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  • Simplifying Data Management for Multi-Cluster Kubernetes

    Sponsored by: HammerSpace

    The ephemeral nature of containers and their data makes them difficult to integrate with databases like MySQL and MongoDB, and means backup, DR, security, and compliance, are all critical issues once again. Explore a solution for automating data management for containers and Kubernetes in this whitepaper.

  • Enterprise Low Code without Limits the Secret to Building

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Developers are using low-code development platforms more and more to quickly create mission-critical applications for their organizations. Learn how in this whitepaper.

  • Case Study University of Wollongong

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Open this case study to learn how the University of Wollongong in Australia has cut development times by using a low-code platform as a part of their digital transformation strategy.

  • The Guide to Updating Legacy Applications

    Sponsored by: Compunnel Digital

    What does "modernization" really mean when it comes to your legacy apps? There are four pathways to modernization that you'll need to explore. Jump into this e-Book to learn the pros and cons of all four, and how modernization will help keep your organization maintain its position in the market.

  • Protecting Against Threats with Updated Application Security Testing

    Sponsored by: WhiteHat Security

    In this Technology Spotlight report, IDC recommends application security testing tools that integrate security throughout the entire software development life cycle. Read on for an in-depth look at the role of WhiteHat Security in the marketplace for application security testing solutions.

  • Dynamic Digital Government

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Government IT organizations already face significant resource constraints when simply keeping legacy systems functioning. How then are they supposed to innovate and increase the speed of app development? Check out the benefits of low-code in this whitepaper, and learn how you can get started using one, even with minimal coding experience.

  • Digital Inside and Out Platform Strategy for Insurers

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Every insurer knows that the customer experience if everything, and using digital tools to create the best experience possible for your customers is the only way to keep them. Dive into this whitepaper to learn how insurers are using low-code to quickly create apps their customers love and how you can get started.

  • How to Successfully Scale Enterprise DevOps Initiatives

    Sponsored by: PagerDuty

    Many enterprises are new to DevOps and uncertain about how to begin their initiatives and scale their efforts. Access this report to learn how to realize and scale DevOps initiatives in a way that best suits your organization.

  • 5 Ways Appian Delivers Patient Value Brochure

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Dive into this whitepaper to learn how a low-code application development platform can lead to 50% operational cost savings, a 64% increase in customer satisfaction, and greatly increased application production.

  • C.H. Robinson grows faster and stronger with GitHub

    Sponsored by: GitHub

    Any large, global team of developers needs an easy way to find code, collaborate effectively, and even reuse code where possible during development – easier said than done. Read this case study to see how one large development team has used GitHub for version control and code management.

  • Large Enterprises Succeeding With Low-Code

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Explore this analyst report to learn how organizations are using low-code to develop apps in a fraction of the time, and with much less coding experience necessary.

  • Five Ways Appian Helps Utilities Realize Digital Potential

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Explore this whitepaper to learn 5 ways a modern software development tool can help you improve your speed to delivery, customer experience, asset performance, and much more.

  • Advice and Tips About DevOps for Beginners

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    Being brand new to DevOps is intimidating. After all, its methodology alters the traditional definitions of software development, deployment, and even security. Jump into this E-Guide to build a rock-solid foundation for your first forays into the DevOps world.

  • Moving to DevOps: the Human Approach

    Sponsored by: PagerDuty

    To remain competitive and relevant, every organization must be open to change. Though change can be very rewarding, convincing your team of that can be difficult, especially when there is a risk of employee turnover. Consult this eBook for tips on converting your team to DevOps advocates.

  • How Societe Generale used GitHub Enterprise Server to transform their business

    Sponsored by: GitHub

    Developing software faster than ever before is top of mind for every business right now, but that's usually easier said than done, especially when development teams are located around the world and struggle to collaborate effectively. Take a look at this case study to learn why Societe Generale chose GitHub Server for version control.

  • Future of Work Part 2

    Sponsored by: Appian

    It's no secret that development is difficult in today's fast-paced world, but a low-code development platform may provide the agility and the simplicity you need. Open this low-code whitepaper to learn why so many are struggling with development without low-code.

  • Managing the Faster Pace of Low Code Powered Innovation

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Low-code is about to begin a new era of high-speed change, and it's important to prepare for that in a thoughtful, deliberate manner. Access this whitepaper to learn more about low-code development and how to effectively manage the adoption of it and all of the productivity increases your organization will see because of it.

  • Six Core Technologies IT Must Deliver for DevOps Success

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    There are actually 6 key technologies any development team will need to help them be their most productive, with the first three being configuration management, containers, and code and binary management. Open this article to learn about the next three, and more about setting development teams up for success with key technologies.

  • GitHub helps Nationwide in their mission to be "on your side"

    Sponsored by: GitHub

    Access this case study to learn how Nationwide employees used GitHub for version control to gain the speed and agility they desperately needed on their DevOps journey.

  • SAP uses GitHub Enterprise to unite their global team of developers

    Sponsored by: GitHub

    Explore this case study to learn why SAP moved their 35,000 developers to GitHub to serve as a centralized place for finding code, sharing documentation, and kicking off new ideas.

  • Combine the Power of Content Services Platforms and Low-Code Applications

    Sponsored by: K2

    In this guide, learn how to customize and optimize your content services platform through the use of low-code application development tools. Discover how low-code can enhance your content services platform, and decide if a low-code development platform is right for your organization.

  • The Future of Work Part 1

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Low-code development is making it possible to build apps in a fraction of the time that it takes traditional development methodologies. Take a look at these survey results to learn why organizations like yours are at risk of falling behind the pace of innovation without low-code.

  • Grow Your Business Through Application Modernization

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    Organizations are demanding more from their software providers and are increasingly abandoning rigid, expensive, and restrictive legacy technology in favor of more flexible, cost-effective cloud solutions. As they make this journey, they want solutions that free them from the burden of their legacy technologies, such as commercial databases.

  • Moving to Modern C++: Ensuring Safety and Security with AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines

    Sponsored by: Perforce

    This paper delves into the AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines and examines how AUTOSAR differs from established coding standards. Access it here to learn if your team should adopt the AUTOSAR guidelines and how to transition from your existing coding standard.

  • How to Streamline SAP Automation with Low-Code Application Development Platforms

    Sponsored by: K2

    Find out how a low-code application development platform can help simplify SAP workflows, allowing line of business workers to build and customize SAP apps to make their jobs easier – and utilize automation along the way.

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