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  • K8s on VMware vSphere: vmware 2 Deploy and manage clusters in VMware just like in the cloud

    Can you maintain the same Kubernetes user experience and workflow on-prem that you can in the cloud? In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn about the basic differences between deploying and managing Kubernetes in the cloud vs on-prem in VMware vSphere. Tune in here.

  • Terraform and K8s: is Terraform enough?

    Terraform is a great tool to deploy immutable infrastructure. But there’s much more to consider when managing the full lifecycle of Kubernetes at scale, especially across multiple operating environments. Access this webinar to learn about K8s operation essentials that Terraform may not be the best tool to handle.

  • AWS and Kubernetes done right: why use Cluster API for lifecycle management

    This webinar dives into how Cluster API gives operators a declarative way to deploy and manage K8s clusters that can provide peace of mind and the ability to integrate into GitOps workflows. The discussion will also teach you the operational benefits of using Cluster API with AWS and what to consider beyond day 1 operations. Watch it here.

  • Webinar: Bare metal Kubernetes as a Service: How to have your cake and eat it too! February 2022

    Discover how to make bare metal Kubernetes a reality in this in-depth webinar. The discussion details how T-Mobile is using Palette and Cluster API to help deliver KaaS in production, on bare metal, for a step change in velocity for thousands of developers. Tune in to learn why bare metal Kubernetes-as-a-service is the future of development.

  • Apply granular RBAC with Palette

    Granular role-based access control (RBAC) for your Kubernetes clusters enables the appropriate users to be assigned their role on whatever projects they’re apart of simply and easily. Watch this demo to learn more about RBAC for your clusters.

  • Maintain consistency across your K8s clusters’ lifecycle with Palette

    Keeping your Kubernetes clusters consistent and updated can be challenging without the right management tool. With Palette, cluster profiles help keep deployments consistent and up-to-date. Watch this demo to learn how Palette simplifies day 2 K8s operation and management.

  • Cost visibility and optimization for K8s with Palette

    Having up-to-date resource utilization and cost information helps Kubernetes operators plan and administer their clusters more efficiently. This demo shows how you can gain full visibility over your Kubernetes utilizations and associated costs by teams and clusters with Palette. Watch it here.

  • Treat your bare metal K8s clusters like any other cluster with Palette

    This Kubernetes demo shows how you can deploy and mange K8s on bare metal without having to worry able managing the OS separately from your infrastructure and apps. You’ll see how to manage bare metal clusters like any other cluster in a public cloud, reducing risk from configuration drift or updates. Watch the demo here.

  • Deploying K8s clusters in minutes anywhere with Palette

    No matter where you’re provisioning your Kubernetes clusters, you can simplify operations and management by utilizing a cluster profile. This demo shows that by modeling all the required Kubernetes clusters and application services into a cluster profile, users can provision and manage K8s clusters in any environment with ease. Watch it here.

  • Scale to thousands of edge K8s clusters with Palette

    Edge Kubernetes is not easy. Thousands of locations, unpredictable connectivity, and often no IT support on site, existing solutions are not designed for scale or efficiency. This demo explains how Palette makes edge Kubernetes easy. All clusters are managed in a declarative fashion across their real metal architecture. Watch the walkthrough here.

  • Thousands of edge Kubernetes locations? No problem!

    Running Kubernetes at the edge can be challenging. With no centralized IaaS-like management, no IT skills on-site and often unreliable connectivity, conventional bare metal approaches won’t work. So how can you ensure availability throughout the lifecycle for a typical single server edge configuration? Access this brief to find out.

  • Modern management for the enterprise

    The current DIY route to Kubernetes management has a cost, expressed in lost time-to-market and security vulnerabilities. This white paper sets out to explain why using a declarative approach to Kubernetes is key, why you should treat clusters as cattle and not pets. Read the white paper here to learn how to modernize your Kubernetes management.

  • Kubernetes 2021: Operationalize for scale

    As Kubernetes moves into large-scale production environments, questions began to formulate: What challenges are faced when Kubernetes reaches production? Are best practices emerging? Access this report based on survey results from leaders with direct responsibility for Kubernetes in production to learn the answer to these questions and more.

  • The Modern Way To Manage Kubernetes, Anywhere

    Kubernetes management needs to change to reach its full potential. Too often are teams required to sacrifice open-source flexibility. With Palette, organizations benefit from one management tool for any environment and full-stack comprehensive lifecycle management beyond just infrastructure. Access this white paper to learn more.

  • One Platform For Allyour Clusters

    It’s time to better manage your Kubernetes infrastructure: One platform for all your clusters, with complete visibility, and curated for your devs. Palette offers this platform, managing all your clusters and application services in a declarative way with cluster profiles. Access this short brief to learn more.

  • Treat Your Bare Metal K8S Clusters... Like Any Other Cluster

    Directly deploying Kubernetes on bare metal servers increases performance while reducing costs, but operational hassle of “bring your own OS” solutions risks severe configuration drift. Check out this white paper on Palette’s Real Metal architecture to see how you can instead increase performance, reduce costs, and stop worrying about your OS.

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