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  • Grow Your Business Through Application Modernization

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    Organizations are demanding more from their software providers and are increasingly abandoning rigid, expensive, and restrictive legacy technology in favor of more flexible, cost-effective cloud solutions. As they make this journey, they want solutions that free them from the burden of their legacy technologies, such as commercial databases.

  • Moving to Modern C++: Ensuring Safety and Security with AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines

    Sponsored by: Perforce

    This paper delves into the AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines and examines how AUTOSAR differs from established coding standards. Access it here to learn if your team should adopt the AUTOSAR guidelines and how to transition from your existing coding standard.

  • Why Containers are the Future

    Sponsored by: Magenic

    Containers are revolutionizing deployment, offering numerous benefits including the ability to integrate smoothly into DevOps and standardize the deployment for applications in test, staging, and production environments. Download this whitepaper to help convince executives at your organization that containers are the way of the future.

  • Webinar: Top 6 Security Needs for APIs and Serverless Apps

    Sponsored by: Data Theorem

    In this webinar, discover the top 6 API security needs for APIs and apps across serverless platforms such as AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions.

  • How to Automate Mobile AppSec without the Staff

    Sponsored by: Data Theorem

    The demand for mobile apps has caused a need for developers to improve and release features at an unprecedented rate to stay ahead of the competition—the hard part is making sure security doesn't fall through the cracks. Watch this webinar to learn top challenges and problems facing security teams for mobile AppSec and how you can remedy them.

  • Automating Software Security Checks for Open Source Software and SDKs

    Sponsored by: Data Theorem

    The growth of open source software (OSS) and 3rd-party software development kits (SDKs) have been on the rise over the last 5 years, and for good reason. But there are downsides. Learn about them in this webinar, which covers: Risks of using OSS and SDKs for apps, challenges of staying ahead of vulnerability issues in 3rd-party software, and more.

  • 4 Ways Application Specific Networking Boosts DevOps Strategies

    Sponsored by: NetFoundry

    Find out how you can better support the development and deployment of applications with Application Specific Networking (ASN)—which provides better ways of connecting to the cloud so that your organization can work more efficiently, increase responsiveness and deliver the results that customers require—ultimately improving time to market.

  • Containerize your Apps with Docker and Kubernetes

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    Containerization is a must these days, but tricky to get started with. This eBook is full of information to get you started. In over 300 pages, find the answer to any questions you may have around container deployment and management, security, Kubernetes, and much more.

  • OutSystems for Local Government

    Sponsored by: OutSystems

    Download this resource to find out how OutSystems helped the City of Oakland build out various apps internally, on a tight budget.

  • Harnessing the Open Source Capabilities of Linux

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Click to learn how Linux, one of the most trusted open-source operating systems, can accelerate your cloud-native application development processes.

  • Run Applications Anywhere

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    In this webcast, listen as Mark Nunnikhoven, VP of Cloud Research at Trend Micro discusses how you can implement a simpler strategy for maintaining security while running your applications in any environment.

  • 3rd-Party Tags Are out of Control

    Sponsored by: Instart

    Watch this brief webinar to learn about Instart DX Cloud Tags and how they can help you get visibility and control of all your 3rd-party services as they come together with your 1st-party code, at runtime, in the browser.

  • 20 Docker Security Tools Compared

    Sponsored by: Sysdig

    In this report, discover 20 container and Docker specific security tools from organizations like CoreOS, StackRox, Sysdig, and more.

  • Prometheus Monitoring Guide - How to monitor Kubernetes

    Sponsored by: Sysdig

    A container and Kubernetes monitoring solution is the tool you need when traditional monitoring methods fall short. Read through the key features of one such tool in this whitepaper, and find out how you can easily create new infrastructure layers, introduce container visibility, analyze Kubernetes metrics, and much more.

  • Kubernetes Monitoring: Fundamentals

    Sponsored by: Sysdig

    For tips on how to properly orchestrate and analyze events and data in your Kubernetes environment, download this whitepaper on Kubernetes monitoring fundamentals.

  • Best Practices for Running Containers and Kubernetes in Production

    Sponsored by: Aqua Security

    Download this analyst report to reference any time you have a question regarding best practices around container monitoring, storage, security, networking, and more.

  • Operating Blind: The Reality Of Digital Operations In 2019

    Sponsored by: Instart

    Integrating 3rd-party code into your applications can offer a lot of benefits, but they also pose major challenges—like a severe lack of visibility that leads to web performance issues. Learn about the importance of getting visibility into your third-party services and how you can achieve that in this article.

  • Improve Business Agility Through Platform Consolidation

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Flip through the findings of a Forrester survey that canvassed over 360 IT decision makers to learn how they're consolidating existing IT and application development platforms to further greater digital transformation objectives.

  • Containers: Where Linux Host Networking Meets Network Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Cumulus

    Read this document for a step-by-step guide to achieving success with container networking. Also explore Cumulus Networks and how they can help simplify the deployment of containers.

  • The Complete Guide to Securing IBM I, AIX, and Linux Servers

    Sponsored by: HelpSystems

    This guide is designed to equip IBM i pros with information about what exit points are and how exit programs work, along with their impact on your overall security. Read on to learn more about why menu security alone falls short, how object-level security affect exit programs, and much more.

  • How Strategists Can Use the Cloud to Delight Customers

    Sponsored by: Magenic

    Flip through a collection of cloud innovation stories from real companies like Domino's Pizza and Deloitte to find out how they leveraged cloud applications to transform their business model – and usher in new eras of growth.

  • Build Context-Aware Networks with this Smart Router

    Sponsored by: 128 Technology

    In this white paper, learn about 128 Technology's Session Smart Router, a modernized and secure routing model for building context-aware networks—which gives you the reliable application performance you need.

  • Brinker Offers Innovative Digital Dining Experience with Red Hat

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Tune in to this short video to learn how Chili's has implemented containerized applications to create a highly available, self-healing infrastructure, and minimized downtime during the highest volume business days.

  • Diamanti D10 Bare-metal Container Platform

    Sponsored by: Diamanti

    In this whitepaper, learn about a hyperconverged container platform designed to deliver the simplicity and performance you need to run stateful applications at scale using container technology, with no need to meander down the wandering DIY path.

  • Modernize legacy applications with containers, microservices

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara Corporation

    Cloud modernization has been the main way that organizations go about modernizing legacy applications, with significant cost savings to be made. Containers and microservices, however, may bring even more savings. Take a look into this eGuide to learn more.

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