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  • End-to-End Data Integration for Hadoop Data Lakes

    What's your plan to efficiently integrate data at scale into a data lake? Traditional tools often aren't enough for modern data. Read this white paper to learn about how organizations are using Attunity to address these problems and keep their engineers working efficiently.

  • Attunity Offerings for Amazon Web Services

    These are the real stories from companies that chose Attunity Replicate and Attunity Compose for Amazon Web Services:

  • Apache NiFi for Dummies

    Several technologies have emerged out of the information age and computer-based economy. This 52-page for Dummies guide is meant to provide you an understanding of what Apache NiFi is and explain when, how, and why you should use it to connect databases, file servers, Hadoop clusters, message queues, and devices all in a single pane.

  • Five Principles for Eff ectively Managing Your Data Lake Pipeline

    How do you plan to manage your data that comes in from multiple sources such as IoT devices? Download this white paper for 5 principles that can help organizations effectively manage their data lake pipeline.

  • Enabling Universal SAP Data Availability

    Download this white paper to learn about leading data replication software, Attunity, and what it can do when integrated with your SAP environment.

  • Implementing General Data Protection Regulation in SAP Environments

    While the GDPR regulations are broad and thorough, they are open to interpretation and lack specificity regarding implementation. Download this white paper to learn how to implement the compliance policies in your SAP environment, today.

  • Getting GDPR Right

    Today's businesses can no longer treat customer privacy as an afterthought. Without a singular mandated solution, companies need to create the right GDPR roadmap. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Your Command Center for Large Scale Data Integration

    Managing and monitoring data ingestion and replication across many endpoints can overwhelm IT with complexity – an essential component to managing rising data volumes and analytics requirements. In this white paper, discover an enterprise data replication management platform by Attunity and how it can help you with this common struggle.

  • Data Integration for Modern Pipelines

    Check out this white paper to learn about Attunity's data integration offering, which includes data integration with a 100% automated interface and data transformation with automated creation and updates.

  • Streaming Change Data Capture

    The beating heart of the data concoction is change data capture (CDC). This 54-page e-book functions as a practical guide to CDC with a focus on structured data, including data from IoT and social media sources that is collected into structured repositories.

  • The Magic of Data Integration in the Enterprise

    Data integration enables the power to analyze the right data, at the right time, and in the right place for your organization. Download this resource to discover 6 data integration tip and tricks, as well as an overview of Attunity's data integration tool.

  • Leaders & challengers of Data Integration Tools

    Without proper data integration, data analysts can't deliver the valuable insights you want from your data. Explore this Gartner Magic Quadrant to get a comparison of 15 data integration vendors, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

  • Enabling an Agile Data Warehouse with Automation

    Watch this webinar to learn how to overcome the limitations of traditional data warehouses with modern technology, which can enable you to automate and accelerate routine IT tasks associated with designing, creating, populating, and managing data warehouses and data marts.

  • Making an Operational Data Store (ODS) the Center of Your Data Strategy

    This white paper provides an overview of why organizations today need operational data stores, how to sell an ODS to 5 different stakeholder groups, and best practices for implementing an ODS.

  • Miller Insurance Case Study

    In this case study, discover the upshot of Miller Insurance's adoption of a more efficient and expedient data replication tool, including benefits they experienced, such as an enhanced 360-degree view of the customer, improved business intelligence and analytics, and more.

  • Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape: How to Roll Out SAP HANA and Reduce Infrastructure Costs

    SAP HANA is a critical tool for organizations looking to make a digital transformation, but implementing and operating the system is not easy without the right resources. In this resource, discover how your organization can rapidly deploy SAP HANA for you next digital transformation project.

  • Swiss Life Case Study

    Access this case study to discover how SwissLife's "Vision 360" platform—a single source of truth for customers, service, and sales—was brought to life through data replication technology. Additionally, learn about the technology that enabled them to replicate data in near real time.

  • SAP Utilities Gold Client for SAP Utilities

    In this webinar, discover how to quickly replicate and secure relevant, accurate data for testing, development and training across your SAP environment.

  • How to keep Test Data current across your SAP landscape

    To ensure your testing is accurate and effective across the SAP environment, your business needs to be using the most current data. Discover how you can drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to acquire data by accessing this webinar now.

  • Best Practices for Upgrading after SQL Server 2005 End of Life

    In this expert e-guide, receive advice on how to prepare for SQL Server 2005 end of life. Discover why SQL Server 2014 is the recommended upgrade option at the moment, the benefits of waiting until SQL Server 2016 is fully released, and more.

  • SQL Server 2005 End of Life is Closing in: Are You Ready?

    In this expert e-guide, receive advice on how to prepare for SQL Server 2005 end of life. Discover why SQL Server 2014 is the recommended upgrade option at the moment, the benefits of waiting until SQL Server 2016 is fully released, and more.

  • Dolby Labs Improves Data Quality with SAP-verified Solution

    How can you create and update non-production systems in SAP environments with good, reliable data? Discover a SAP-verified solution that can empower you to improve the quality and availability of test data, easily replicate production issues in QA, and more.

  • Webinar: Innovate SAP Data Management For Fast Business Success

    SAP experts Adrian Bromell and Adam Gilbey provide technical insights into how you can solve common database management problems and ensure quality data is flowing throughout your SAP landscape in this in-depth webcast.

  • Mercedes-Benz saves 25 man-days annually on QA refreshes

    Discover how Mercedes was able to pull master data in less than an hour to significantly cut the time to deliver the data needed to run their business.

  • Gold Client helps Northrop Grumman create an isolated SAP environment

    Northrop Grumman Corporation, a company specializing in defense and technology services, needed to improve how their development team works with data and gain more flexibility with their production environment. Access this case study to learn how they were able to optimize data in their SAP environment – allowing them to save time and resources.

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