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  • Accelerating Digital Innovation with DataOps, Cloud, and Automation

    Take a look at this white paper from IDC to learn the 5 stages of workload migration and discover how Hitachi Vantara is well positioned to help customers succeed in the transition to the cloud.

  • Cloud Has Moved On. Have You?

    Oftentimes, the speed of innovation within your organization is dependent on how closely your cloud and business strategies are aligned. In this video, learn how to fast track modernization by doing just that—aligning your cloud strategy with your overall business strategic plan for more success.

  • Have You Reined in Your Big Data

    Tune into this webinar to hear an exclusive discussion between 7 experts from Hitachi Vantara on how to transform your data lake into a data monetization platform and all that process entails.

  • A Successful SAP S/4HANA Migration Plan for Your Business

    In this webinar, get tips on crafting an SAP S/4HANA migration plan for your organization and see how working with a partner, like Hitachi Vantara, can help accelerate your organization’s transformation to an Intelligent Enterprise.

  • Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation: Hitachi’s step-by-step guide

    In Hitachi Vantara’s latest Virtual Classroom, you will learn how to make the successful journey to the cloud with their step-by-step guide. Hear from their experts on how to migrate to the cloud with Hitachi Vantara's Fast Track approach.

  • 5 Questions Every CIO Must Answer in the Coronavirus Age

    The Coronavirus has completely changed the notion of a business environment, and there’s no telling when employees will be back in the office, if ever. In order to help IT and security leaders address these challenges, this white paper offers 5 questions for CIOs to ask themselves right now regarding identity and access management (IAM).

  • Oracle Cloud Implementation: 10 Common Pitfalls To Avoid

    In this checklist, Hitachi Vantara provides an overview of the biggest obstacles that can get in the way of a successful Oracle Cloud migration.

  • Secure Remote Access for Vendors

    With some of your vendors working remotely both now and for the foreseeable future, now is a good time to check up on your vendor security. Tap into this infographic for 7 steps to securing vendor access.

  • Forrester Total Economic Impact Report - for Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services

    This May, Hitachi Vantara commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an economic analysis of the ROI that can be enabled from Hitachi Vantara cloud services. In this webinar, learn about the key findings of the analysis.

  • Lumada Tackles Manufacturing Floor Issues

    Manufacturers are always looking for ways to innovate and stay ahead of operating costs and other issues. In a world dominated by analytics, data harvesting, and AI, the competitive manufacturing company combines all these tools to increase production, reduce downtime, and streamline maintenance. Read on to learn how you can benefit.

  • How to Thrive in the New World of Manufacturing

    Inside this best practice guide, learn how real-world manufacturers are adapting innovative technologies like IoT, AI, and AR to solve modern challenges of their own. Plus, uncover insights from the field designed to help your organization improve its business and operational well-being.

  • Logan Aluminum Use Case

    While companies like Logan Aluminum collect lots of data from a variety of sensors throughout their factories, they often struggle to use that data. When Logan partnered with Hitachi Vantara, though, they learned how to use that data better and get better products to their customers. Check out this testimonial from Logan Aluminum to learn more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services

    Managed cloud services enable organizations to migrate and modernize workloads and applications with added expertise. Forrester analyzed the financial impact of Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services. Here’s a glimpse of what they found.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services

    In this report, Forrester conducted a Total Economic Impact of Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services. The report provides a summary of the service’s benefits, comparing migration durations with and without Hitachi Vantara, the three-year financial impact of using the service, and other metrics of success.

  • IDC IT-OT Road Map Convergence

    As automation spreads, data grows, and artificial intelligence continues to become more widespread, IT is dealing with the aftereffects of these initiatives. Instead of letting IT clean up fallout, however, these operations function best when IT leads the way towards modernization. Read on to learn more about this IT/OT convergence.

  • Follow the Roadmap to Smart Manufacturing 4.0

    How can you make your manufacturing processes more efficient? Find out in this infographic, which lays out Hitachi’s smart road map to manufacturing 4.0.

  • Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services Overview

    In this 2-minute video, get a quick overview of the Hitachi Vantara cloud services. Learn how Hitachi Vantara uses automation to create a scalable, secure cloud landing zone for all your business applications—with speed, too.

  • Lumada Equips Manufacturers for the Future with Predictive Quality Capability

    Manufacturing is one of the industries poised to benefit most from advanced analytics capabilities. As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands in scope and usability, companies can anticipate or detect anything from maintenance issues to product flaws. Read on to learn more about the benefits of implementing IoT analytics in your business.

  • Consider Co-Creation

    When you try to position your company for future success, it’s essential to choose the right partners to help shape and create that vision with you. Hitachi Vantara has built a successful collaboration model based on engagement, modeling, solution creation and solution validation. Check out this video showcasing their methodology and offerings.

  • Lumada Video Insights Enables Safer and Efficient Manufacturing

    There are a variety of ways to use sensors and other tech to improve manufacturing efficiency, safety, and reduce waste. Integrating video systems into this data ecosystem is another way to help, but it’s not always easy to add to your data architecture. Read on to learn how Hitachi Video Insights can expand your understanding of your company.

  • Lumada Manufacturing Insights from Hitachi Vantara

    Key to improving the value of your manufacturing process is identifying what stages of the process you’re losing value in. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s now more possible than ever to identify problem areas and address them, even before they happen. Read on to learn how Hitachi Vantara can help drive this IoT transformation.

  • How Industrial Companies Can Achieve Transformative Outcomes With DataOps

    Companies like Logan Aluminum have successful business processes that they’re seeking to improve by embarking on digital transformation. But knowing what to change and where to start isn’t easy. Read on to learn how Hitachi Vantara developed a complete digital transformation plan after a two-day workshop with Logan Aluminum.

  • 2019 Hitachi Transformation Awards: Precision Drilling

    For enterprises like oil and gas companies, reactive innovation isn’t enough. Instead, turning insight into immediate action is their priority. Watch this short video to see how Hitachi Vantara was able to empower Precision Drilling with real time insights that they can deploy on the spot.

  • Lumada Edge Intelligence

    A good IoT data intelligence solution shouldn’t just help you organize your data—it should be giving you visibility into your data’s workflows and anticipate problems before they happen. AI and machine learning have allowed data management offerings to truly step up to this plate. Read on to learn more about Lumada’s edge data management tools.

  • Lumada Data Services - Solution Profile

    Data management is becoming more complex by the minute, as data continues to be generated at an exponential rate. It’s no longer feasible to manage data manually, and your data management solutions need to be flexible to fit in your constantly changing data ecosystem. Read on to learn see examples of these automated, AI and ML-driven solutions.

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