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  • De- Risk Hadoop to AWS Migration With A Data- First Approach

    Sponsored by: WANdisco

    Get the resources you need to learn how you can migrate Hadoop data to AWS environments, allowing you to easily analyze, manage, and secure this data. Access this WANdisco webinar where you’ll learn how you can work to de-risk your Hadoop to AWS migration at any scale.

  • Data Governance Methodology

    Sponsored by: Alation

    Data governance stratagems have become so complex over the years, meaning it’s time for businesses to reimagine their governance approaches to cut down on bloat and inefficiency. Read on to learn how Alation’s data governance methodology goes a step beyond traditional approaches to ensure quality data remains compliant and generates business value.

  • Giving Organizations The Platform to Trust Data

    Sponsored by: Hexaware Technologies

    Business applications need accurate, reliable data—something that cannot be done without data testing and validation. Read on to learn how Hexaware’s JUMBO big data testing solution helped one organization automate and improve testing during migration and afterwards, with benefits including a 40% reduction in time and cost.


    Sponsored by: Alation

    Organizations are still struggling to meet data governance goals and comply with strict regulations. Read on to learn how Alation’s people-first approach focuses on building proper governance and strong optimization practices from the ground up, eventually creating a continuous ecosystem of data curation, categorization, and integration.

  • Harness data to reinvent your organization

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    This AWS white paper covers the 3 steps you need to take to become data driven and 5 considerations you need to make as you reinvent your organization. Read on to learn how organizations including Blackboard, Moderna, and Epic Games saw results including accelerated analytics processes, reduced database infrastructure costs and much more.

  • Customer data capabilities not keeping up? Leap ahead.

    Sponsored by: Deloitte

    Customer data is a key part of your customer experience management strategy, but properly integrating and managing this data throughout your engagement process can be extremely difficult. Access this white paper to learn how you can take full control of your customer data with AI and DataOps, driving more value and greater security and compliance.

  • Overcome Data Challenges With Data-As-A-Service

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and VMware

    Data-as-a-service models are becoming more popular, as organizations look to better leverage large volumes of data. Access this short Forrester sheet to define data-as-a-service and learn how this approach to data management can unlock the agility you need to meet customer demands and unlock the insight hidden in your data.

  • Data intensive intelligent applications in a hybrid cloud blueprint

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Read this Red Hat white paper to learn how data-intensive intelligent applications can be optimized across their life cycle.

  • Data as a Service Enables Infinite Insights

    Sponsored by: L&T Infotech

    While many claim that Infinite Computing can drive immediate value, most organizations don’t have the necessary Data as a Service infrastructure to unlock data’s potential. Access this Constellation Research report to learn how advances in data science, virtualization, cloud technologies, and more are converging to unlock powerful possibilities.

  • Modernize data to enable decisioning and drive business outcomes

    Sponsored by: Cognizant

    Access this short white paper to learn how you can leverage the full power of multi-cloud environments with Cognizant, while breaking down integration challenges and reducing infrastructure and storage costs.

  • The Data Cloud Journey Playbook

    Sponsored by: Maven Wave

    Access this playbook to learn how you can navigate your enterprise data away from legacy data platforms and embrace a cloud-based data culture centered around compliance, innovation via analytics, and transformation with tools like AI and ML.

  • Five Ways to Get Even More Out of the Elastic Stack

    Sponsored by:

    The Elastic Stack is a powerful tool for organizations looking to analyze observability data with a scalable platform at an affordable price point. By pairing it with an observability pipeline like Cribl LogStream, you can cut storage and compute costs, too. Read on to learn how you can get more out of the Elastic Stack in 5 simple steps.

  • Ensure Long-term Success with Elastic and Cribl

    Sponsored by:

    Explore this short white paper to learn how Cribl LogStream and Elastic have become a powerful way for organizations to manage, prepare, and analyze critical observability data rapidly, even at huge scale.

  • FINRA Levels Up their Data Game without a Steep Learning Curve

    Sponsored by:

    The Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA) used Cribl LogStream to get massive volumes of data—4TB a day for their analytics platform alone—flowing to the right destinations in the right formats. Read on to learn how LogStream reduces complexity, saves FINRA time and effort with EN mappings, improves data processing, and more.

  • Data Management: What You Need to Know and Why

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Data has been vaulted into an ever more important role in decision making, meaning that organizations need to pay careful attention to how they control this data. Explore this resource—a business-oriented guide to core data management—to learn how you can improve your critical data processes in a variety of ways.

  • 3 Key Considerations For a Hybrid Cloud Data Platform

    Sponsored by: Cloudera

    With movement across public and private clouds becoming more common than not, a hybrid cloud data platform is necessary for organizations looking to use data speedily, seamlessly, and securely across their architecture. Read on to learn the 3 considerations you need to make as you choose a data platform for your hybrid cloud environment.

  • 6 Ways Cloudera and Qlik Help Optimize Your Data Lifecycle

    Sponsored by: Cloudera

    Cloudera and Qlik are combining to help organizations simplify the end-to-end management of organizations’ data and accelerate its time to value, from the edge to AI. Keep reading to learn 6 different ways Cloudera’s Data Platform and Qlik’s integration capabilities combine to infuse flexibility, insight, and governance across your data lifecycle.

  • De- Risk Hadoop to AWS Migration With A Data- First Approach

    Sponsored by: WANdisco

    Get the resources you need to learn how you can migrate Hadoop data to AWS environments, allowing you to easily analyze, manage, and secure this data. Take a short survey covering Hadoop migration to get access to this WANdisco webinar where you’ll learn how you can work to de-risk your Hadoop to AWS migration at any scale.

  • Rackspace DataOps for Azure

    Sponsored by: Rackspace Microsoft

    Access this white paper to learn how Rackspace helps you implement a DataOps approach in your Azure cloud architecture, using automation, analytics pipelines, and other advanced data management capabilities alongside proven best practices to deliver high quality data to users faster and smoother than before.

  • Data Governance in the Modern Data Analytics Pipeline: How to Manage Quality and Security

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    How do you balance rising demand for fast access to data against quality risks and security threats? With secure, efficient data-to-analytics pipelines. Download the e-book for an explanation of data-to-analytics pipelines and learn the essentials of pipelines and typical data migrations, data quality and data security, and governance tools.

  • Keynote: Spatial Collapse: The Great Acceleration of Turning Data Into an Asset

    Sponsored by: Dynatrace

    Spatial collapse is changing organizations’ relationship with data—increasing the value of data as a strategic asset and accelerating the digitization of business. Tune in to this webinar to learn how you can navigate a complex market full of new players, new business models, and new regulations to thrive with data.

  • Drive Business Insights and Breakthroughs with Rackspace DataOps

    Sponsored by: Rackspace Microsoft

    As businesses continue to adopt more complex applications and utilize greater volumes of complex data, yesterday’s data architectures simply aren’t able to meet today’s speed, flexibility, and security requirements. Read on to learn how a cloud-based data platform and a flexible DataOps approach can help you establish a modern data architecture.

  • How Financial Service Providers Can Benefit From Data-Driven Processes

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    Access this white paper to learn how integration platform as a service offerings can help financial service organizations improve their customer experiences and better understand their customers.

  • Harvard Business Review: The Path to Trustworthy Data: Effective Strategies to Bolster Enterprise Data Management

    Sponsored by: Profisee Group

    Research by the Harvard Business Group demonstrates that organizations that implement master data management (MDM) programs are better able to leverage data as a strategic asset. Access the results of this Harvard Business Review survey to learn how you can build a strong foundation of trusted data with MDM from which to run your business.

  • Oracle Data Platform

    Sponsored by: Oracle and Intel®

    Read on to learn 10 benefits of Oracle’s data management platform and 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, ranging from security and compliance features to easy analytics and machine learning access.

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