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  • It’s Time to Rethink Operations for the 5G Era

    The potential size of the post-5G telco services market is estimated at more than $2 trillion. That’s a powerful reason to pursue 5G transformation at full speed. In this e-book, learn how service providers can evolve their operations for 5G while controlling costs, ensuring quality and security, and gaining competitive agility.

  • Adopting a Service-Centric Approach to 5G Operations for Enhanced ROI

    5G is more than just a radio upgrade. It’s a platform for innovation that allows telecommunications service providers to embrace new businesses models and tap into new revenue streams. In this use case, learn how service providers can start streamlining, simplifying and automating the way they create, deliver and assure their services.

  • Appledore Paper: Tomorrow’s Agile Operations

    This Appledore white paper shows how various operations functions fit together and how you can reduce the frequency of “re-invention,” by re-using both software and experience. It also shows how CSPs can make 100:1 improvements in many cost and agility metrics and make agile innovation realistic.

  • The Future of Operations

    In this white paper, learn how service providers can overcome the key challenges, such as the complexity of their current operations and how to look beyond technology and evolve their approaches to people, processes and tools as well to be truly ready for 5G.

  • Connecting Everything and Everyone

    The number of IoT connected devices is increasing and the market opportunities have encouraged many operators to become IoT service providers. However, this transition brings the challenge of connecting and managing these devices. In this white paper, learn how Nokia Impact can help your organization manage every device from a single platform.

  • A Step-by-Step Approach to Reaching End-to-End Service Automation

    To serve the needs of modern consumers and enterprises, digital services must be created, monetized and torn down in digital time. This pace is not possible with legacy IT systems. Instead, CSPs need to move towards an integrated operations paradigm with the primary goals of customer centricity and automation. Download this webcast to learn more.

  • Innovation and Value Creation in the 5G Era

    With so much uncharted territory, the possibilities of 5G can feel endless, even daunting. Operators around the world face common challenges related to a competitive market and those will only become more complex with 5G. In this white paper, learn how Nokia’s Cognitive Collaboration Hubs can help you to transform your network to 5G.

  • Monetization in the 5G Era: Are Your Business Systems Ready?

    For 5G mobile broadband services, the need to differentiate and improve customer engagements to maintain or increase average revenue per user is stronger than ever.In this resource, learn how 5G mobile broadband services can conquer new markets with a number of use cases.

  • How to Put Networking at Webscale into Practice

    This white paper explores the different advantages of merchant vs. in-house silicon for IP networking at webscale. From IP interconnect functions to POP edge and backbone routing, find out how to build and scale your network.

  • Insight-driven Automated Networking

    With market forecasts expecting the number of connected devices to grow to 75 billion by 2025, operators need effective strategies to sustain profitable growth and enable humans and machines to interact instantaneously, intuitively and securely. Find out how insight-driven automated networking can help you achieve that in this white paper.

  • How Webscaling Your Network Helps Deliver Endless Possibilities for Customers

    Networking at webscale allows you to apply the game-changing principles of webscale IT – such as programmability, abstraction, open interfaces and automation – to the network itself. But how does one successfully scale their network? Find out in this white paper.

  • 6 Point Checklist for Webscaling Your Network

    Video is now available anytime, anywhere, whether through smart TVs or mobile devices. This can lead to unexpected surges in demand – and potentially spell disaster for networks unprepared for rapid growth. That’s where webscaling your networking can help. Download this white paper for 6 aspects to check as webscale your network.

  • Next-gen Wireless Connectivity: An Essential for Industry 4.0

    In this white paper, learn why 4.9G/LTE and 5G networks are considered the next generation of industrial wireless technologies, and how they can help provide the control, security and agility organizations need.

  • How 1 Factory Boosted Automation with a Private Wireless Network

    Traditionally, the Oulu Factory has managed machine and device telecommunications through Ethernet cables – but that was quickly becoming too expensive. In this case study, find out how switching to a private wireless solution provided the factory with the connectivity they needed at a more affordable price.

  • What to Know About Nokia’s Small-Large Industrial Campus Private LTE solution

    Manufacturers that want to digitally connect all their critical operations in real time so that they can agilely respond, requires connectivity everywhere. Download this white paper to learn about Nokia’s Private LTE network, and how it can help you get the connectivity you need.

  • Support More Agile, Responsive Manufacturing with Nokia

    For manufacturers, new technologies like IoT, digital twins, analytics, AI and machine learning show great promise. But in order to reap those benefits, your underlying network must be able to support it. Read this white paper to learn how you can establish a robust, wireless network to support your manufacturing organization.

  • Business-Critical Networks: The Missing Link as the Industrial Sector Goes Digital

    According to 451 Research, industrial firms are leading the pack in terms of leveraging other new technologies that fuel digital transformation. Explore why that’s the case, as well as key requirements for today’s industrial networks, and other key findings from 451 in this report.

  • 7 Early Warning Signs That Your Network Isn't Ready for Real-Time Healthcare

    Digitization is disrupting all facets of the healthcare industry—network experts recognize that this places substantial pressures on pre-existing infrastructures. Read this white paper for 7 early warning signs that your network isn't ready to meet the technical demands of digitization and real-time healthcare.

  • 6 Urgent Reasons to Ready Your Network for Real-Time Healthcare

    View this infographic to discover 6 urgent reasons why should move your healthcare organization into a real-time healthcare system (RTHS). Explore how a RTHS can help your organization streamline efficiency, meet patient needs, maintain compliance, and more. And review your software options with Nokia.

  • Patient-Centric Healthcare: Is Your Network Ready?

    Digital transformation is bringing networks back into focus for healthcare management—read this white paper for 10 critical questions every CMIO should ask their CIO to ensure their network is optimal and modernized.

  • What Happens to You When Cloud Providers Expand

    What will happen to your workload when your cloud provider opens a new data center that is geographically closer to you? Is a service-level agreement actually important? Access this e-guide to peek into the future of your cloud investments, learn about the visibility and performance question, and more.

  • Is Passive Optical Networking Good For Enterprises?

    This expert e-guide explores the possibilities a passive optical network or PON offers to both service providers as well as personal users. Access now to discover the key benefits PON could potentially offer to enterprises and the top factors IT managers must consider before choosing PON.

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