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Computer Room Air Conditioning Units Research

  • Humidification Stratiegies for Data Centers and Network Rooms

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    This paper explains the nature of humidity, its effects and its management in computer rooms and data centers.

  • Cooling Cost-Saving Strategies: Comfort Cooling vs. Precision Cooling

    Sponsored by: Emerson Network Power

    Important differences exist between precision cooling and building air conditioning (comfort cooling) in controlling these environmental conditions. In this paper, we compare both cooling systems’ ability to maintain favorable environmental conditions, and their energy efficiency and annual operating costs.

  • Liebert: The Right Cooling for IT Environments

    Sponsored by: Emerson Network Power

    Many IT professionals are finding that dedicated precision cooling is the right solution to provide the ideal environment for sensitive electronics. Read this paper to learn why precision cooling is the optimal choice for keeping data centers cool in the most cost-effective way.

  • Monitoring the Computer Room's Physical Environment

    Sponsored by: Sensaphone

    This paper addresses the greatest environmental threats to the functionality of small to medium computer rooms and presents the time and cost savings associated with the integration of a remote monitoring system.

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