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  • Software Composition Analysis Maturity Model

    Sponsored by: Flexera Software

    While open source software continues to offer product development benefits, it also brings harmful risks you need to manage. Read this whitepaper to explore the 4 levels of a composition analysis model that supports open source security and compliance.

  • Application Decommissioning Checklist Identifying Candidates

    Sponsored by: Flatirons Digital Innovations

    How do you really know when it's time for an unused legacy application to be retired or decommissioned? In this checklist, explore some of your legacy applications to find out whether or not they are good candidates to be decommissioned, and avoid some common pitfalls of older legacy apps like fees and unsecured data.

  • CorpFlex improves VM cost and performance by migrating to Red Hat Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Running virtual machines can be overwhelming, so often relying on open source solutions can offset the cost and performance issues. Download this Red Hat case study that gives you a look into how one company reduced VM spend by 87% and migrated to a streamlined infrastructure.

  • Application Decommissioning 101

    Sponsored by: Flatirons Digital Innovations

    Plenty of organizations still have legacy applications in their environments that are rarely, if ever used. Check out the decommission checklist in this whitepaper to find out if any apps in your environment are ready to be decommissioned. You may be surprised to find you're storing data that is no longer relevant or extremely outdated.

  • Application Security Testing Coverage

    Sponsored by: Contrast Security

    Application security coverage is evermore important due to widespread cyber threats, but traditional frameworks fail to appropriately cover all four app security dimensions. Download this whitepaper for a side-by-side comparison of a traditional SAST solution versus Contrast Assess.

  • Red Hat Virtualization Increases Efficiency And Cost Effectiveness Of Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Are you positive your virtualization solution is going to deliver for you? Download this Forrester report on Red Hat's virtualization project, which confirms the solution's claims of being an automated and efficient tool that is cost effective.

  • Modernizing Legacy Applications Saves Bottom Lines

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Since their legacy Lotus Notes environment was going to shutdown, which included over 200 custom apps, one company took a group of workers that had been developing ITIL and service management modules for years and transitioned them into a team that builds custom apps. Find out the benefits they realized from this process.

  • How IT Can Develop and Deploy Mobile Apps

    Sponsored by: SearchMobileComputing

    Fads come and go, but the best approaches to develop and deploy enterprise mobile apps have staying power. Find out what those approaches are.

  • DevSecOps: Putting the Security in DevOps

    Sponsored by: Sonatype

    Security in DevOps, aptly named DevSecOps, is something that your development organization is going to have to deal with soon. This e-guide is your primer to bringing these two departments together when they come from such different perspectives. Learn how to improve collaboration, incorporate security earlier in development, and more.

  • Low-Code/No-Code Platforms: Simplify Mobile App Development

    Sponsored by:

    This expert handbook takes a look at how low-code development platforms are becoming more prevalent in organizations looking to expand their web and mobile development options. Learn why low-code/no-code with drag-and-drop visual capabilities should be a welcome alternative for software developers and a simplified method for non-developers.

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