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  • How MTM Leveraged Customer Feedback to Improve CX with CallMiner

    Sponsored by: CallMiner

    MTM is a leading non-emergency medical transportation broker that sometimes struggles to properly leverage customer feedback. Luckily, that changed after implementing CallMiner. Watch this video to learn about MTM’s experience and the benefits they’ve achieved with the new solution.

  • Using Automated Scorecards to Improve Agent Performance

    Sponsored by: CallMiner

    When Quality Monitoring (QM) and recording processes were introduced, call center supervisors were able to monitor agent activity, but with all the communication channels used today, legacy QM tools are no longer adequate. Download this white paper to learn about a more modern way to create quality scorecards with speech analytics and automation.

  • How Holiday Inn Re-vamped their Contact Center with CallMiner

    Sponsored by: CallMiner

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations is a collection of resorts in the U.S. Hoping to expand their contact center and better meet compliance requirements, the company implemented CallMiner’s Eureka platform. Learn about Holiday Inn’s experience and the benefits Eureka helped them realize in this brief video.

  • The Power of Analytics in the Customer Experience Economy

    Sponsored by: 8x8, Inc.

    Download this eBook to learn how companies are using analytics to solve the toughest puzzles of customer experience management and explore 4 tips for using them in your contact center.

  • AI, Automation, and the Modern Agent Desktop

    Sponsored by: Appian

    In order to meet new customer experience demands, organizations need to rethink how they are arming agents to deliver the value that customers expect. Watch this webcast to hear two CX experts talk about market trends that are changing the way organizations use customer service and about the 3 keys of valuable contact center customer experience.

  • Constructing the Next-Gen Support Agent: Why AI Is Required

    Sponsored by: Coveo

    There’s a lot of discussion around the benefits AI can provide—especially in customer service. But can it really live up to all the hype? Find out in this webinar, which delves into 1 healthcare organization’s experience implementing AI in their self-service strategy and the benefits they achieved.

  • How to avoid a messaging meltdown in your contact center

    Sponsored by: BT

    When it comes to messaging channels for your customer support teams, successful implementation takes so much more than making the channel available. Download this white paper for tips on how to avoid a messaging meltdown in your contact center.

  • How AI Is Powering the Next Generation of Support Agents

    Sponsored by: SearchUnify

    When it comes to contact center agents, many support teams still rely on manual processes—preventing them from servicing customers in the most efficient, effective way. Luckily, AI and cognitive search can help. Learn how AI is powering the next generation of support agents in this blog post.

  • Transform Your Contact Center with Collaboration Across Your Business

    Sponsored by: 8x8, Inc.

    Watch this webcast to learn about the value of implementing UC capabilities into your contact center, and how 8x8 can help guide the process.

  • Let’s Get Real About Speech Analytics

    Sponsored by: 8x8, Inc.

    Download this eBook to learn about some of the most prevalent myths that prevent organizations of all sizes from successfully adopting speech analytics and unleashing its full potential.

  • Adding Intelligence to Contact Centers

    Sponsored by: 8x8, Inc.

    Watch this webinar to learn about 8x8’s intelligent IVR technology, which enables a modern contact center to take incoming calls, listen, and evaluate responses automatically to direct callers to the best solution as quickly as possible.

  • How to Move to the Cloud with 8x8

    Sponsored by: 8x8, Inc.

    In this brief, learn how 8x8 can help organizations migrate their communications and contact center infrastructure to a cloud-based solution in 8 steps.

  • The State of Agent Experience and Engagement in Today’s Contact Centers

    Sponsored by: NICE inContact

    Improving employee engagement can have multiple ripple effects across an organization— especially in the contact center, where agent experience directly correlates to customer satisfaction. Download this research report to explore key findings on how contact centers can drive satisfaction, engagement, and motivation.

  • Building a Business Case for Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

    Sponsored by: NICE inContact

    While it is possible to deliver a great personalized experience to customers without technology when a company is small, it is not as easy once the business gains scale.When this occurs, experts recommend adopting a cloud contact center. Download this white paper to learn how to build a compelling business case when considering a move to the cloud.

  • The AI-Infused Contact Center: First Steps, The Big Picture & What’s to Come

    Sponsored by: NICE inContact

    How can AI make your contact center more productive? Find out in this webinar which features Forrester's Art Schoeller discussing what’s on the horizon for AI and how contact centers can benefit from AI integration.

  • Improving Your Agent Experience, 1 Step at a Time

    Sponsored by: NICE inContact

    The more a contact center can engage and motivate agents – the less attrition it will experience, which positively affects customers and the organization. Download this webinar to find out how to boost agent experience maturity and create a better overall CX.

  • Is AI Really What Customers Want?

    Sponsored by: BT

    Chances are, your vision of the contact center of the future includes a smoothly running omnichannel set up, with AI taking the lead in transactions. But how close is this utopia? And is it what consumers really want? Find out in this white paper, which delves into research on what consumers really want from their contact center CX.

  • The Phone is Dead; Long Live the Phone

    Sponsored by: BT

    After 10 years of tracking a gradual decline in customer preferences to call, British Telecommunications’ new global Autonomous Customer survey is showing a radical resurgence of one of the oldest channels of all: voice. Explore BT’s research around the revitalization of phone channels — and how you can adjust your strategy in this white paper.

  • Ten considerations for moving your contact center to the cloud

    Sponsored by: Genesys

    By evaluating criteria and answering critical questions at the outset, organizations will be able to find the best match for their business goals and requirements. View this ebook to learn the 10 key considerations for selecting a partner and moving to a cloud-based contact center.

  • CallTower Teams Direct Routing + Five9 Contact Center = POWERFUL

    Sponsored by: CallTower, Inc.

    Together, CallTower and Five9 empower the Microsoft Teams digital environment to provide a strong, positive customer experience. In this brief, explore the capabilities of CallTower’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Five9 Blended Cloud Contact Center.

  • Evolve IP Drives CARS’ Contact Centers into the Future

    Sponsored by: EvolveIP

    Charitable Adult Rides and Services (CARS) is a non-profit that enables vehicle donations for charities. As they grew, their call center software became outdated and unintegrated. After searching around, they decided to upgrade with Evolve IP. Learn about CARS’ experience in this case study.

  • Cloud vs. On-Premises: Understanding the Key Differences

    Sponsored by: Fuze

    The only way to understand the advantages of one thing over another is to compare them side-by-side. In this resource, see how Fuze’s cloud communications delivery model compares to traditional premises-based systems.

  • How 9 CCaaS Vendors Measure Up

    Sponsored by: EvolveIP

    According to Gartner, CCaaS solutions are becoming the preferred deployment model for many contact centers in North America—a title that was previously held by on-premises contact centers. Download this Magic Quadrant report to assess 9 of the top vendors and their products to see why CCaaS has continued to be the popular choice.

  • Innovative Ways To Address The Top 3 Agent Empowerment Challenges

    Sponsored by: Talkdesk

    Contact centers are struggling to keep their agents engaged. The word “empowerment” is regularly offered up as an end-all-be-all solution for driving culture improvement, but what does it really mean to empower agents? Find out in this trend report, which explores what it really means to empower your team members.

  • The UK Contact Center Decision-Maker’s Guide 2018-19

    Sponsored by: 4Net

    The "UK Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide (2018/19 - 16th edition)" is a major annual report studying the performance, operations, technology and HR aspects of UK contact center operations. Download the report to uncover 7 of the major pain points and issues that affect the contact center industry and recommendations for solving these issues.

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