to learn the top 10 reasons why organizations are choosing PowerProtect to safeguard their Oracle application workloads.

  • Reach Your Data Protection Peak

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    Check out this webcast to learn about Cobalt Iron’s Compass, a solution that can turn this risky leap from being cloud-enabled to harnessing data intelligence into a simple steppingstone to better data management.

  • Trends in Modern Data Integration

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Download this white paper to investigate some of the modern integration techniques that are emerging in response to new demands—like iPaaS and cloud data integration—and how your company can benefit from them.

  • How 1 Healthcare Organization Achieved a Massive Data Migration

    Sponsored by: Hyland

    When a private, not-for-profit hospital went through an expansion, they knew they needed to convert all documents, images and metadata from their legacy electronic medical records databases to one central information repository. Find out how they achieved this with the help of Hyland’s Data Migration Conversion Services in this case study.

  • In the Digital Transformation Journey, Data Provides Footing

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    Download this 451 report to see why experts say data management plays a crucial role in digital transformation, and explore the advantages of a data-driven strategy.

  • Augmented Data Catalogs: An Enterprise Must-have for Data and Analytics Leaders

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Most enterprises are still struggling to find, inventory, and analyze diverse and distributed data sets. Luckily, machine learning data catalogs have emerged as a tool with which admins can address these challenges. Tune into this webcast to learn why data catalogs are a must-have for analytics and key use cases.

  • Consumption-based Data

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    With the rate of data growth accelerating exponentially, data dependency and resource constraints are major challenges organizations must face. Listen to this webinar with HPE and Storage Swiss to learn how consumption-based data management can both lower IT costs and provide greater business agility.

  • Data Literacy Matters: The Writing's on The Wall

    Sponsored by: Alation

    The following Forrester report explains how data literacy programs are bridging the skills gap preventing enterprises from fully leveraging analytics strategies. Access the report to discover 5 elements of a successful data literacy program and 7 steps to achieving it.

  • Doppelgangers: The Many Identities of the Modern Data Catalog

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Download this 451 Research report to dig into the ins and outs of data catalogs. The details covered inside include current catalog usage and adoption plans, a view of the data catalog provider and product landscape, and more.

  • Scalable Storage Environments Optimized for Autonomous Driving

    Sponsored by: DataDirect Networks

    Tune into this webcast as James Coomer, VP of Products at DataDirect Networks, explains how to lay out an intelligent, scalable storage environment for AI and HPC to streamline high-volume data management.

  • Veeam + HPE Nimble Storage: Five-Year ROI of 278%

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    IDC interviewed organizations with a solution set consisting of Veeam Cloud Data Management software combined with HPE Nimble Storage to understand, validate and quantify the value of the combined solution. Register and download the Veeam and HPE Nimble Storage Research Study to find out more.

  • Enable Consumption-based Data Management with HPE and Veeam

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    In this white paper, learn the benefits of a consumption-based data management model, such as simplified infrastructure management and planning, active capacity management, automatically downsize or scale up resources as needed and pay only for resources used, and more!

  • How Can You Improve Cash Liquidity and Operating Margins?

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    How can you improve cash liquidity and operating margins? It starts by having adequate data visibility. Read this infographic to explore Syniti’s data tool designed to give you real-time visibility into: Vendor material, customer material, A/R balances and more.

  • Simplify Your Move to S/4HANA with Syniti Data Migration

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    Moving to S/4HANA can be a long and complex process—which is why many organizations implement data migration solutions to ensure everything goes smoothly. Download this white paper to learn about Syniti’s comprehensive data solution and how it can help simplify the migration process.

  • How Can You Produce Reliable COVID-19 Response Metrics Quickly?

    Sponsored by: Syniti

    How can healthcare professionals produce reliable COVID-19 response metrics quickly? Find out in this infographic, which explores Syniti’s data tracking tool.

  • Empower the Learning Worker with an Enterprise Data Catalog

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Enterprise catalogs automate inventorying and managing data in order to provide learning workers with a single point of reference for finding, understanding, and trusting data.Check out this e-book to learn how enterprise data catalogs meet the demands of learning workers by delivering three key features.

  • Navigating Ransomware Recovery

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    The decisions and road to recovery will involve several stakeholders and real costs. So, when organizations must make the tough decision of whether to pay a ransom, rebuild the system, or file a report, there are many factors to consider. Use this e-guide to help you plan and map out steps to avoid rushing into bad choices that can’t be reversed.

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