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  • Veeam Builds Your Availability All the Way to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Alex Fraser and Nick Furnell from Veeam Software provide guidance on leveraging the public cloud as part of your organization's overall backup, recovery, and availability strategy. Tune in as they walk you through a demonstration of the benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect.

  • Top 6 Reasons to Use Cloud Backup as a Service

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Read this custom white paper for six benefits cloud backup can bring to your organization, including the ability to maximize your IT resources and reduce overall TCO.

  • How Freshwater Systems Slashed Their AWS Bills with GorillaStack

    Sponsored by: GorillaStack

    View the study here for the details on an EC2 scheduling solution with GorillaStack that reduced Freshwater Systems' monthly spending by double-digit percentages without compromising performance or availability.

  • Demystifying AWS EC2 Reserved Instances

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    This guide is designed to help cloud engineers leverage Reserved Instances (RIs) to optimize AWS cloud costs, increase ROI, and reserve capacity for when needed. Download for the full RI rundown, 3 reasons to buy RIs, and bringing RI into practice.

  • China Gateway: Building a China-ready Business

    Sponsored by: Alibaba Cloud

    This paper offers proven guidance on how to strategically partner with a cloud provider to expand your business to China. Additionally, read on to access 5 case studies from organizations that have successfully established business in the Chinese market by partnering with CSP Alibaba Cloud.

  • Expanding your Business to China? 8 Key Solutions to Succeed!

    Sponsored by: Alibaba Cloud

    Access the following infographic to learn how Alibaba Cloud can provide your organization with support at every stage of entering the Chinese market, from testing the waters to scaling up and customer engagement.

  • How Express Connect Helps Enterprises Build Dedicated Connections Between Different Clouds

    Sponsored by: Alibaba Cloud

    This paper introduces you to a solution that will help you build secure and stable connections between different cloud environments and on-prem. Read on for a breakdown of features and top 7 benefits highlighted.

  • 5 Minutes with Propel: Integrated Customer Complaint Process

    Sponsored by: PropelPLM

    No company likes getting customer complaints, but in the medical devices industry, companies need to ensure they have an effective and auditable way for managing complaints. Download this video to uncover a modern way for handling customer complaints by integrating CRM, PLM, and QMS.

  • Untold Studios Chooses WekaIO Matrix on AWS for Simplicity in Cloud Implementation

    Sponsored by: WekaIO

    Samuel Reid, Head of IT, shares Untold Studios' journey in this video, and reveals how WekaIO Matrix, a cloud-native file system that can tier to Amazon S3, proved to be the most cost-effective storage solution for their VFX workflow. Take a look here.

  • Your Journey to China: Evaluating Entry Strategies

    Sponsored by: Alibaba Cloud

    Click here to view the contents of this action-oriented white paper, which details several entry strategies to the China market for cloud providers. In addition to those 4 entry options, you'll be privy to how to establish a market presence and selecting a partner to get you there.

  • Driving Customer-Centric Development

    Sponsored by: PropelPLM

    AMS Technologies, a high-tech distributor and provider of custom optical, thermal, and power management tools across Europe, struggled to involve its customers throughout the product development process. To see how AMS Technologies overcame their business challenges and customer experience hurdles, download this case study from Propel PLM.

  • 6 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Continue reading to find out the six vulnerabilities that hundreds of IT pros have identified in their own Office 365 environments— and how to patch any data protection holes in your own instance.

  • South African Financial Services Company Gears Up for the Multi-cloud

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    This IDC paper spotlights a South African financial services company that laid the foundation for an effective multi-cloud strategy with hyper-converged infrastructure. Read here for the takeaways.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery for AWS Workloads

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Watch this session to learn the essentials of protecting critical data and workloads in AWS, including discussions on the native AWS data backup options, low-cost alternatives for protecting data in AWS, and compliance and ransomware concerns.

  • Veeam Builds Your Availability All the Way to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Alex Fraser and Nick Furnell from Veeam Software provide guidance on leveraging the public cloud as part of your organization's overall backup, recovery, and availability strategy. Tune in as they walk you through a demonstration of the benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect.

  • Hybrid Backups Reap Benefits of Cloud and Local Backups

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara Corporation

    Why not reap the benefits of both local and cloud backups? Save this e-guide to view the benefits of a hybrid backup strategy that combines a local backup cache with cloud backup—and that resolves the pain points of the two approaches while providing unified restores.

  • Off-site Backup Versus Cloud Backup: Comparing Your Options

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara Corporation

    What's the difference between off-site backup and cloud backup? And, more importantly, which approach is right for your organization? Download this expert guide to find out with a head-to-head comparison of the two, as well as 4 considerations to help you select your strategy.

  • How to Move VMware Data Protection to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Druva Software

    Download this white paper to view 5 advantages of using cloud-based VMware data protection and backup. Considerations on cloud compliance and governance, test and development, and workload mobility are also detailed. Read on here.

  • The True TCO of Tape

    Sponsored by: Fujifilm Recording Media USA, Inc.

    Lead Analyst of Storage Switzerland George Crump and Brad Johns discuss the TCO of tape vs. disk vs. cloud in this video, and in it you'll learn about tape's unique cost advantages for a 5-year and 10-year TCO. Tune in here.

  • Integrated NICE inContact Products & Metrics Power TechStyle Fashion Group

    Sponsored by: NICE inContact

    Download this video to learn why TechStyle Fashion Group chose NICE inContact's cloud-based customer platform to provide customers with the channel options they want, and the streamlined experience they expect.

  • The Essential Guide to Cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: iland Internet Solutions Inc.

    This guide presents several approachable, action-oriented steps for evaluating and implementing cloud backup and disaster recovery in your organization, including guidance on DR testing and identifying which workloads need the most protection. Continue reading here.

  • The Multi-cloud Enterprise: How to Deliver Data Management and Availability

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    In this webcast, VP of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam Dave Russell highlights a backup approach that extracts the complexity associated with managing and protecting multi-cloud workloads for consistent protection. This is your chance to tune in.

  • Back up Your Dropbox Data Directly to an Alternate Destination

    Sponsored by: Dropbox

    Unfortunately, Dropbox does not accommodate strict retention requirements, nor does it ensure that your files are untouchable from ransomware. Access this resource to learn 7 key benefits of using Extended Protection for Dropbox to ensure your data residing in the cloud is protected no matter what.

  • Overview: Komprise Data Management with Western Digital Cloud Object Storage

    Sponsored by: Western Digital

    What if you could slash storage costs by automatically moving inactive data to a cloud object storage tier—without disrupting your users or applications? Read on for one means of doing so.

  • Western Digital Enhances Its Portfolio to Meet Market Demands for Cloud and Performance

    Sponsored by: Western Digital

    Download this IDC report to learn more about Western Digital extending its portfolio to support cloud and mobile workloads and to unify public cloud integration and on-premises storage needs.

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