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  • Getting Started With Digital Asset Management

    There has been a shift in business as more organizations utilize digital content more rapidly than every before. However, files and folders can get out of hand if not managed properly. For high performing companies, a digital asset management solution improves collaboration, communication, and organization of your assets. Read on to learn more.

  • How Creative Teams Are Staying Productive in the Hybrid World

    Hybrid work models have affected creativity and productivity in teams, as the geographically dispersed employees are spending more time figuring out which tools to use to make work happen. This eBook outlines the pressing problems arising from hybrid work models and how digital asset management effectively solves these problems.

  • Scaling Digital Content Creation in Today’s Workplace

    Organizations traversing hybrid work environments are facing challenges with managing digital assets. Reliance on legacy systems and weak applications exacerbate collaboration problems among geographically dispersed creative teams. This white paper highlights the main pain points in managing digital

  • The Essential Guide to Brand Management

    A strong brand identity is critical for organizations to increase brand awareness and loyalty among customers. This e-book offers comprehensive information on brand identity management. Learn the different components of brand management strategy, how to protect brand integrity, boost brand consistency, and scale content creation.

  • Canto Video 4: How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Digital Work and Content

    Watch this webinar for insights into some of the ways and reasons remote work has stalled creativity and production, as well as the latest trends in digital creative strategy, and how to best supply solutions for better digital work and content in our reshaped landscape.

  • Canto Video 2: Redefining Your Brand Management Strategy

    This webinar on redefining your brand management strategy touches on 5 main themes:Building your brand identityDeveloping your brand management systemMaintaining brand integrity Ensuring brand consistency And why having a brand management strategy is importantAccess the discussion here.

  • Canto Video 3: Top Tips for Scaling Digital Content Creation in 2022

    Digital content production will continue to grow in the years to come. But how can your organization overcome challenges like unnecessary duplication, disconnected workflows, and wasted time trying to find content and digital assets to execute campaigns? Join this webinar to discover top tips for overcoming these problems.

  • Canto Video 1 : Ready for Takeoff: How Travel & Hospitality Brands Are Reimagining Marketing Strategy

    Marketing in hospitality and travel industries has faced quite the challenge over the last couple years. In this webinar, experts from travel and hospitality teams share how they’ve adapted their brand strategies and provided tools, ideas, and tips to build back their industries. Tune in here.

  • How Canto's Media Delivery Cloud Delivers Images in Real-time at a Global Scale

    In this webinar hosted by Canto VP of Product Josh Gibbs, the company gives a brief introduction to Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud. This new service delivers visual content directly from your Canto library to your website, e-commerce platform and other distribution tools. Listen-in here.

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