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  • CISO’s Guide to DevOps

    Sponsored by: ShieldX

    Today’s CISOs are under pressure to establish data security protocols while enabling an agile development environment. Automation allows much of the development process to be agile, however, security remains largely manual. The following guide is a checklist designed to help CISOs with the issue of incorporating security into DevOps.

  • Life, Pension, and Annuity Companies

    Sponsored by: Appian

    The existing technologies at most life, pension, and annuity companies are slowing insurers down. Insurance organizations can consider combining existing systems with a low-code platform. Low-code help streamline operations, allow for digital transformation, and help ensure compliance regulations are met. Read more about the combination here.

  • No-Code Apps for Dummies

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    In order to build, extend, and automate a digital workspace, you need to be an expert – right? With no-code applications, anyone can develop an app, regardless of experience or expertise. This No-Code Apps for Dummies answers your questions about the reality of no-code apps, from chatbots to field types. Read the guide here.

  • Why My Startup Needs a Mobile App?

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    When thinking about app development, outsourcing provides a viable solution for companies who don’t have the capacity to build an app in house. Access this white paper to further explore the reasons why your business should consider outsourcing a mobile app.

  • 8 Key Roles of Professionals in a Mobile App Development Team

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    Who should be on your application development team? When building a team, there are three kinds of developers to consider: in-house developers, freelancers, and developers from agencies. Learn about the 8 key roles of professionals in a mobile application development, and how outsourcing the right people can improve your ROI. Read more now.

  • How to Quote an App Development Project

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    When writing a quote for your outsourced mobile app development, there are a quite a few factors to focus on: the scope of the work, the cost, the timeline, and more. This guide walks you through the various factors of quoting a mobile application. Read the guide now for insight into writing a quote that works for developers and clients alike.

  • How to Create an On-Demand Delivery Tool

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    In the mobile application industry, on-demand apps are at the top of the ladder. In this guide, find the different types of on-demand applications, as well as the varying sectors those applications can serve. The guide also features advice on how to grow and maintain a strong customer base for an on-demand application. Check it out now.

  • How Gamification is One of the Best Drivers for User Engagement

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    In plenty of other industries, it’s well-established that giving users incentives and rewards keeps them engaged. Luckily, this holds true in application development as well. This resource helps you integrate gamification into your application for better user experience and engagement. Read more now.

  • AI tools for software developers: Part One

    Sponsored by:

    The Computer Weekly Developer Network is in the engine room, covered in grease and looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for software application developers to use. With so much AI power in development and so many new neural network brains to build for our applications, how should programmers 'kit out' their AI toolbox?

  • AI tools for software developers: Part Two

    Sponsored by:

    The Computer Weekly Developer Network is in the engine room, covered in grease and looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for software application developers to use. With so much AI power in development and so many new neural network brains to build for our applications, how should programmers 'kit out' their AI toolbox?

  • Here are the Work Elements You’ll See in a Mobile App DevelopmentAgreement

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    Communication between the developer and the client often determines whether the vision of the product is actualized or not. Mobile app development agreements are one way to ensure this communication happens reliably. Read this white paper now to learn what exactly you should include in your mobile app agreement.

  • DevOps is the Missing Piece for Businesses that Demand Change

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    Is it too late to ask what DevOps is? With hundreds of varying definitions floating around, it can be hard to pin down what the process actually is. This reference sheet contains a summary of DevOps and explores its various definitions. Click inside the sheet to get a better understanding of DevOps now.

  • Top IT Predictions in APAC 2020

    Sponsored by:

    As the new decade dawns, we wanted to look ahead at the technologies likely to dominate the Asia-Pacific IT landscape in 2020.

  • 6 Top Mobile App Failures: A Guide for Quality Development

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    We’ve all seen mobile apps experience viral success. While it can be helpful to study successful apps, there’s a lot to learn from the apps that don’t do so well. In this article, CMOLDS lists the 6 top mobile app failures to keep in mind when developing a mobile application of your own. Read the article now.

  • I Have a Fantastic App Idea, What Next?

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    So, you’ve been brainstorming mobile app designs. What steps do you take to transform your ideas into a functional application? In this article, CMOLDS guides you through the process of creating a mobile application – and avoiding the risks along the way. Read the full article here.

  • Delivering operational excellence while managing constant change

    Sponsored by: Capgemini

    Efficient and productive operations are those which prepare for and welcome a constantly changing industry. Your application development and maintenance (ADM) should incorporate the right strategies, such as agile methods and leaving legacy IT. Improve your organization’s ADM by reading this white paper on the best practices for operations now.

  • What is the Right Time to Outsource App Development?

    Sponsored by: CMOLDS

    Is it better to create applications in-house, or outsource your application development to a third-party partner? Deciding on the source of your application development revolves around a couple integral factors, including cost, capacity, expertise, and risk. So how do you best weigh your options? Read CMOLDS’ resource on outsourcing here to start.

  • Know your Risk to Make Strategically Smart Decisions on Application Security

    Sponsored by: WhiteHat Security

    The number of applications in any given organization is growing fast – and so is the number of vulnerabilities. So how can an organization adopt a risk-based approach that still allows for a rapid application development lifecycle? In this white paper, learn how to align security and business goals to keep application development fast – and secure.

  • Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Integrating different development environments is the priority for cloud-based organizations. In this datasheet, Red Hat explores the features of CodeReady Workspaces, which utilizes containers and Kubernetes to best configure environments. Click inside for the details.

  • WhiteHat eLearning Computer-Based Training

    Sponsored by: WhiteHat Security

    Leveraging online developer trainings are a quick and effective way to resolve your security centric development hurdles. Download this whitepaper for an overview of 4 security training paths designed to enhance developer security practices.

  • 2019 Application Security Statistics Report: The DevSecOps Approach

    Sponsored by: WhiteHat Security

    Despite the growing emphasis IT teams place on application security, too many enterprises still fall prone to risks as a result of legacy procedures, lack of coordination, and negligence. Download this application security report for a wide range of takeaways from survey IT teams, and 4 recommendations to leverage in your own DevSecOps.

  • Application Modernization: Keys to Success

    Sponsored by: DELL Boomi

    The demand for application modernization is apparent – but its counterpart, application rationalization, is often overlooked. Before introducing new processes, first assess your organization’s present strategies. Read this guide to learn how to identify what to keep, what to replace, and what to retire in your application development strategy.

  • Key to your digital success - Modernize your application development

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    The ever-present demand for rapid application development and deployment places more and more pressure on IT teams. Check out Red Hat’s video breaking down the three main approaches to swift application development here.

  • Focusing application development and maintenance on delivering key business outcomes

    Sponsored by: Capgemini

    To keep up with rapid digital transformation, application development and maintenance (ADM) needs to balance the needs of both IT and business teams. Read this exclusive TechTarget white paper to learn how ADMnext integrates business and IT to produce better outcomes for all.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to continuous integration and continuous deployment

    Sponsored by:

    Continuous integration and continuous deployment offer a variety of advantages for software developers. In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at what changes are in its pipeline, assesses the cultural changes it brings and how it can deliver results at speed.

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