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  • CW Buyer's Guide: Green Computing

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    Computer Weekly looks at technologies that can help your datacentre become cost and energy efficient in this 11 page Buyer's Guide.

  • Musings on datacentres

    Sponsored by:

    Analyst Clive Longbottom discusses the key issues in managing and designing data centres.

  • Computer Weekly – 12 March 2013: Will software-defined networking justify the hype?

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we take an in-depth look at one of the hottest emerging technologies – software-defined networking – and what it means for IT departments. We visit Iceland, home of the greenest datacentres, and see what they offer to CIOs. And we look at the growth of governance as a key task for CIOs. Read the issue now.

  • Case Study: Tesco's £65 million data centre strategy to drive online growth

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    This Computer Weekly case study, packed with photographs and data, gives the inside story of Tesco's £65 million data centre strategy.

  • Expert Best Practices: Using Linux for Data Center Consolidation

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    Access this expert e-guide for the top advantages of using Linux in a data center consolidation project. Learn how using Linux can help you more effectively reduce cooling costs, reduce real estate footprint and improve server workload utilization.

  • Expert best practices for data center management

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    This expert e-guide offers information on how data center infrastructure management tools can benefit your organization. It also offers information on how to overcome the limitations of DCIM. Access now to gain insight into topics like:using DCIM tools for energy management, DCIM challenges and limitations and more.

  • Best Practices for Data Center Cooling Strategies

    Sponsored by: Chatsworth Products, Inc.

    This resource presents expert insights into shedding old data center cooling practices and how putting modern strategies into place will result in lower operating costs.

  • Helping you Optimize. Store. Secure. Technology Equipment…

    Sponsored by: Chatsworth Products, Inc.

    This white paper presents a key case study of an organization that conquered the challenge of limited available power by creating a "cooling wall" to create one of the most efficient data centers in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Australian document process outsourcing firm realizes benefits of virtualization

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This white paper presents a key case study of how Speedscan consolidated their disparate physical infrastructures within a single virtualized data center to improve energy efficiency by 92%.

  • Datacenter with Energy, Temperature and Density Under Control

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Check out this white paper to learn about a key case study of an organization that was able to optimize server management and energy consumption by deploying server platforms through innovative embedded capabilities.

  • Containerized Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access this resource to uncover the key benefits of standardized, pre-assembled and integrated power and cooling modules over traditional data center power and cooling infrastructures.

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts for Federal Data Center Consolidation

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Check out this resource that describes energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs), and how they are smart alternative financing option for consolidation projects.

  • Don't Let High Data Center Cooling Costs Burn Your Budget

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    This expert resource presents key approaches to data center cooling to prevent serious failures and achieve substantial cost savings.

  • January 2013 Modern Infrastructure E-Zine

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    Access this informative e-zine to learn about the future of data center technologies and what you can expect to see moving forward. Read helpful articles on the latest data center trends and developments that can help you realize the benefits of the data centers of tomorrow.

  • InfraStruxure for Small IT Spaces at Schneider Electric

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access this video to discover a comprehensive solution that brings together UPS, power distribution and cooling offerings to help you manage small data centres, IT rooms, enterprise branches or network closets. This video outlines a solution that uses virtualisation, unified communication and cloud technologies to simplify these environments.

  • Unified Data Center Fabric: Reduce Costs and Improve Flexibility

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Discover how implementing a Unified Fabric can reduce costs and improve the alignment of data center assets to better fulfill business requirements.

  • Facilities Design for High-density Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Facility design drastically impacts the density capabilities of your data center. This resource discusses how to improve the five key areas of facility design, including air management, thermal management, architectural considerations, and more.

  • Achieving a New Level of Data Center Performance

    Sponsored by: Emerson Network Power

    Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) can provide accurate, real-time information and help planning and management in the data center. Access this white paper to learn how your organization can benefit from the right DCIM tools and optimize efficiency and capacity in your IT environment.

  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Evaluating and Implementing DCIM Solutions

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access this white paper to discover tips for choosing the right data center infrastructure management tools. This resource describes the common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a DCIM solution and provides practical guidance to help you pick a toolset that is a better fit for your data center – and shows you how to implement it properly.

  • Economizer Modes of Data Center Cooling Systems

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access this white paper to learn how your data center can reduce energy costs by using the right economizer mode. This resource provides definitions for the various types of economizer modes and compares their performance against key data center attributes.

  • Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-density Server Deployment

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access this white paper to discover ten cooling solutions to support high-density server deployment. These strategic approaches can help you increase cooling efficiency, cooling capacity and power density.

  • Standardization and Modularity in Data Center Physical Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    This white paper outlines how standardization can have significant positive effects on all three major components of DCPI business value – availability, agility and total cost of ownership. Learn how your organization can adopt modular standardization to cut costs and prevent downtime

  • Big Data Grows as Data Centers Shrink

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    The increasing use of cloud computing and the growth of big data and the consumererisation of IT with the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) may lead to data centre downsizing and changes in infrastructure. This e-guide outlines how big data is affecting today’s data centres and what your organisation can do to adjust.

  • Data Center Efficiency Standards: What You Need to Know

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Discover how your organisation can keep up with data centre energy standards. This e-guide outlines the current expectations and how these might evolve in the future.

  • The Big Trends in IT and Data Center Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This expert e-guide presents the most important strategic IT and data centre infrastructure trends that you should consider when building a new facility or pursuing technology upgrade. Get essential tips for better energy efficiency and much more.

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