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  • Why Every Software Application You're Building Needs Embedded Analytics

    Sponsored by: Yellowfin

    As a software vendor, if you aren't providing your customers with analytics, you're not giving them the opportunity to validate your services—they can't see how well your app is performing and its benefits. Read this white paper to learn why every software application you're building can benefit from embedded analytics, and how to implement it.

  • Integration Patterns: Architecting Your Value Stream For Speed and Quality

    Sponsored by: Tasktop

    As digital transformation disrupts industries, businesses need to prioritize accelerating software delivery to beat competitors to the punch. Read this whitepaper to learn the benefits of the 14 most common integration patterns used by industry leading development teams.

  • Value Stream Management and Value Stream Mapping

    Sponsored by: Tasktop

    Rising customer expectations puts greater pressure on your application development, but it can be difficult to meet those standards without the proper delivery approach. Download this whitepaper to learn how to speed up product delivery while optimizing quality through a Value Stream Mapping method.

  • Transforming the Teaching and Learning Experience at the University of South Australia

    Sponsored by: Appian

    Dated and flawed IT business systems have introduced a plague of inefficiency, which places a growing emphasis on the need for the streamlined innovation provided by low-code. Watch this short 2-minute video to find out how a major Australian university with 33,000 students, streamlined their process with Appian's low-code platform.

  • Software Development as It Should Be

    Sponsored by: Tasktop

    With rising demand in product quality businesses rely more on product development, but this can bog down your developers without the correct systems in place. Read this whitepaper on software administration systems to learn how to better support your developers, and in-turn improve customer experience.

  • How to Optimize Your Office 365

    Sponsored by: Apcela

    Download this white paper to learn about an Office 365 Accelerator that's designed to address common performance problems, and ultimately optimize your Microsoft experience.

  • The Digital Product Development Playbook

    Sponsored by: Cmolds

    Check out this digital product development playbook and make sure your development plan is on track to meet your goals, using established development best practices, and in line with digital competitors in today's fast-moving world.

  • Securing DevOps Environments in the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Cyber-Ark Software

    Download this white paper to learn about the importance of protecting the DevOps pipeline, common use cases, and essential principles of security policies and workflow management.

  • Cathay United Bank Case Study

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Banking services who fail to transform with streamlined development process will be undermined by newer and more modern competitors. Read about how a traditional and established Taiwan bank, Cathay United, was able to enhance their competitive edge despite the rapid delivery and agility of emerging fintech startup competitors.

  • Four Pillars to Delivering a Successful Open Banking Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Rising customer demands and expectations of financial services are leading banks to become more reliant on fintech to satisfy emerging customer needs. Read this 3-page whitepaper to learn the four pillars to successfully executing an open banking structure to accommodate new customer trends.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Midsize Agile Software Development Service Providers, Q2 2019

    Sponsored by: 3Pillar

    Explore some of the top Agile service providers in this analyst brief, including solutions from 3Pillar Global, Brillio, EPAM Systems, HCL Technologies, and many more.

  • Driving CARFAX into the Digital Age...And Beyond

    Sponsored by: 3Pillar

    CARFAX, once a paper-based vehicle history report company, made the switch to a digital platform using a leading product development partner. Read this case study to learn how CARFAX has launched their most successful mobile products with the help of this partnership.

  • Low-Code Hype! vs. Reality

    Sponsored by: LANSA

    Projected to grow from $3.8B in 2017 to $21.2B in 2022, low-code has become the hot topic in development. But, is it worth the hype? Read this whitepaper to find out the truth to 7 low-code promises, and separate fact from fiction.

  • Exploring the Digital Economy

    Sponsored by: 3Pillar

    As the digital economy grows at 3x GDP, holding onto older systems and valuing past performances holds less weight than ever before. Watch this short 4-minute video and learn the 7 key takeaways from the rapidly developing digital economy, and how it impacts all types of businesses.

  • No-Code to Full-Code

    Sponsored by: LANSA

    Fast application delivery has become a necessity for businesses looking to adapt and drive change, which means businesses how to change how they build out applications. Review this whitepaper to learn the best possible way to build applications, and optimize the application development process in an age that demands efficiency.

  • Stay Updated With The Latest Happenings in Product Development

    Sponsored by: 3Pillar

    With new technology dominating the IT landscape, its important business make sure their tech adds to the customer experience. Visit this webpage to learn about how business leaders can master and balance the product development mindset in a dynamic customer-centric digital age.

  • 5 Key Considerations When Selecting a Low-Code Platform

    Sponsored by: LANSA

    Application development continues to become more complicated, which means businesses need to find ways to move away from outdated an inefficient methods. Download this whitepaper to learn the five key considerations you should know about low-code platforms and their place in app dev.

  • Intro to Low Code

    Sponsored by: LANSA

    Open this whitepaper to learn about the transformative powers of low-code development. Learn how to empower development teams to increase productivity, simplify integration, create real-time prototypes, and much more with low-code.

  • How an app maximized one retailer's ability to improve customer experience

    Sponsored by: 3Pillar

    Without strategic and intelligent application development, many businesses will fail to meet customer experience standards. Read this whitepaper to see how a well-executed application development process boosted customer experience for a leading retailer.

  • No-Code to Full-Code: The New Spectrum of Application Development

    Sponsored by: LANSA

    Fast application delivery has become a necessity for businesses looking to adapt and drive change, which means businesses how to change how they build out applications. Review this whitepaper to learn the best possible way to build applications, and optimize the application development process in an age that demands efficiency.

  • Red Hat Application Run times

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Rising expectations and demands placed on development organizations means they need to fill out the tall order of delivering solutions faster with lower risk and reduced cost. Download this e-brief to understand how a Red Hat Application can impact your runtimes, making new demands easier to manage.

  • The State of Application Development

    Sponsored by: OutSystems

    Application development teams now face new challenges from the prevalence of disruption, a shortage in development skillsets, and growing demands for app dev deliverables. Download this e-book to get insight into the state of application development, and how new trends will impact your business in an age of constant change.

  • Application Security Buyer's Guide

    Sponsored by: Rapid7

    In the Application Security Buyer's Guide, discover the major features and capabilities you should be looking for when selecting a DAST tool. You will also find some questions and techniques you can leverage to get the most out of your evaluation period.

  • Modern Application Delivery for an Adaptive, Reliable Network

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Traditional app delivery solutions help ensure availability, performance, and security, but not all solutions can bridge the gap between modern and legacy application environments. Download this white paper to learn about a cloud-ready application delivery controller that helps to simplify complex environments and adapt to changing needs.

  • A Data Driven Blueprint for Accelerating DevOps and Agile Practices

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Implementing an optimized container orchestration system will help business develop a competitive edge within their industry. Read through this whitepaper which explains how a Kubernetes container solution can deliver sustainable and reliable improvements to DevOps and Agile processes.

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