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  • The Future of Insurance: Data-centric Innovation in a Changing World

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Read on to learn how TIBCO digitization helps insurers become future-proof by creating data-driven business processes, powering decisions with a single source of truth, and accelerating digital transformation initiatives.

  • Industries in Transition: A Framework for Data-centric Innovations for Insurance

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Access this white paper to learn how insurers can use strategies like cloud adoption, embedded analytics, and AI to create businesses that are flexible, efficient, and compliant.

  • Data Fabric The Next Generation Of Data Management

    Sponsored by: Stardog

    Enterprise IT faces more challenges than ever as they try to transform legacy data infrastructures into resilient, accurate, and unified information repositories. Read this white paper to learn how Stardog’s data fabrics have helped clients like NASA unify data siloes and external sources, reduce costs, and extract unseen value from data.

  • Are you a Data Innovator?

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    While the vast majority of businesses claim they have a data strategy, far fewer are finding it easy to execute these strategies. So what are successful companies focusing on, and which technologies are enabling future innovation? Access this HPE report to learn what creates a “data innovator,” and learn how to put your data to work.

  • The Observability Pipeline Buyer’s Guide

    Sponsored by:

    Download this guide to explore a checklist of key ideas to consider when looking at a observability pipeline, such as protocol support and management systems. Plus, alternative build strategies for implementing one in your organization.

  • Five Ways to Save on Splunk

    Sponsored by:

    Splunk offers one of the most comprehensive and effective platforms available when it comes to big data observability; but all their capabilities in data integration, automation, and analytics can also strain capacity and budget. Access this list today to learn 5 ways you can cut costs and increase efficiency by pairing Cribl LogStream with Splunk.

  • Operationalizing analytics: What it is, why it matters and how to get started

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Why is it that most analytics models are never finished or fully deployed? And those that are deployed take longer than necessary? The answer is that a lack of strategy, expertise, and organization can stunt model development. Read on to learn how you can learn lessons from DevOps to create a holistic and effective analytics deployment pipeline.

  • The Definitive Guide to Data Warehouse Modernization

    Sponsored by: Informatica

    Data warehouses have been around for a long time; but as businesses embrace digital transformation, big data, and cloud technologies, they are finding they need to change their data warehousing strategies to keep up. Check out this Eckerson Group guide to learn how you can bring your data warehouses with you as you embrace modernization.

  • Unlocking value in the railway network's data

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how the rail industry is working to improve its use of data to deliver bet-ter services to passengers. Is flash the saviour of the storage universe? Our buyer's guide assesses the choices for IT managers. And we examine the failure of the government's Covid-19 contact-tracing app. Read the issue now.

  • Migrating Log Analytics to the Cloud

    Sponsored by:

    Log analytics have emerged as a powerful tool, allowing you to understand your data and systems in ways that weren’t possible before. But these SaaS solutions often incur massive costs due to unregulated and unnecessary data streaming. Check out this white paper to learn how an observability pipeline can help you overcome this issue.

  • Unleash the Power of NAS Backup

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Data unlocks great potential and value in businesses, but only when it’s deployed properly. Cloud data management solutions help businesses counter data sprawl, deal with data growth, and keep data at the center of their business plan. Check out these different case studies and testimonials to see if Veeam Cloud Data Management is right for you.

  • Data Intelligence Practice: Solutions for a Data-Driven Business

    Sponsored by: CPP Associates

    By embracing AI, transforming legacy data warehouses and architectures, and cultivating analytics, your business can become a data-driven innovator. Access this short video to discover how CCP’s Data Intelligence Practice can help your business automate processes, lower costs, increase security, and more.

  • Data Management Buyers Guide: How To Compare The TCO Of Cloud-Native, On-Premise, And Hosted Data Platforms

    Sponsored by: Reltio

    In order to counter the flow of customers to cloud-native data management solutions, many legacy vendors have adopted strategies that are meant to confuse businesses with “discounts,” complex licensing models, and artificially low estimates. Access this guide to learn how to best estimate and compare the TCO of the various types of data platforms.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to supply chain resilience

    Sponsored by:

    The Covid-19 pandemic has put the limits of the supply chain to the test. In this 18-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how supply chain management has changed since, what action has been taken to handle it, and why data and automation is enhancing adaptability.

  • Transform Operations with Real-time, Hyperconverged Analytics

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    While historical analytics can be useful, true business innovation rests in the next wave of analytics—real-time streaming analytics models that are driven by adaptive AI and machine learning engines. Read this white paper to learn more about implementing hyperconverged analytics and using them to create instantaneous value from your data.

  • Process Mining for Insurance: Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Businesses in the insurance industry are well suited to using best practices and KPI to ensure that they’re running the way it should. But how can you truly evaluate the performance of big data architectures? Read on to learn how you can use process mining to ensure your data operations, and costs, are where you want them to be.

  • Accelerating Innovation in Insurance

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Earning a competitive advantage from the data you have requires a holistic approach; proper data management creates the right setting for AI or machine learning, these tools empower automation and analytics to work better than ever before, and so on. Watch this TIBCO webinar to learn how data is powering innovation in the insurance industry.

  • Become a Data Science Superhero in 6 Easy Steps!

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Read this e-book to discover 6 top skills you need to set yourself apart as a data scientist and how to hone them.

  • CIO Trends APAC: Developing a data-driven culture

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, read more about what organisations in Asia-Pacific are doing to sharpen their data analytics strategies to cope with business demands in a challenging economic climate.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Sponsored by:

    Business intelligence and analytics is an ever-changing landscape. In this 20-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at firms' search for data scientists, how modern business intelligence works for big data and the role DevOps can play in navigating a data onslaught.

  • The Value of Data

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Data-driven businesses are 23 times better at acquiring customers, 6 times better at retaining customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable. So, what continues to hold some businesses back? Check out this custom white paper to learn what the challenges of becoming data-driven are.

  • Applying Data Virtualization: 13 Use Cases that Matter

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Both Gartner and Forrester Research have projected the growth of data virtualization in the coming years, ranging from new adoptions to expanded deployments. The question now is, “Where can data virtualization be made most useful?” Check out this white paper to see 13 data virtualization use cases, and more.

  • Overcoming Cloud Data Silos with Data Virtualization

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    While the cloud has become a popular solution for organizations seeking to combat data siloes, the fact of the matter is that a cloud environment is highly distributed and heterogenous, too. Check out this white paper to learn a few strategies for overcoming cloud data siloes with data virtualization.

  • It's complicated: how data integration lies at the heart of evermorecomplex data architectures

    Sponsored by:

    Data integration and preparation remains the knotty problem at the heart of many data management and business intelligence programmes.Demands on IT leaders in user organisations – especially large, complex ones – are and will continue to be equally complex and pressing as boards look to get business value from data. Read more in this e-guide.

  • What Every Operations Executive Should Know About the Power of Continuous Intelligence

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Continuous intelligence, the practice of actively integrating up-to-date, real-time data across an enterprise, is a top priority for a growing number of COOs and CEOs. But what exactly is it? And how does a business institute it? Read on to learn more about continuous intelligence and its 10 essential components.

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