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  • 5 Simple Steps to Replacing Your DR Site with Azure

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    This webinar will instruct you on how to connect your VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments into Microsoft Azure, removing the need for you to host your own secondary DR site and utilizing Azure's on-demand capacity to protect your data and apps. Jump to 12:31 for step 1 here.

  • Move and Protect Workloads on Microsoft Azure with Zerto

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    Tune into 0:27 of this video to learn how a partnership between Zerto and Microsoft enables businesses to successfully migrate to, and protect their most demanding workloads on, Azure.

  • Leveraging Microsoft Azure to Build IT Resilience

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    This webcast demos a tool that will improve your disaster resilience using the hybrid cloud with simple migration to Microsoft Azure. Tune into 15:15 to learn how you can simultaneously migrate of tens to hundreds of VMs, perform replication on the VM block-level, and more.

  • SoftNAS SmartTiers Storage Cost Savings Calculator

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    Use this interactive storage cost-savings calculator as a means of benchmarking your savings when using SoftNAS SmartTiers multi-tiered cloud storage versus other public cloud platform providers.

  • Global Online Education Provider Embraces the Hybrid Cloud

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    Read this study to learn how your business can reduce the cost of data loss with RPOs in seconds, enable regular DR validation in minutes, remove the need for a DR site, and more by integrating virtual replication software with Microsoft Azure.

  • High-performance Private Cloud Toolbox

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In order to enable organizations to build agile and powerful private clouds, IBM released their FlashSystem 9100 NVMe-based storage systems which include AI-enhanced systems management and support and a validated private cloud deployment blueprint. Read on to get started.

  • Multi-cloud Business Continuity and Data Reuse

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Dig into this solution brief to find out how public cloud-based business continuity solutions can minimize capital outlays while maintaining the accessibility of your data in multi-cloud enterprises.

  • IBM FlashSystem 9100: Accelerate Data for the Multi-cloud Era

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This ESG white paper takes a detailed, in-depth look at FlashSystem 9100, an NVMe-based flash array, and its features, which can be used as a foundation for a multi-cloud architecture. As such, there are three fit-for-purpose multi-cloud software options for FlashSystem. Read on here for more.

  • Understanding the Difference Between Google Vault and Spanning Backup

    Sponsored by: Spanning Cloud Apps

    This paper breaks down the differences between Google Vault and Spanning Backup, so you can make an informed decision to ensure all your retention and recovery needs are met. Download your copy for the use cases for each.

  • 4 Options for Architecting Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Sponsored by: Hedvig Inc

    The checklist included in this resource outlines four architectural options for establishing hybrid cloud storage in your organization. Each option also highlights which software-defined storage capabilities you'll need to successfully implement that hybrid strategy. Read on to view them.

  • 5 Backup and DRaaS Considerations for Improving Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

    Sponsored by: GreenPages Inc.

    One option for consolidating multi-cloud backup processes is using cloud backup and DRaaS. Download this white paper to view five factors to consider in choosing the right cloud backup and DRaaS solution for your multi-cloud strategy.

  • SoftNAS Architecture on AWS

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    This 31-page resource addresses the architectural considerations when deploying SoftNAS Cloud—a NAS solution that can be deployed on AWS. It also provides guidance on data protection, performance optimization, deployment scenarios, and more. Read the PDF here.

  • Modus Migrates SaaS App to AWS, Increases Scalability and Business Value

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    Access this case study to learn how Modus migrated its eDiscovery SaaS app to the AWS cloud without needing to re-engineer their apps, by way of a hybrid cloud data platform that enables block and file storage services through CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI protocols.

  • Cloud-native NAS and Veeam on AWS: Getting Started

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    This sheet presents a cost-effective cloud-native object storage solution—SoftNAS Cloud® Essentials—that provides a file path for Veeam archive storage and critical integration between Veeam and AWS. Read on to see this system's features, components, and get started in just 5 steps.

  • SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise for Microsoft Azure

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    If you need a way to easily move your apps to the cloud to accommodate capacity requirements, read on here. This resource highlights a software-defined NAS filer that will enable you to move petabyte-scale workloads to the Azure cloud without re-engineering apps.

  • A Guide to Backup Appliances and Data Availability

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    This 12-page guide serves as your refresher on backup appliances, diving into the history, types of backup appliances, overcoming backup appliance threats, and more. Claim your guide here.

  • Controlling and Managing Data on Microsoft Azure

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    Download the following paper for one method of managing cost-effective cloud backup and DR with an enterprise-class, cloud NAS file service that extends the native storage abilities of Microsoft Azure, allowing you to fully control and manage data on Azure storage.

  • 5 Essential Tips for Considering a Cloud Service for Your Company

    Sponsored by: Magenic

    If deployed correctly, cloud services could reduce your operating costs by up to 60%. Read the following blog post to view 5 essential tips for considering a cloud service for your company, as illustrated by cloud experts.

  • Emerging Market Report on Multi-Cloud Primary Storage

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    In this report, the Taneja Group breaks down two research studies, during which 350+ IT pros offer their guidance when considering multi-cloud primary storage. Read on for an additional close examination of 5 multi-cloud offerings, which the Taneja Group evaluates and compares against each other.

  • Journey to Private Cloud NAS

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    Download this deck to view private cloud NAS which enables you to move, manage, and control data across locations and storage types by consolidating on-premises file servers in the cloud. It's compatible with VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

  • 5 Critical Questions to Ask Your CSP Before Entering an Agreement

    Sponsored by: ProAct

    There are five areas organisations should address at the beginning of every cloud service provider agreement. Read on now to discover those 5 crucial questions to ask a potential CSP before committing to the relationship.

  • Brainshark Migrates Disaster Recovery to the Azure Cloud with Cloud NAS

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    By reading on, you'll learn how utilizing cloud-native NAS on Azure enabled Brainshark to support 100 TB of storage, while freeing them from expenses associated with their on-premises DR data center, physical NAS, and SAN appliances.

  • SoftNAS Cloud Editions Feature Matrix

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    This feature matrix highlights the technical details of a cloud-native storage solution that provides a private storage virtualization environment to cloud-enable your data and apps. Download your copy here.

  • Connect Your Business Data to the Cloud with SoftNAS Cloud

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    This white paper details a cloud-native, software-only solution that provides a private storage environment to cloud-enable your data and apps without custom coding or re-engineering. Read on to unlock the ability to migrate live business apps without performance or outage issues, and more.

  • Datasheet: SoftNAS Cloud Platinum Edition

    Sponsored by: SoftNAS

    The following datasheet addresses the cost problems that plague broader cloud storage adoption with a fully-integrated cloud data platform that cuts storage costs up to 67% through auto-tiering and native support for both block and object storage on AWS and Azure. Read on for the detailed features.

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