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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Research

  • Backup and Recovery Requirements for Business-Critical Applications

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    In this e-guide, learn strategies to determine what data is considered most important. Also, read about the different ways to select and establish an effective backup policy to ensure essential data is properly monitored.

  • Endpoint Security IT Decision Center Handbook 2

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    Access this expert handbook to discover which features any endpoint protection software should have, and 10 questions to ask your vendor before choosing your next IT security investment.

  • Mobility is here to stay – Is your data is backed up?

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Data Backup

    Remote backup of data on endpoint devices like laptops and smart phones is a challenge for IT staffs. This Drill Down takes a look at remote backups today, focusing on the challenges and solutions available to address endpoint device backup.

  • Top 10 Backup Challenges and Expert Recommendations to Address Them

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    Access this expert eGuide to learn about the backup challenges that companies struggle with today, and how to address them.

  • Information Visibility: Reducing Business Risk with The Clearswift Aneesya Platform

    Sponsored by: Clearswift

    In this white paper, discover an information governance platform that offers real-time insight to improve threat detection and enhance governance and compliance reporting.

  • Top 10 Ways to Assess The Risk of Data Loss

    Sponsored by: Infrascale

    This white paper offers 10 signs of whether or not your employees are using free file sharing services and what kinds of risks these pose to your organization's sensitive data.

  • Focused IT Compliance at Barnabas Health

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    In this webcast, Barnabas Health leaders share their experience with an always-on compliance management solution that simplified administrative, policy, and risk management.

  • Industry Perspectives: The Impact of HIPAA and HITECH

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This white paper features a set of solutions that address not only compliance concerns, but the overarching risk potential in today's healthcare environments.

  • 2013 Data Governance Survey Results

    Sponsored by: Rand Secure Data

    Check out this informative paper to explore the concept of data governance and why so many of today's organizations lack adequate solutions to this increasingly-difficult challenge. Find out key steps to improve your company's data governance and discover one solution that could perfect your strategy. Read on to learn more.

  • Leverage Security Intelligence for Retail

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This informative solution brief highlights the challenges and potential solutions that can be implemented to help embrace mobile customers, protect payment and personal data and deliver a secure shopping experience.

  • Endpoint Protection Platforms for Enterprises

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This guide explores a unique enterprise endpoint protection platform that encompasses a multitude of security tools.

  • Why Leaks Matter

    Sponsored by: Lumeta Corporation

    This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at the dangers of network leaks and how your organization can form a strategy to mitigate these risks through comprehensive visibility of connectivity.

  • Protecting Data and Enabling the Mobile Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    This guide explores best practices for adopting and securing mobility in the workplace, as well as the importance of data protection.

  • Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to Windows XP support

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Microsoft will end technical support for its Windows XP operating system in April 2014. Computer Weekly looks at what this means for those businesses that have yet to migrate to newer alternatives.

  • Backup to the Cloud is Still Cloudy

    Sponsored by: ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

    This informative paper addresses the cloud as it relates to data backup. In all cases, it is assumed that a backup application is in place and that data will be backed up locally and then replicated to the cloud for disaster recovery. Read on now to learn more.

  • Enterprises Have Room for Improvement in Secure IT Asset Disposition

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Access this resource to learn why secure IT disposition is a must in order to prevent data loss and compliance violations.

  • CIO Decisions E-Zine: The New BPM

    Sponsored by: TechTarget CIO

    Enterprise BPM is about more than battling bottlenecks. CIOs are looking to business process management to help grow the business and hone a competitive edge.

  • Dealing with Data Growth: Storage and Backup Strategies

    Sponsored by: Simplify IT

    This e-guide, from, examines how the proliferation of business information has contributed to the current state of data protection.

  • Enterprise Resiliency & Application Recovery

    Sponsored by: SunGard Availability Services

    When disaster strikes, your IT information and data is compromised. This side-by-side case study outlines how East Coast University and a medical center in NYC helped weather hurricane sandy and maintain IT availability.

  • The Past, Present, and Future of RAID Data Protection

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    In this handbook on the past, present and future of RAID data protection, learn which RAID data protection options are viable today, which ones make sense for your shop, and how RAID can be replaced and improved upon.

  • For Secure Access, Passwords Alone Do Not Work

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    This informative paper explores an innovative alternative to passwords. Discover how multifactor authentication can provide a higher level of security than a password alone and find out how this solution can comprehensively enhance your data protection strategy. Read on now to learn more.

  • Safeguarding Business in a Time of Expanding and Evolving Cyber Threats

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    This paper explores how advanced cybersecurity threat management techniques can help companies better prepare for, respond to, and detect advanced cybersecurity threats. It also explores how more advanced cybersecurity threat management capabilities can help organizations detect and respond to threats within days instead of months.

  • Optimize Your Network with Dell and Silver Peak and Reap the Benefits

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Microsoft

    This informative paper explores a partnership that addresses today's consolidation, backup, replication and unified communications. Discover how this cost effectively increase network capacity, optimize network quality, and help ensure maximum performance over distance—all while helping to reduce ongoing IT operating costs. Read on to learn more.

  • Retailer stays number one with enhanced IT support

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    This informative paper explores how one organization easily and affordably implemented these modern technologies to keep up in today's fast-paced and virtualized landscape. Read on to learn about the benefits they now enjoy.

  • Clearswift Government Communications 2.0

    Sponsored by: Clearswift

    In this resource, explore the evolving trends in the public sector landscape, and what this means for information governance and security. Learn how crucial it is to prevent data leakage for the sake of regulations and citizens' trust.

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